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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Iâve been seeing a older guy who is 48 for a few months now. Heâs strictly a top which Iâm okay with, would love if heâd bottom but Iâm fine with being the bottom. Anyways heâs got a 7â thick dick and very hairy. Biggest Iâve had since I only ever had anal once before this guy.

    Well recently got diagnosed with ibs just before meeting him. I do find anal helps relax me but last night during sex he was pounding away as usual and I got the instant urge to go! I pushed him out of me and ran to the bathroom. Did my business and being that I was in there for a while when I came back to the bedroom he said he finished himself off. I felt so embarrassed, I stayed over at his house last night and he tried to initiate sex this morning.

    Iâm just too embarrassed to have anal at this point

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    New to town I joined a dating sight for older men. I met this man through the dating sight, we met at a restaurant and had a good conversation. He was married but liked to get together from time to time to explore his feminine side. We did go down the road to this motel and he was quite comfortable so we had a nice lazy afternoon. I am divorced myself and to be frank I needed a nice lazy afternoon where I could just enjoy this other side of me.

    I date women but I am not interested in getting married again, not now. Other than my friend that I met via the dating sight, I have met a few other men by going to bars. I gravitate to my friend from the dating sight, we get along well and he is comfortable with a lot of caressing and kissing, not just sex from the outset. I am more like him, I prefer not to have to initiate, I would like to lay back and enjoy the attention. If it weren't that we are so much alike we would probably have a better time.

    I met a man who teaches yoga. He is a retired executive who got into the yoga thing via his wife. He prefers to lead and we have had a good time, we just don't have chemistry. And his resurgent need to be a triathlete doesn't fit my character. Suffice it to say that my friend from the dating sight is my most frequent contact, since I am divorced I can entertain at home. He is in outside sales for a manufacturer so he can set his own hours. We swap sides, but in the end its still forced behavior, its not in our nature to get aggressive.

    I feel sort of bad dating women and leading them on. I am free now to enjoy playing ball with a buddy and not entertaining a lady. But if I don't date women then I find it hard to explain what I am doing about my single status.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 46

    I was raised by my mother and grandmother. My father was an accident that happened to my mother on a cruise when she was seventeen and my father was never in the picture. I grew up as the only child and attended a nice private preparatory school and was accepted to college to study English. My college roommate came from the Utah and we were quite different. I was modest about most everything, I kept me to myself and didn't speak about my family's condition, which was quite well off. My roommate was there on a scholarship and she came from a large family of eleven kids. She said they were Mormons but of a different sect. I didn't know anything about Mormons so I just accepted what she said.

    All she wanted to do was get married and have kids. She had no ambition to work or do anything else. Being at college was just postponing her goal in life. The man waiting for her had insisted on her attending college since she had gotten the scholarship. Little by little things came out. I wasn't able to put my curiosity aside, the more I asked the more she told me. Her family lived in a small community and they weren't mainstream Mormons, there were plural household in their community. All the wives had loads of kids. She had pictures of her mother and of all of her brothers and sisters. She told me about the meal time, about bed time, about homework time, about chores, about her father and about her mother. Her mother was her role model and she wanted to be a wife so bad that is all she could talk about.

    In my junior year she invited me to go spend a couple of weeks with her. Her house was crazy. She had gone to college but still there were eleven kids still at home, a new baby had been added in the last year. In the morning when we woke up she had two sisters in bed with her. She gave me a sister to sleep with me. All day, every day was a loud disorganized day, laundry day was huge, there were two washers in the house and two dryers. The refrigerator was enormous and there were two more in the garage. Clothes didn't seem to have an owner, if it fit someone they wore it. Her mothers had two rooms, but they were always filled with kids. I was hugged and kissed by so many faces. Other than the first night I didn't sleep alone, I had one or two or three kids in bed with me.

    When I went back home for the rest of the summer my room felt so quiet and empty and my bed was so cold. When we got back to school for our senior year I hugged her so much, I asked about all of her brothers and sisters and her mom and dad. That semester passed fast, I went out to her home for Thanksgiving and met her intended husband. He was a nice enough man, mid thirties but he lived with his older sister and her four kids. We were best friends and he was nice to me and told me I was always welcome. In my last semester I asked her if I could go with her. If she would take me with her. I was desperate. I had to go out again and we had these long meetings, long nights of talking. I wasn't Mormon, I would be the first non-Mormon to live in the community. I spent a lot of time with her mom. I got the other story, the work side of the story, the church side of the story. Was I prepared to accept that Chris was going to be his wife? to follow their teachings, to accept her husband, to release her to have children, because that is what marriage was about.

