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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    They say that " confession " is good for the soul , if your " soul " is seeking a confession . And mine is not , not now . I just feel the need to share some of my life , mostly my sex-life .

    When I really think about it , I grew-up during a time when women were at their sexual-peek and the men in their life were having thoughts about other " important " things , like : money , jobs , money , careers , money , sports...did I mention MONEY ? And I feel that I grew-up on the best damn block on the planet , full of horney women and just one available, young and horney guy...ME .

    There I was , a teenager and just started the feeling the need to learn about everything involving sex . There was teen-aged girls , single women ( and I mean divorced adults , widows , etc. ) , married women ( mostly stay-at-home moms ) and they wanted to be loved and to make love . But , sometimes WE all just need to get laid...sometimes .

    I could see that damn near every woman on the block was feeling the need for some special attention , practically every damn day . Wives following their husbands outside to see them off to work , while still in their pj's ( some with a robe and some not ) , kissing them with alot of passion ( like they were hoping that they would come back inside for a quickie ) . Seeing some teen-aged girls ( some that attended the same high school with me ) , would give their boy-friends some kissing that would normally drive any man horney , and the guys would just try to not embarrass themselves in public ( I could practically read their lips from the distance : " come-on babe , not now " ). And the guys would just respond with : " love you , gotta go now...see you later " .

    There was all types of women there , a few BBW's , full-figured , skinny and small breasted , newly-weds , married and with children , a stripper , a couple of widows , divorced , high school , college girls . The opportunities were endless . Once , when I got started , there were TOO many opportunities ...I'm just one guy , not a machine ( like I thought I was ) . Some just wanted to get fucked , a quickie . And some wanted to try to turn it into a long-term and deep relationship . For 3 years , there was hardly a day ( and/or nite ) go by , that I didn't score with any one of them .

    My first was with Theresa , one of the most beautiful full-figured gal on the planet ( I would've married her , had she stayed around longer ). Her mother , recently divorced , moved in next door to me . I was also the " go-to-guy " for almost everything : landscaping , auto-repair , small appliances repair , some construction ...I just like working with my hands and offering my services to others in the neighborhood . When she got over the fact that her life has changed , with no father ( he got caught cheating ) , she finally started talking to me . Most of the neighbors were buying and installing Doughboy swimming pools , and I offered my free labor to help . Theresa's mom decided to get a job and treated herself to join the rest of the crowd and bought one too . She caught me outside and asked me if I could help with installing their pool too , I said yes . With the pool up and running , Theresa invited me over for a swim . That led to my first sexual encounter . It was just her and I in the pool , after her mother left for work . We just enjoyed the warm water , some little splashing at each other , leading into some friendly tag and chasing each other all around the pool . When I got tagged and she tried escaping the pool to avoid getting tagged again , I reached for her hips and pulled her back in . She giggled and spun around and just looked at me for a few seconds...then she kissed me , I didn't see that coming . I just stood there , dumb-founded , with all kinds of horney thoughts going thru my mind . I started to see her completely different now . I wanted her in the most desirable way . She was well endowed in the big-boobs dept. ( 40dd ) , when most high-school girls were lucky to be sporting anything close to 36c . We started kissing and got into french-kissing , then my cock got a mind of it's own...and she knew it . I suddenly had a strong desire to see her big juggs out of that swimsuit . Theresa was more clear-headed than me at that time , and she wanted to take this " action " inside , before we attracted an audience . When she led me to her bedroom and she turned to shut the door , my cock was so rock-hard and was about to explode just from thinking about what was going to happen next .

    With her back to me at the door , she said " can I trust you to keep a secret ? " , " about what ? " I said . She slowly turned around and reached for her bra-straps of her swimsuit and said " I'm not new to this about you ? it your first time ? " . It was for me , but I just couldn't think or even speak , when she lowered her top and those HUGE and firm-looking juggs were exposed . She was wearing a 1-piece swimsuit , as she kept undressing herself out of it . I was always wearing a pair of blue-jean cut-offs for the summer . She must have seen it in my eyes , that this was my first rodeo and she was going to have to " teach " me a few things . I don't even remember when she unzipped my pants and reached inside to cop a feel of my near throbbing cock . I do remember our kissing tho , she was fantastic at it . She drew me in closer to her , when I felt her naked boobs pressing against my chest , I almost lost control of myself . She held me tight as we flopped onto her bed , me on top of her . She took charge of my first lesson in exploring sex . " slow down tiger , we got plenty of time...let's make it good ". She really knew alot about sex , more than me at that time . And she taught me plenty that day . We did almost everything : Blow-job , jugg-fucking , 69 , masturbating , anal ( which I found really liking it the most , next to fucking big boobs ) . But the most important thing she taught me , during our 18 months of endless sex , was that there is a difference of just fucking for fun and making love... a big difference . Yeah , I really miss her .

