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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 24

    Last year I eloped with a man at work that I was dating and got married in Lake Tahoe while on a ski vacation. I found out after we got back that the marriage is very legal and I am legally his wife. We have not told anyone. I am 24 and he is 29.

    I can't believe how much sex we have been having lately. It is like a damn broke and there is no holding back, sex after work, sex before bed, sex in the early morning hours. I know my pussy isn't wearing out or anything like that, but it sure feel like he is using it up. There is also a little of getting down on my knees and sucking him first, before he gets me on the bed for sex. A little, not a whole lot, with a little of "show me who's your daddy, show me who fucks you". I know I am being molded, learning to be submissive, learning how it is going to be now that we have decided to live together. I know that, but I like being submissive, it is better than any other kind of sex we have ever had.

    One day I am going to wake up pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen cooking his breakfast. I know it and I can't wait.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 36

    Iâve only been a gay guy for the last three years. Prior to that I was married to my high school girl friend for 13 years till she died from cancer. It was a very sad time. Plus I was left to raise our daughter on my own.

    So I was single till I was 33. I really didnât know what I wanted after my wife died. Never once did I ever think Iâd be a gay guy till I started talking to this guy that is 6 years older than me who lived down the road. Started talking to him during the summer when going on walks or bicycle rides with my daughter. My daughter was only 4 when I meet him. He knew I was married but didnât know my wife passed away. He found out by asking me why he never saw me with my wife.

    My daughter went to my wifeâs parents house for one weekend out of the month so that she could keep a close time with that part of the family. During those weekends before meeting that neighbor Iâd typically just spend it doing house work, cleaning my truck and masturbating. I guess typical guy things lol. But once I started talking to that neighbor, on those weekends weâd go out to eat together. For something to do.

    So I was 33 at the time and after the fifth time of us hanging out and getting dinner he asked if I had a sex life and I told him no. My wife and I stopped having sex when we found out she had cancer and since she past I never really thought about it. I had had sex 4 years at that point.

    But what happened after that was definitely not something I expected. Was at his house just talking and he told me he is gay. I never knew that, he just didnât look gay to me I guess.

    I was definitely horny and starved of sex at that point in my life so that night I ended up in his bed, both of us in just our Calvin Klein briefs. Kinda funny we had the same underwear on! I was making out with him and my cock was so hard. Iâm 6â hard and his briefs rubbed my leg and I could feel he was very hard too.

    I was ready to try so I pulled his tighty whities down and gave my first ever blowjob. He was 7â uncut and I was amazed by his uncut cock! Iâm cut myself. Fast forward 20 minutes and he had me on my back, my legs up and heâs penetrating my butt. I was overwhelmed and was amazed at how good it felt

    After that first night we had regular sex, three or four times a week. Always when I put my daughter to bed heâd come over and weâd enjoy our time in my bedroom. I was always Rock hard in my briefs when I opened the front door.

    So two years after our first time and many times of me bottoming my daughter definitely was catching on I think. She see that guy and me sleeping in our briefs in my bed on occasion when he stayed the night. Thatâs when we told my daughter that I was gay and that he was my boyfriend.

    Shortly after that we got married, never had I ever thought Iâd be marrying a guy but I Did! Great wedding it was and my deceased wifeâs parents were very supportive of it and they gladly watch my daughter as I took a two week honeymoon with my new husband. During that honeymoon was the first time I topped him and the first time he cummed in me! Prior to that he always wore a condom. It was extra special and sexy taking his cum in my butt. He hasnât done much bottoming his whole life so it was special to us! I was always the bottom prior to that. And actually I stil mainly bottom, just prefer it. Plus heâs older so makes a sexy top!

    So Iâm 36 now and heâs 42. Gray hair and all looking hot! Whatâs great is our sex life is still as good as when we first started having sex! Really hot on the days we both wear white Calvin Klein briefs, reminds us of the first time. And here I am wearing some blue Calvin Klein hip briefs hard as a rock typing this just after having morning sex and his cum in me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 55

    When I was sixteen I got involved with a man from our town and ended up with a baby girl. In those days you never called your child's father a baby daddy, you called him the father of your child which made you the mother of his child. Your child would have a mother and a father, you married the father.

    So I married the father, and he married the mother even if she was a ninth grader. I stayed with my parents until I finished high school, only then did I go and live with my husband and start college. At nineteen we had another child and another before I finished my Education degree.

    I taught junior high for 39 years before I retired to look after my husband and help with my grandkids. My life has been blessed, my husband stood up when it was his duty to do so. I stood and took him for my husband. Mistakes happen, but if you accept responsibility for yourself you will do fine. My kids, and my grandkids get tired of me pushing them, never quit, every day is yours, use it. My mistake scared me to the bone, but all the crying wasn't going to raise my child. That was up to her father and me, and we did our job. Whether we were ready or not, we were parents and we did what was expected of us.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 38

    I am a divorced 38 year old with a ten year old and a four year old. I work for this privately owned Jewelry store in an upscale mall. I do well enough, the customers are generally well to do and when they do spend they spend. One of the customers, a man in his late forties, has always been loyal to me and only buys from me. He got my phone number a couple of years ago and I have met him away from the store. I had sex with him.