    She got married as she planned. She became pregnant pretty much as soon as she got married. Although I was accepted as a friend of the family by his older sister, she wasn't convinced of me. She had looked forward to Chris coming home, but I wasn't part of her plans. I never felt I was part of the family. It was hard. Kids were all around us, Chris was having her four kids, one, two, three and four. I had a hard time with some of the teachings, I was totally in sync with Chris, we were on the same level and we were doing the same thing. But Chris' sister in law never warmed up to me and told me many times that I wasn't one of them.

    In the end, after ten years of living in Utah I went back to my family and went back to live near my mother and grandmother. For four years Chris and her kids shuttled back and forth between the East Coast and Utah. The long separations from Chris were painful and lonely. In late 1999 Chris' husband passed away unexpectedly and she and her kids came to live with me. We were free to be together, I had always felt that we were married in our hearts. We had four kids to finish raising, the older ones were getting ready for college. I was fortunate that my family's financial condition was able to absorb us.

    When it was legal Chris and I got married. This time properly married.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45


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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 44


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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    I have shared my wife in the past and enjoyed watching her getting a good fucking and watching her sucking on a cock. I think about sharing her all the time. Been looking for some new friends in N.E. Ohio for some but no luck yet. Like to hear from you other guys and women that are into this .love to find a sharing wife in this area .I do like the women with some meat on them BBW, Curvy and thick ones.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I placed on ad on Craigslist, as follows "Single male, 30's, healthy, needs long-term confinement in his rubber body-bag. I understand that nothing is for nothing, and there is a price for everything, so let's hear it! What do I have to do? Anything considered......either gender or both, any age or appearance - just have a cruel streak a yard wide, and be a total control freak!" I expected some chat, some matching fantasies, and probably nothing more, then I heard from the Brauns......"If you are serious, you need to meet with us, immediately!"
    So I did, and they turned out to be immigrants from what was once East Germany, a scary couple, cold, grey and hard, physically very similar, seemingly in their fifties or early sixties maybe. Hard to tell. "You may find this hard to believe, but we were interrogators for the Stasi, the State Security Police, back in the day! We enjoy hurting and humiliating people, and torturing them with extreme psychological techniques, such as complete sensory deprivation, extreme air-rationing, r**e, cock-and-ball torture, orgasm denial, and milking to the point of insanity, until sometimes there are traces of blood in the semen!" they said, faces expressionless. "So, cut to the chase! Are you interested, in principle? With conditions and limitations, doubtless! You have our guarantee that you will survive such treatment, and come eventually to need and want it, even more than you think you do now! You will beg us to show you no mercy, and we will be happy to comply! We are both sadists, totally amoral, and while we will always stop at your limits, we WILL push to expand them, all the time. We have experience in using a body-bag to break down suspects, and we both love the sight of someone writhing helplessly inside one, believing they were in there until they died, forced feeding and hydration prolonging that potential ending for weeks, months, years, even."
    That's where it's at - still negotiating for survival, while savoring the hard-line treatment, offered so casually. Torn both ways - remembering "goose/golden egg syndrome" In their interest to take care of me, for the long run........