    Theresa was my first , but , after that there was more to this story ...alot more . It opened up a whole new world to me , the world of FUCKING . And it was all there for my taking , right there in the neighborhood .

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My Dad was gay. But my mom didn't find out until I was two years old. So she divorced him. He had better lawyers and they were actually very good lawyers and my mom lost her parental rights altogether. I have no memory of her at all though I heard from a friend of a friend that she is alive but living in another country. Consequently I also have never met my maternal grandparents and have no idea if I have any aunts, uncles or cousins on that side of my family.

    Dad was secretly in a relationship with a man about ten years older than him. When Dad divorced mom his boyfriend moved in with us and lived with us throughout my childhood.

    Then Dad got AIDs. He had cheated on his boyfriend who was a doctor and got HIV and that turned into AIDs not long afterwards. That was not long after our state made same sex marriage legal. So Dad's boyfriend proposed to him and Dad accepted. But he got sicker and sicker. Finally he died. I think were there 300 men and three women at Dad's funeral. He was very popular in some circles but generally he avoided women including his own mother, sister and aunt whom I met at his funeral for the first time. They gushed over me to the extent that morning permitted but then went home and I never saw them again.

    Since Dad and his boyfriend never got married, technically his boyfriend could not just adopt me but for the time being he continued living with me and took care of me. I was 12 by then. I liked the old guy well enough but I wouldn't say I was attracted to him. But having a gay Dad who had a boyfriend who lived with me and was a parental figure in my life resulted in my feeling it was OK to have a romantic relationship with a male, even an older male. My dad was 36 and his boyfriend was 46 when Dad died. Dad did OK financially but he put everything he had into the house and never bothered with life insurance. His boyfriend who had a successful medical practice never put a cent into the house and made five times as much as my Dad so he had a few million in the bank.

    As it turns out, shortly before my dad died he and his boyfriend discussed my future. They consulted an attorney and found out that shortly after my dad was to die it would only be a few weeks that some agency would come and get me and send me to his poor relatives who he didn't think would take me in. So they hatched a plan where they would not get married like they planned because even if they did it would be months before I could be adopted by his boyfriend. So the plan they hatched was that his boyfriend would marry me instead. And as it turns out that in that state, there is no lower age of consent or at least wasn't at the time so as long as the parent or legal guardian consented and a judge signed off the child could marry the adult in question. My Dad worked in law enforcement and knew of a crooked gay judge who a fellow cop had some dirt on and so a month after Dad died, at the tender age of twelve, I married his 46 year old former boyfriend.

    Chuck took on a honeymoon right afterwards. He asked me if I could go on a honeymoon anywhere in the world where would I go. Not being terribly happy about being married to a man nearly four times my age six years before I expected to graduate from high school I decided to milk it for all I could. I told him I'd like a month in Disney World, a month in Hawaii and a month in Paris. I hadn't any interest in Paris but threw that in because I heard it was THE place to go on a honeymoon, at least from a friend of mine whose parents bragged a lot about going there on their honeymoon.

    He told me he could not be away from his practice for three whole months but could swing six weeks. So he had his partners cover for him and took me first to Disney World where he booked a honeymoon suite. Since as a 12 year old boy with long blond hair down to my waist I look a bit girly, he had little trouble convincing the people at the bridal store to fit me for a wedding gown, shoes and other accessories. I didn't wear those things at our ceremony. I wore a suit with my hair up in an updo which I was embarrassed to be seen in. But at our honeymoon suite he insisted I dress up as a bride for my deflowering. It took me the better part of two hours to figure everything out. Lingerie is complicated, especially all the lace a bride wears but I got if figured out. I'd practiced with butt plugs for a couple of weeks before the wedding so it wouldn't hurt too bad. I hadn't practiced enough. It hurt badly but not so bad I couldn't go on rides in the Magic Kingdom. It was kind of fun though to be dressed up as a bride with my hair up in a bun and a veil and tiara and all the girly stuff that went with it. I hadn't up to that point thought of myself as gay or even straight. I was 12 and I did kind of like girls and when I jerked off I mostly thought of girls but I also confess that I daydreamed about watching my dad have gay sex with his boyfriend and I watched as much gay porn as straight porn when I jerked off so I figured I was probably bi.

    Chuck got on top of my and just plunged that monster up my ass hard and fast. He said it was less painful to rip a bandaid off fast. He was wrong. It still hurt like hell but he then spend two hours licking my wounds and that went a long way to sooth the pain. I was read for the roughest ride the next day and then he laid off fucking my ass for the rest of the Disney World leg of our honey moon. For the rest of those two weeks I satisfied him by sucking him off and he turned out to be a really good cock sucker too and he went out of his way for r*ping my ass with his monster cock by licking my ass for about two hours every night from then on and about three years afterwards. Let me tell you, a good ass licking goes a long way towards inspiring forgiveness. In fact I'd do it all over again changing nothing as long as he licked my ass like that all the time.

