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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    My wife and I have been married 6 years now.

    A little back story is she was m****ted when she was growing up by her uncle for a year. And I myself was m****ted by a neighbor guy for two years till I finally my mom found out.

    Iâm pretty much over what happened and my wife knows not to touch my butt. Iâm a bit self conscious about that body part.

    But the issue is my wife still struggles with her childhood and we barely have sex. I understand her problems but after 6 years of marriage Iâm wanting to get her comfortable with sex

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  • — Women Only —
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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Female / 31

    I had a very wonderful time last night when 5 very sexy and strong men invited me to suck and stroke their very large cocks while being video recorded. I put my hand down one of their pants and I felt a huge cock and said, "I am ready now".

    I was undressed by the men and a huge cock was pushed in my mouth and I gagged. He kept it pushed in and told me to relax my throat, as I relaxed he pushed it deeper.

    Then without warning I was mounted from behind and a big dick was thrust deep and hard and it hurt so good. I was loving it so much and then I watched sperm shoot from a cock into my eye, OMG it burns so much but I didn't stop.

    When it was over my face was covered in sperm and the men were pushing it into my mouth and I was sucking each finger clean. I have never had that much sperm in my mouth and I want to have 10 or more men next time.

    Before they left I had my hands masturbating them one last time and the first man shot his sperm in my mouth and told me I had to keep it in my mouth until they all shot their sperm in my mouth. I was happy to do it and to get the taste for so long.

    They said that they knew a doctor who would castrate me. I said, "Can he do it now or sooner"? They called him and I talked to her and she said she would be able to do it Wednesday. She said I would not be able to get hard anymore, I told her that I was lucky enough to not ever get hard.

    I am so excited about this I can't wait. No more balls to push in so I am smooth in front like a girl.

    I am so lucky. I am going to love not having balls.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    In junior high I did gay sex. I thought I outgrew it, but I haven't. I joined an all male travel club which is all about having fun no string attached. I can only afford a trip mow and then, and I look forward to getting away.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 49

    It felt really good. Holding his hard cock in my hand and putting his cock in my mouth. It felt really good.

    Getting a cock up my ass that afternoon, the feeling that I was getting it, knowing that I was getting it, that felt good. But his cock tearing into me, that scared me. But I endured it and I went back over to see him knowing that he was going to screw me again.

    Our neighborhood was made up of large lawns and ranch style homes. Being of that age I mowed lawns for extra money. And being of that age he liked me and showed me that I liked it, that I really liked cock and that after a while I really liked getting screwed. I don't think I ever had a crush on him, it was about going over there to have sex, to suck his cock, to have him suck my cock, and to get screwed.

    I didn't really have my first crush until I was in college, and like a fool I had a crush on this rugby player who had all the girls he could handle. But that is who I had a crush on. I dreamt of him giving me the full treatment, but it never happened. It happened with this Chemistry adjunct professor. I did it because I needed the sex, but I never felt good about it. Not like I did with the man who's lawn I mowed.

    I had my first relationship that wasn't just sex with an insurance salesman. But it ended on a sower note, I just couldn't be who he wanted me to be. My next relationship was with a front desk manager for a major hotel chain.