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My older brother was a sex addict at sixteen, and being overweight, bespectacled, and acne-ridden, was not able to deal with his addiction - other than through me! Somewhere he got hold of some REALLY kinky porn magazines, and stories, so consequently, me being a hundred pounds lighter, scrawny in fact, and not very brave at the age of fourteen, I was "roped" into his fantasies, as an unwilling participant. Our father went on business trips regularly, and Randy had bullshitted him into believing he was trustworthy, sensible and reliable, thus capable of being left "in charge".... So, I was subjected to all kinds of imaginative bondage and torture, always involving long sessions of having his cock in my mouth, for hours on end. He was insatiable, and after much complaining on my part about cramps and cut-off circulation, he fabricated a very effective strait-jacket, out of an old raincoat, rubber-lined, and with a draw-cord hood attached. He riveted a broad belt cut in half, to the sleeve-ends, and was thus able to buckle them effectively behind my back, loosely but inescapably. End of "problem" in his view, so the length of my confinement doubled and tripled, until I spent almost every minute of our unsupervised "togetherness" trussed up comfortably like that. The hood tightened down like a second skin, round my head and face, leaving only a wadded-up orifice over my mouth, just big enough to accommodate his tireless cock. We slept like that, even, while he face-fucked me every few hours.
    Problem was, I was beginning to get very horny myself, by then, and looked forward hungrily to his clumsy assault, through the rubberized material, on my larger-than-average erection! When it dawned on him that my efforts to please him were directly related to the state of my arousal, things settled into an unwilling mutual effort. The inevitable happened - I quickly became as addicted to my helpless cooperation, as he did, from the opposite end of the scale, and his power over me was complete! Then Dad remarried, and his new bride, a plump foul-tempered 'bossy-bitch' caught us in flagrante, and blackmailed us into utter compliance, showing him the "carrot" and me the "stick"......She kept our father occupied all the time he was home, and enjoyed "supervising" our activities, whenever possible, with suggestions for him to escalate his torture and confinement of me! This went on literally for years, until Randy got his first job and left home! I was devastated, until Helga made it clear that it would be business as usual, but under new management! So, the orifice in the hood was plugged with a ball-gag. and she deftly inserted a six-inch zipper right over my crotch, giving her unfettered access to my tireless, eager cock! This was a new and delightful experience, but a few skillful punishments, through scary rationing of my air, taught me to take her needs and wishes very seriously, and concentrate on not coming, until she was completely satisfied, and brought me to climax quickly and mercilessly.
    This lasted a long time, and I ended up marrying her daughter, another plump foul-tempered Germanic blonde, who was delighted to maintain the status quo, and looks like it will be permanent! Every submissive masochist's dream, I guess, but there is a down side - you don't get to see much of life, other than earning money for your wife, and then - the blackness of heavy rubber, and more sex than anyone but an addict would be comfortable with....

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 32

    Out of the house and working for the Highway Department I rented a small garage apartment. The man who owned the place asked me to help him rebuild the fence around the place and would give me half off on my rent. After we were done, he came up and knocked and asked to come in. He was very direct and said that he liked guys like me and I could work off the other half of the rent. It turned out he topped and I ended up not paying rent for the month. After that he just came around to get what he wanted, no discount on the rent. I ended up in the house with him in his king size bed. He was my first long term lover and I am not over him.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 29

    I am 29 years old. This is about my Dad. My Dad is one of those guys who grew up lower middle class the son of Mexican immigrants, worked his way through college and graduated when he was 25. Went to work and got his certifications for his profession and rose through the ranks to head a large division of a very big public company. Along the way he earned very good salaries and bonuses, in addition to getting significant stock options. Suffice it to say that he is very well off and we grew up in the lap of luxury.

    My Dad met my mom at work, she was a lower middle class girl like him, except she was Cuban American and her parents owned a small restaurant. He got her pregnant and that is why they got married. They have been married for 30 years (I was the pregnant baby). Of course everyone sees this a great story of hard work, of immigrants made good, etc. But my Dad has a really bad habit. He likes girls, lots of girls.

    He has always been surrounded by girls, younger pretty girls, almost always Hispanic girls with European features and fair skinned like my mother. Now that he can afford it he has collected a group of three girls and he has sex with all of them, if they don't want to have sex with him they are dropped and become outcasts. These girls give themselves to him and are happy to be in his club. Not just myself, but others call it his Hareem. The girls are smart, he doesn't like doormats or dumb girls, but they submit to him. They call him Papito which is my mother's pet name for him and refer to themselves as his Nenas, which is the name my mother uses to refer to me.

    My mother used to complain but she is resigned to this as long as she doesn't have to get involved. One of these girls is turning 29, which is my age and she wants to be my sister. The other two girls are younger in their mid twenties. My Dad is 57 and he is blessed to be in great shape. He has never smoked and hardly drinks. I think he is a sex addict but no one would dare suggest to him to get treatment. He is very smart.

    My mother knows him, she was one of his various girlfriends when she got pregnant. She happened to have been very pretty when she was younger, still is, but she was very pretty and he couldn't resist her. It is hard for me to understand how these girls can be attracted to him and fall over themselves to please him. I know he is my Dad, and when you speak of this you get horror looks from women but guys tend to think that he is OK, he is living the life.

    I happen to be a woman and it gives me chills. When I was a teen in high school or a young college student I dreaded bringing girls home because he ended up hugging and kissing my friends and they just went into a zombie response and let him hug them. He never messed with them, he knew if he did I would hate him. I can't help loving my Dad, he is everything to me. But I do wish he was more sensitive with my mother and stopped playing around.

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