    During the day I called him Daddy and we did everything you can do at Disney World. I'd never been and even if we weren't married I'd have sucked him off a thousand times if that was the tiny price I had to pay for two weeks at Disney World. Half the time I was dressed as a girl walking around the park with him and the other half of the time I was dressed as a boy with my pony tail pulled back tightly. The funny thing is we registered as Dr. and Mrs. Chuck M*********d and nobody batted an eye. On the last day we both went around the park in drag. I passed easily as his daughter but he still looked like an old grey haired man in drag. I think it might have helped if he'd shaved. I was surprised nobody at the park said anything to him. If only they knew that he was my husband and was fucking my mouth at night. Well, at night and in the morning and in the men's room and every chance we got.

    After Disney World we flew home, regrouped and a few days later flew first class to Hawaii. First class is definitely better than coach if you can afford it. While at 12 I didn't really need the extra leg room, Chuck is a big guy and would have had no place to put his legs. The size of the space isn't the only thing that is better. They treat you better. You get way better food. Sometimes in coach you don't get anything at all to eat, maybe a can of soda. But in First class it was prime rib with all the fixin's and when Chuck told the flight attendant that we were on our honeymoon they gave us champagne. OK I was in drag on the flight but I was pretty sure while I definitely looked like a girl I didn't look at all like one over the age of 21. I didn't complain though. The champagne was fun to drink, kind of like soda but both cold and warm at the same time. Chuck said that was the alcohol. I got a little tipsy and then Chuck and I joined the mile high club in the rest room. To this day I am perplexed how the airline employees had no idea Chuck was fucking a 12 year old boy in the toilet and that they had served champagne to that same 12 year old boy. Still I was glad we got away with it.

    Hawaii was amazing. We had a very private bungalow in a secluded part of a beach front nudist resort. The bungalow was their equivalent of a honeymoon suite and again we registered as Dr. and Mrs. Chuck M*********d and nobody batted an eye. They had a tanning bed and as a joke I put on a thong bikini and got a slight tan and then finished up with a spray tan to get really obvious tan lines and then took it off and went around the next two weeks wearing nothing but tan lines and pig tails and everyone called me Mrs M*********d without the slightest notice of the fact that I had no boobs and a child's penis between my legs. One might think one might notice such things. Again I didn't mind. but it had me curious how many times resort employees ignore suspicious activities in the quest for a buck. Anyways I wanted to collect seashells and got a few but it wasn't as good for that as Florida though i did get a couple of nice cowries which Hawaii is famous for. I hope the god of volcanoes isn't too pissed off at me because I took some lava rocks home with me. Not supposed to but nobody searched my bags so I got away with it. We had a party at at night where they served a fresh roasted pig and left the head on and a 15 year old Hawaiian girl taught me to dance with a grass skirt on. She said I was a very pretty girl completely ignoring my little hard-on.

    I think Chuck fucked me in the ass about a dozen times in Hawaii and I was really starting to enjoy that about the fifth time. I just had to stretch and loosen up a bit so I could take it all.

    We flew home again after Hawaii and he checked out his practice for a couple of days then we flew onto Paris. Again I strongly urge you to fly first class if you can. I felt bad for all the people who were groaning in pain being cramped in coach. But not sorry enough to switch places with any of them. I was really happy to be in first class. Chuck and I renewed our membership in the mile high club somewhere over the Atlantic. We landed in Paris many many hours later.

    It turns out that Paris is a pretty cool place to be. I loved the Louvre much more than I thought I would. We visited the Eiffel Tower but couldn't go up and that was the only disappointing part of our visit there. We visited Notre Dame Cathedral and a number of other old places that I was surprised to find I liked a lot. Parts of it reminded me of Hogwart's. We visited the glass pyramid at the Louvre but didn't see anyone named Mary buried there. Chuck said there was no mystery and that she was buried all over France but I didn't get his joke. Then on the first day of our second week he took me to an underground club he'd been told about and every couple there was composed of an adult and a child. Men were with either a little boy or a little girl and women were also with either a little girl or a little boy. They had a nude dance contest for kids and we all got up there. Since I didn't expect to be naked in public in Paris I had re done my tan lines on the last day in Hawaii just for fun and now naked in front of about 40 adults, about 30 men and 20 women I had my hair in pig tails and tan lines and wore pumps and strutted up and down the stage with the other contestants and was relieved to see I was not the only little boy with pig tails and tan line. They decided I was best suited for competing as a girl and I won third place which got me a little yellow ribbon and a sash but no trophy and crown.