    The other night, last week, a new sales clerk was working and I was training her. She just got under his skin and he insisted that she give him a hug when he left the store. After he gave her this big bear hug he put his arm around me and told me not to get jealous, I was still his favorite. He called me and asked me to bring her to him because he wanted to put her in her place. I was obedient and I asked her to come with me after work and we went to his place and he went ahead and had sex with her. I got upset and told him I had to get home because my babysitter had to go home early. She spent the night with him.

    He came over to my place yesterday Sunday and insisted on having sex with me while the kids watched TV. After he finished having sex with me he told me to cool it down, he was just having fun with the new girl at the store, she just needed a man to put her in her place. He insisted on staying the night with me after we took the kids out to eat. He told my kids that I was his girlfriend and they had to report to him if I talked to another man.

    I sent him off to work today, Monday's are my day off. I am sitting here very upset. I don't have any claims on him, he can pretty much afford to do whatever he wants. I have never understood why he sees me. As far as I know he was only seeing me, part of the reason why I agreed to sleep with him in my house with my kids in the house. For me it is a really big thing to wake up with a man in your house and your kids are there.

    I have a hundred things to tell him but I don't even know if it is my place to do so. After all my place is being a girlfriend not his wife.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    My girlfriend is a whore for Richel Xie

    My Singapore girlfriend of 2 years fell for sweet-talking pimp Richel Xie and now works hotel rooms for money. Richel Xie started Dreamgirl Singapore to âempower womenâ. In reality this is nothing more than a front for him to groom girls for sex and get them to work hotel rooms for his seedy clients.

    Girls, donât fall for this creep! Richel Xie is nothing more than a pimp enslaving impressionable young girls and it seems the Singapore police can do nothing to stop his illegal acts.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 31

    Emcee Richel Xie behind Dreamgirl Singapore runs prostitution ring

    Richel Xie â the man behind DreamGirlSG and a host of similar pageants claiming to âempower womenâ â is in reality using these events to groom young girls to have paid sex with a client base maintained by Mr Xie. This shocking allegation is made by two former contestants who claim to have been hired as âsocial escortsâ by Xie. They were expected to attend parties in hotel suites and on board yachts where they would be obliged to offer full sexual services in return for an up-front payment in the region of $800 -$1500. The girls would receive a portion of the cash with the rest going directly to Xie.

    The girls have chosen to speak out now due to differences with Mr Xie and a wish to prevent more young and hopeful contestants from falling for Xieâs persuasive character. To back up their claim, the girls offer screenshots of Whatsapp conversations and of a notorious sex forum called Sammyboyforum which indicate Xieâs vice activities date back to at least 2008.

    Mr Richel Xieâs activities appear to mirror those of Mr Nicholas Kwek who was jailed for 9 months in 2015 for running a social escort agency.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 20

    Nothing more than a sexual relationship, an unplanned pregnancy, a pissed off wife asking for divorce, a man who blames the girl.

    Now what? Why should I terminate the pregnancy? Why should I care about his wife? Why should I have to take him in?

    I don't love him, it was just sex. I don't believe he loved me or that he loves me now. He just doesn't want to be on the street without a woman. My parents will help until I am out of college, my mother will sit for me, I don't need him. I will sue for child support, I expect him to step up and be a father.

    We don't live in the middle ages, being a single mother is my punishment for having unprotected sex, but I will not terminate my pregnancy. He has to figure out what to do with his wife and how he is going to pay child support.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 28

    My friend, Tony, had a nine-inch penis that he showed me "was really ten" when he pushed down on the base and measured it. He had a reel of measuring tape in his pocked and would sometimes measure it as he played with it in front of me. His dad was a fairly wealthy lawyer who would get large chunks of client settlement or lawsuit money so Tony, it could be said, was a rich kid. He was also obsessed with his own penis and had it out most of the time we were out in his car.

    He showed me how he could suck himself off until he came in his own mouth and wanted me to stop wherever there were girls so he could flash. I told him it was illegal to expose his pecker in front of anyone but he said that his dad can fix anything that happens short of a murder felony. Mostly, girls would laugh. I protested and told him that I did not want to be half of a pervert team. I ended up giving him hand-jobs for $10 each. He offered me $25 for a blow job but I just did not turn that far off the trail.

    Word of his size got around and sometimes a girl would spot us and ask Tony to show her, which he was happy to do. One overweight girl said, "Put it into me, I want it in me," so Tony fucked her in the back seat. It became a routine for us to pick her up here and there then I would drive them for a session. When she became demanding Tony dropped her like a hot campfire stone.

    After some months it became obvious to me that my relationship with Tony was mostly based on his pecker so I began to be scarce and eventually mostly unavailable. I missed the $10 here and there but it was just too weird for me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 38

    I was married for ten years and never stopped fucking other women. I told her it would be like that before we married. She never believe it and I felt no guilt.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I have become a chameleon, progressive or conservative depending on the crowd, I guess I am left of center but not too far to the left. I vote Republican. Sexually fluid, I live with a man but play with a girl. She is fluid too except with me. When we are together we are strictly for each other.

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