    The rest of Paris was nice and Chuck had me go in drag the entire second week and on the last night we went to a club with a drag review and I was not the only one under 18 there. One thing about Paris that is very different than the U.S. and that is that age is not as much an issue as it is here. First they will serve you alcohol anywhere and not ask for ID even if you are ten and look 5. In the U.S. they card you if you look under 40. Second, unlike in the U.S. adult entertainment venues often, not always, but often let you in even if your only 12. It was fun watching the sexy drag review and even more fun watching the orgy on stage. I got to walk right up to the edge of the stage and reach out and feel up anyone on stage I wanted to and there was this teenage boy in drag who was getting it up the ass by a huge black man with an even huger cock and I just had to hold that cock just once. he smiled at me as I pulled his cock out of the boy's ass just to play with it for a moment and then I shoved it back in as the boy moaned in pain, or maybe pleasure, hard to tell.

    Just when I thought the honeymoon was over Chuck had a surprise for me. He had booked us tickets to visit Rome and London as well. Not for two weeks each but a few days, enough to have some more fun. First we went to Rome. That was a trip. He thought it would be fun to dress up in drag and then visit the Vatican. Chuck has a sick sense of humor. We both went as nuns. Any time someone approached us and tried to talk to us we gibbered in a fake language and pretended not to understand what they said which didn't really take that much acting since we really didn't know what they were saying. Then he got the idea for a fun practical joke. He took us to the ladies rest room in the Vatican, yes they have those there, and he took me to a stall and fucked me hard up the ass then sucked me off, with the stall door open so we would deliberately get caught. Well someone called the Vatican police but when we showed them our passports and visas they realized that we were married they didn't know what to make of us. Believe it or not they weren't interested in going after Chuck for fucking me, a 12 year old boy up the ass in the Vatican ladies rest room. They were investigating him for impersonating a nun. It seems that at the time the age of consent in Vatican City was 12! He could fuck me all he wanted to within the Vatican City limits, as long as he was discreet. in fact the Vatican police told us that a number of bishops who lived within the walls of Vatican City had little boy friends. He told us it had been that way for centuries. But after about half an hour of investigating they discovered that our "nuns" costumes did not actually correspond with any known nun "habit" and so we were free to go but he warned us not to fuck in the ladies room again since doing so is an offense for which we could be fined the equivalent of $20 U.S. We spent the rest of our visit to Vatican City remaining in our "nuns" costumes, my wearing blood red lipstick which is a dead giveaway that I'm not a real nun. Periodically we'd give the crowd an eyeful by making out and holding hands but nobody got too bent out of shape.

    London was fun but we decided not to go in drag there. They seemed like they might be less forgiving. We saw the British museum, the crown jewels at the tower of London and we went on a tour of Buckingham palace and watched the changing of the guard. I didn't know you could go on a tour of the palace. It is the most beautiful building I have ever been in.

    Finally we flew home also first class. We were both in drag for the return flight. They didn't have much of a sense of humor at Kennedy. But after strip searching both of us which I giggled through. They let us continue on to our flight to our home state.

    Chuck and I are still married. He still fucks me daily and I still enjoy choking on his massive cock. I'm thinking about getting castrated. thoughts?

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    When I was 13 my Mom kicked me out. I never saw her again but years later read her obituary on the internet after searching for her.

    In most states it's illegal for a 13 year old to have a job. So the best I could hope for would be something under the table. For a while I did chores at a few restaurants in exchange for a meal then one day a nice boy I met who was 17 let me crash at his place but only if I sucked his cock. He was cute and i'd already sucked cock before, that was why my mom kicked me out. She heard I'd fucked a boy in school which wasn't true. All I'd done was suck his dick which isn't the same. She called me a filthy faggot and kicked me out.

    So Jeremy said I could crash with him if I'd sucked his dick. He had a nice dick so it wasn't too bad and in fact I actually liked sucking his dick. It made me feel good that I could give another person that much pleasure and he even sucked my cock a few times and that was really nice. I made the rounds to three different restaurants that let me work for food. I learned how to wash dishes and did that for two hours in one and the manager gave me a big bag of food to take home. I shared that with Jeremy but the electricity wasn't on so we could never keep anything for long. I bussed tables at another restaurant for tips and food and then at a third for tips and the guy would give me five bucks to take home so I had a little money and lots of food. I think I was clearing maybe $5-$10 a night in tips and then the five and the food. Jeremy worked at one of those restaurants and made a lot more than me but not enough to pay for rent or electric which is why we were crashing in an empty house.

    One day some guy came along and kicked us out. He said he'd bought the place and it was his and we couldn't stay so we scrammed.

    I continued to work at those three restaurants part time but I was then living on the streets for a few weeks. One day while I was in the men's room at one of the restaurants I worked in someone sat down in the stall next to mine and he was peaking at me under the partition. I'd have been pissed except he was cute though a lot older than me and even older than Jeremy. I think he was around twenty five. He told me he'd give me $10 if I'd suck his cock. He showed me the money and I climbed under the partition and gave him a blow job. I'd had a lot of practice on Jeremy so I got really good at it. I sucked all the sperm out of his balls in about three minutes. He gave me a twenty on top of the ten and told me it was the best blow job he'd ever had. I did't believe him because I didn't think I was that skilled at it. I was good but I didn't think I was $30 good.

    The next day at the same restaurant in the same men's room I was sitting in the same stall when a different guy came in and wiggled his finger under the stall. I had no idea what he wanted until I heard him whisper he wanted me to suck him off. He said another guy told him I was good at it. I put 1+1 together and climbed under the partition and sucked him off and he gave me $20.

    From that point on, about 2-3 times a week I made $10-$50 at a time sucking cock. I let the guys decide how much to give me and every time they gave me more than I would have asked for which would have been $5. I mean it takes me an average of about 15 minutes to suck off a guy and that would be $20 an hour but I wasn't complaining. So I was earning about $75 a week from sucking cock, another $45 in tips and another $35 in direct pay from one restaurant and of course all the free food I wanted. So a total of $155 a week for maybe about 45 hours a week which was less than minimum wage but I was only 13 and that seemed like a lot of money to me. But I still was living outdoors or hiding out in the back room of one of the restaurants while not actually working. I did that until one of the managers caught me sleeping and kicked me out.

    About a month later after having saved up about $800 I found an old fag that was looking to rent out a room in his house. He wanted $150 a week and I could just about swing that but when he saw me drooling over his huge package he cut the rent in half. I'd never seen a cock that big. It must have been over a foot long and as big around as my wrist and there was no way I could cram even half of it down my throat but I was eagerly willing to try. I didn't care that he was in his fifties and fat. His cock was fatter. He didn't care that I was only 13. In fact I think he preferred little boys and at 4 feet 10 inches and about 80 lbs I was definitely little. I also found that a lot of guys liked to play with my long hair and told me I was cute or pretty and so I decided to keep my hair long and he was no different. I even went along with his request to dress up like a girl and put on make-up. He called me is little sissy faggot and I called him Daddy or at least I mumbled Daddy while choking down that beautiful cock.

    Now I was saving about $80 a week, had a place to live, got a few nice things from the old fag and tons to eat.

    A few months later I turned 14 and for my birthday George, the old fag, threw me a special birthday party where he arranged for 20 other old fags to gang bang me, orally. They sang "happy bukake" instead of happy birthday and covered my face and filled my mouth with more sperm than I usually drank in a week. Each and every one of them presented me with birthday cards with money in them which was anywhere from $20 to $100 each totaling $1125. That added to my prior savings came to nearly $2500. That was a lot of money 25 years ago. While most of them weren't really especially attractive and most were over 50, a couple I'd have sucked off for free and they all had showered and put on deodorant or cologne so I could just close my eyes and pretend they were young and cute. One guy was 30 and was really cute and had nice muscles and when the other's weren't looking I let him kiss me and he was a really good kisser. I actually sucked him off twice. He's the one who gave me $100. It figures the one guy I'd have sucked off for free was the one who gave me the most.

    Half the guys who came to my "bukake" party ended up being regular customers so I suddenly increased my income significantly. I was at that point making almost another $300 a week just from that and word spread and in another couple of months I didn't need to work in the restaurants any more. I was making $700+ a week mostly sucking cock and I hadn't even taken my first cock up my ass yet. I was nervous about that but George said I should rush and suggested I wait until I get another growth spurt and meanwhile he gave me a set of rectal dilators to practice with, They looked like butt plugs to me but I used them and after a while I was on the third one out of a set of seven. I didn't think I'd ever get to number six let along seven which was bigger than my bicep.

    I was 14 1/2 when I figured I was stretched out enough to try anal. I offered my anal virginity to one cute john with a 7 inch medium thick cock but he said he didn't want to hurt me and set me up with his little cousin who was actually younger than me. I'm glad he did because I was kind of nervous about it and that made my ass clench up a bi and so having a 12 year old be my first turned out to be a good idea. He was actually hung much bigger than me despite being 2 years younger but it didn't matter. He was just about as thick as dilator number 3 and with some lube it felt really good. He fucked me for almost an hour before cumming up my ass and then rested a few minutes and fucked me again. He came in my ass three times that night. His cousin, my customer paid me $300 to watch and take make a home video of it. It felt SOOOOOOOOO good having that cock up my ass and I could feel it squirt each time. We also kissed a lot and in fact he jerked me off while we were kissing and while that was happening I was watching his cousin jerking off.

    After that I saw that boy regularly. He loved fucking me and I loved him fucking me and yes I'd do it for free but I never turned down the $10+ his cousin always gave me. Who would turn down money to get fucked?

    When I got to dilator number four I felt ready to start taking average cocks up my ass. I found the slightly larger ones felt best and that's also when I found out I'd got paid more for taking it up my ass and double that if I did it bare back. How I didn't get AIDS I don't now. In those next few years I'd taken thousands of loads from hundreds of guys up my ass and when I went to see a doctor for the first time in my life ever at the age of 20 he ran every test there was and gave me a clean bill of health. I was soooo lucky. Now I'm much more careful. A friend of mine got AIDS and died a year later. THAT was a wake up call. But by then I'd earned enough turning tricks and doing porn and working strip clubs and parties that I could retire and buy a house.

    Now I'M the one paying young things to suck MY cock. But I also still look young for my age. The other day I got carded buying a bottle of wine and I'm 39. Of course I also have no wrinkles, am five feet tall and weigh only 95 lbs and still have long hair. I could still turn tricks and do porn but now I choose who I fuck which I can do now that I don't charge money any more.

    Oh I forgot to mention, I just got married to the cutest 16 year old little stud muffin in the world. The only part of Jason that's big is his cock. He's smaller than me but his cock is way bigger than mine and yes I still like to be a bottom from time to time but Jason likes me on top most of the time. We honeymooned in P-Town last summer and I don't think we left the B&B once.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 45

    I don't know if this even belongs here. I have been married for twenty three years and when my husband and I have intercourse he falls into his post coitus slumber. I am wide awake and that is when I do my meal planning and my grocery list. I have a near perfect vision of my pantry, I come up with the meal plan for the week, go through my pantry and decide what needs to be bought, I do the same through the fridge and I have my meal plan and my grocery list all in my head. I never need to write things down, my memory and my meal plan is set and when I go to the grocery store I go isle by isle and I am done with my meal planning chore.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    My sister in-law is looking up my skirt when she thinks ime not looking, she is really fit with the most fantastic body and an arse I am jealous of, I go wet when she is around, I've never had a lesbo experience, if I did I don't think face my husband without looking guilty, but the urge is very strong,

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  • — Women Only —
    Transsexual Female / 28

    I work in an Atlantic City Casino and rent a room off shore for the last 3 plus years. Its in a very old house but a large enough room where I have my own coffee pot and microwave. I can also use the kitchen and laundry room anytime I wish and pretty much have the run of the house. I eat out 70% of the time but do stay in the house when I have to work the next day. Mario is the landlord and his wife died years before I moved in. There was another man who rented the 3rd bedroom but he moved out almost 2 years ago. Mario is a short, fat, bald, Italian guy who I'm sure is well into his 60's, maybe 70's. From the start Mario did everything possible to see me undressed and I don't think I was ever angry about it and just thought it funny. There were many times I was sure I locked the bathroom door but all the sudden Mario came in while I was in the shower or just getting out. He always apologized about it claiming I didn't lock the door properly. I serve drinks in the casino and learned a long time ago the more boobs I show the better the tips. I guess I wasn't offended by Mario trying to see me nude mainly because I was never shy about exposing myself. One night last June I got into bed and evidently 1 or 2 of the bed slats were not in all the way. I had vacuumed and moved the bed that afternoon. Anyhow, when I got in bed the box spring and mattress collapsed making a loud noise. I do sleep naked and got up after a few seconds with Mario knocking on my door asking what happened and do I need help. I told him yes, but unlocked my door never putting anything on as I let him in. I swear I didn't do it intentionally, I just wasn't thinking straight. His eyes were open wide but he never said a word and just started pulling the mattress and box spring off the floor and began setting the slats in the right spot. He kept looking at me but I just stood there in the corner of the room. He stood up replacing everything and picked my robe up off the floor and asked if I wanted it. I took it and put it on and am sure he was surprised I never tried to hide my body from him. He asked me if I forgot I was naked and all I said was, I think so. As much as it was awkward I wasn't embarrassed about it and mentioned to him that he had seen me naked before. With that he just said he loved having me living here, with a grin on his face from ear to ear.

    After that night I've been exposing myself to Mario whenever I can, probably 3 or more time a week. I let him see me naked but also wear clothes that are revealing especially when I have my blue robe on. That robe is short and although I tie it there is plenty of skin showing and never have panties or a bra on. I leave it open enough exposing my boobs and make it so my vagina is visible for him. Its not that it arouses me but I can see in his face and smile how much he enjoys looking at me and how happy it makes him. I never mention it to the guy I'm dating right now but have told one of my woman friends about it. I also told a guy who is one of the older bartenders and he tells me I'm a cock teaser, which I guess I am. I know Mario is thrilled when he sees me nude or just in my robe or other skimpy outfits. I would like to think it arouses him and am not sure if he gets erections or is able to. He's just a really nice old man who lights up the minute I walk in the door after work. He never says a word about my body and never says anything sexual to me. He acts like me being naked or exposed in some way doesn't effect him but his eyes are glued to my body. I just go around like its a normal thing when I know it isn't. For me it has become a fun thing and on the other hand I like seeing Mario happy. Last month I signed another 1 year lease and he has yet to raise my rent since I moved in. I don't know why he doesn't rent the other room but he has told me he had a bad experience with the guy who used to rent it. For me its convenient for work and plenty big enough for me so I'm very comfortable living here.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    So I got married almost 4 years ago.. Dated my now husband since I was 19.... After we got married, things would get really hectic.. I'm the youngest daughter and in our culture, the youngest stays at home and the husband moves in with her... And she inherits everything... I went the complete opposite. At first, he told me I should consider moving in with him cause his parents don't have any daughters... And that he wouldn't want to leave his parents alone... A while after we got married he asked me if I was glad I moved in with his parents and him cause we now have the pleasure of having all the servants and drivers(his dad is a big guy in the govt)... Now mind you, I come from a business family but my mind is not ingrained like that. I'm not money minded and my father always taught us to work and earn... So we earn our keep... Always... And to never expect freebies...
    Fast forward to now, I've tried applying for jobs and everything but everytime I bring it up, it's always too embarrassing for the husband cause it's not a big position.. In his eyes...and throughout all this, he himself doesn't do anything. He's glued to either the phone or PC all day long... And we live off his parents. I get so fucking embarrassed but everytime I bring it up, I'm an ungrateful butch.
    Today he spoke about killing himself and I just got so fucking sick of it, I told him he was being selfish... He is! I hate admitting it but he's self entitled... And expects everything his parents worked hard for is his.
    Why did God give me this damn rib...? Why did I have this...?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 44

    Everyone has problems. I grew up in foster homes. My mother was a part time hooker and drug addict and my father was incarcerated and committed suicide. I went from home to home, and spent some time in a reform school. I got pushed out at 18 and got a job working in a pizza parlor. The owner was a middle aged Italian guy and he fucked me. I had been fucked a lot growing up so I just blew it off and kept on working there. He liked getting his cock sucked and I liked sucking cock so I did that to him, he also like skinny assed boys so he fucked me a lot. When I left that job he begged me to stay but I had to get out of there.

    I went to California and hooked up with this agent who rented me out. I liked fat older men like the pizza place owner, so I got rented out mostly to Mexican or Arab men. The one thing I didn't like was if they were into proving that their dick was better than anyone else's. I liked to suck and fuck and get out of there. I didn't collect they paid the agency and the agency paid me. I got hooked up with this older Mexican dude who owned a vegetable farm. He was a pig, his place was filthy and he liked to fuck without a condom. I knew he only fucked me so I let him fuck me like that. He always asked for me. When he asked me to move in with him I did and stopped working with the agency.

    I spent two years sucking him and letting him fuck me. Those two years were the best years for me at the time. I left him because I just felt stuck at his place and I needed to see other things. He gave me a used pickup that he used on his vegetable farm and a thousand dollars and told me to go find the rainbow and come back when I needed to get fucked by him.

    My job after I left the Mexican was this old lighthouse, they were looking for a caretaker and I worked there for five years. It was a good job, didn't pay much but the room was free and the work was easy. By then I was in my early thirties and I met this woman who sold home made jewelry at markets, she was older but she liked sex and I had never really had sex with a woman and I liked fucking her pussy. She also had big tits, she was basically a big titted Momma and I liked fucking her. I called her Big Tits and she loved that, she would swing her tits in my face and suck my cock and I would eat her out and then fuck her. The whole thing with her was sex, from what she said she was a sex queen growing up and her big tits got her lots of attention, some of her pictures from when she was younger supported her stories. She spent time in Mexico and roaming around with a group of male and female wonderers and she claimed to have eaten more pussy than I had, which was true because I was more gay than straight but I did like eating her pussy and fucking her.

    But I really wanted to get back to the Mexican so after five years I left and went back to live with the Mexican on his vegetable patch. I sucked him dry the first night and he fucked me the next day. We got back into doing things his way, I helped him out with his vegetables business. I told him about Big Tits and he told me to ask her to come see us, he wanted to see them tits. So I called her and she said she would come if I sent her bus fare and when the Mexican saw her he called me a liar, he said she was not Big Tits she was just Tits. I guess for a Mexican he had been around big tits all his life and he wasn't impressed. He fucked her anyways. I told Big Tits that the Mexican fucked me and I sucked his cock, just couldn't stay away from that and she said she understood, it was like that for her with young pussy, she meant young like a school girl. She stayed around for a couple of months and then went back north to where she had friends. I ate her pussy the night before and fucked her. I kept up with her but we never did hook up again.

    I live with the Mexican and I am his wife. He fucks me regularly and I suck his cock. We work the vegetable business and make some money and every couple of years we go see something different, usually in Mexico. I like being his wife, it feels good to me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 49

    My father divorced my mother when I was eleven and he left and I didn't see him again. My mother never remarried, for a while she tried to make it on her own but it didn't work and we moved back to her hometown near her brother who had a general store. After school I went to the store and stayed there until my mother got off work, I helped my uncle with cleaning and stacking and putting goods on the shelves. My uncle's store had a section in the magazine rack for porn, Playboy's, Hustler, magazines. I went through a copy of each every month in the back room, I got horny as hell and had a hardon and learned how to beat off. My uncle started to carry Playgirl and I started to go through that magazine every month, I loved the naked men much more than the naked women in Playboy. I imagined myself laid back in the position of the models from Playboy and being kissed and touched by the models in Playgirl, at night I would open my legs pretending that I was a girl. It wasn't much time before I started to touch my butt and try to poke a finger in.

    I was masturbating or beating off almost every day, I had lost interest in the Playboys and Hustlers. I posed in my room like the girls in the magazines but my imagination was on the men from Playgirl. Then by accident I found a box of magazines under a shelf in the back of the room. The magazines were in black and white with pictures of naked men, penis pictures, penis pictures and men kissing penis, and men with another man behind them, men kissing. Men with hard penises and men with soft penises, naked men in black and white. I could not believe it, I went through those pictures sitting on another box, magazine after magazine. The magazines weren't priced and didn't look like they had ever been put out for sale. It was a box of magazines stored in the back room. At night I dreamt about those pictures, I wanted to be kissed and I kissed the pillow pretending that I was in the arms of one those models, I slobbered dreaming I was kissing a penis, I poked my butt with whatever I could find, pens, pencils, a wooden spoon from the kitchen, I found my mother's hand cream and used it on a pen and was able to insert it easily in my butt and I fucked myself.

    In the tenth grade I met this boy who moved to town with his family. He was from Pennsylvania, dark hair and long legs. I made friends with him and we hung out at school. He invited me to his house after school and my uncle said it was fine for me to go. After going several times I got brave and I snuck one of those queer magazines from the store and took it to his house and showed him. He liked it too, we lay side by side on his bed and went through every single page, I told him which penis I liked the best and we laughed about it. I turned over on my back and he put the magazine to one side and got on me and kissed me. It was our first kiss and it was awkward but after a couple of tries we kissed really well. I really liked his kiss and I got hard and undid my pants and he put his hand in my pants and held my penis as he kissed me. He showed me his penis, it was long and hard and it felt good to hold it and I put it in my mouth loving the taste and texture and feeling of his hot penis in my mouth. I wanted to be kissed some more and we held onto our penises as we kissed. I pushed my pants down and turned over and he asked me if I was sure and he found my hole and after a couple of minutes he had penetrated me and he was fucking me.

    That was my day, my very first lover and my first kiss and my first fuck. I snuck the whole box of magazines out of my uncles back room and he never said a word, I never found out if he noticed he never brought it up. I kept them at the house, I first tried under my bed, then on the shelf of my closet and then in a flash of genius I decided to put them in the attic. I was lovers with my new friend from Pennsylvania and we were very active in the quiet of his room, the magazines providing us with hours and hours of pleasure. When I need to feel good, I go to my box and I pull out one of the magazines at random, I examine it remembering all those days and imagining that I am with my first boyfriend and masturbate to my heart's content.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 19

    My birth mother was a hooker and she died of an overdose when I was two. A couple took me in as a foster child and later adopted me and I grew up in a big home with two parents and several sisters. When I was nineteen my birth grandmother contacted my adoptive mother and said that she had a right to see me. I was guilted into going to see her in Kentucky.

    She lived in a trash heap, a small house out in the country that was falling down. The bathroom didn't work and you had to use a can and go throw it outside. She asked me for money. She was mean and she called me a hooty tooty and that I had turned my back on 'my kind'. She went through all my clothes and stole a set of earrings. I had a cell phone and I called my adoptive mother and begged her to get me out of there. My two older sisters came to get me, my oldest sister is a nurse and she is very assertive if she has to be and my other sister will cut of your balls if you get in her way. They are nice girls but not when if someone messes with me.

    I went home to my family. I just want to say that I always felt bad that my birth mother was a hooker and but I am not sorry that my birth grandmother is a witch. As far as I am concerned I will never see her again or anyone associated with her. That woman made my birth mother do what she did, I am sure of it. I don't feel anything for my birth mother, I never met her and I don't have any memories of her. After this I promise not to let people guilt me into accepting them, the best thing that happened to me is that I got adopted and I have a real family, real parents and real sisters.

    My worst nightmare is over. I went and saw for myself.

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