    Then the news was out about AIDS, and I stopped seeing men for the next thirty years. I have a relationship of sorts with a guy who works summers at the canoe rental business. It is more like the feelings that I had with that rugby player back in college. Young and athletic, he hangs around for the money and I keep him around for the sex.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    This happened to me back when i was 20 and barely 8 months in the marine's, I was at soi when i got pulled from training while my enlistment got reviewed because apparently i fraudulently enlisted. Well while they were trying to kick me out and i was trying to stay in i got put in a squad bay where the drug pops and the kids that went ua afrer bootcamp, and back then it was where the "gay" guys went that were trying to get. Well i wound up being a night clerk so i basically stayed up till i woke up the squad bays then i got to go to bed. Well i was an asshole because i couldn't stand all the fuckers that were trying to get out because they were piece of shits. So i made there lives as difficult as possible. Well one weekend they a few of them tried to sneak an escort in to their barracks. I caught it before they all had fun and sent the escort away and made that whole squadbay under restrictions to where they couldn't even walk to the px for anything. For about two weeks all they did was talk shit and threatened me but i didn't care. Well i got off base liberty from Friday till sunday about three weeks later which just pissed them off. Well i did my shift Thursday night and was gonna sleep before going off base. Now i took an Ambien to sleep, and in one squad bay all the extra bunk beds were pushed together in kinda a cave surrounded by wall lockers and that's where i would sleep after my shift. Well i crashed out and woke up about 5 hours later with my mouth tapped shut and my arms and feet tied to the post. As i struggled trying to get loose i guess someone heard and next thing i new those guys explained that since they couldn't go anywhere thanks to me that i wasn't leaving either and that nobody is gonna wonder where i am because i was supposed to be off base already. I kept struggling and they said if i didn't stop it would get worse and next thing i knew one dude cut my pt shorts up the legs and then cut my tshirt off and threw it on my face they left me there in my underwear and walked off after a couple hours had fallen asleep again, only to be woken up to the feeling of my underwear getting cut off to and i really tried to break free till i felt the knife against my cock i went motionless and felt them untie one leg and tie it up by my hand and the same thing with the other leg. I heard them undo their belts and pants and one guy got between my legs and leaned over till his head was by my ear and his breath wreaked of beer, and he laughed saying that since i screwed over a lot of them that i was gonna be screwed by a lot of them and he sat up and i felt his cock push against my asshole and he started pushing he was pretty hung and hurt when it went in and slowly he went all the way in me. I was in so much pain i zoned out till i felt him cum and pull put and immediately had another guy push into me. They spent that whole weekend using me i was blindfolded the whole time so i couldn't know everyone involved. I didn't report it to my nco`s because it would of held up me going back to training. So they got away with it. A few months later though i did get payback on the first one that went in me because i knew it was him. Well one weekend his family came to visit and he had off base liberty and so did i well i wound up meeting his little sister. Who loved recording things so when him and his parent's passed out she came to my room and i made her a porn star and gave the pics and videos everyone in our barracks

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 27

    My mom doesnot wear bra panty at home. One day my aunty came and stay at night next day after bath my aunty says to my mom in front of meyou doesnot wear panty. After bath you doesnot change your panty. This is very embarrase for me

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  • — Women Only —
    1 / 41

    I appetite to drag across my lover in the service of your kind-heartedness after persons that require assistance with your question. Your verified commitment to getting the communication up and down became extraordinarily sensible and has always encouraged professionals reasonable like me to win to their objectives. This valuable hints and tips can mean this much to me and motionlessly more to my colleagues. Thanks a from the whole world of us.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Where I live you absolutely do not grass anyone up to the police, that is if you want yourself, your family and friends to be safe.
    Five years ago that was also the case when I was jumped on in a park as it was getting dark. Three big guys (I'm only five feet six, with a slim build) pinned me down and within a matter of seconds I was stripped totally naked.
    All three men had me suck on their dicks, and then all three men fucked me one after another. With two of the men fucking me twice.
    At first I was in pain as they took turns to screw my tight virgin arsehole. Then after the first fella had fucked me for about five minutes cumming up my bum, he was replaced by the youngest looking of the three. His cock was the smallest by some way, yet once he'd been inside of me fucking my arsehole really hard, I began to enjoy the sensation his cock was giving me. By the time he came deep inside of me, I was actually pushing back onto his little cock.
    They all noticed my demeanor had changed and the last bloke got me to lay on my back as he entered my arse. Putting my feet onto his shoulders, he fucked me for only a short time, before his cum was added to his mates.
    Thinking it was all over, I was lead over to set of swings and told not to say anything to anyone. That's when the first beefy looking man had me lean onto the swing, as he thrust his cock up me again. At the same time the youngest one, stuffed his small but fat cock into my mouth. I was swaying on the swing as they fucked me, and it began to feel amazing. All my fear went and I actually began to enjoy being fucked. The large man fucking me took much longer to cum and this plus the wonderful feelings throughout my body, made my cock erect. Before I knew it I was on the verge of cumming myself and groaned out loud with pleasure. They heard my moans and began telling me I was loving it, which only made the two fucking me thrust harder. The young man came first in my mouth, holding me firm, he forced me to swallow his cum. Then within a minute or two the oldest beefy guy came for a second time up my bum, which sparked my orgasm and I came all over the spongy floor covering.
    No sooner than he'd pulled out, the third bloke who had my clothing, tossed me them and they all walked off laughing. I sat on the swing I'd just been fucked over, after getting dressed and went over in my head what had just happened. Not the fact I'd been fucked by three strangers, but that I'd really enjoyed being fucked and had cum myself.
    Walking home about quarter of an hour later, I'd just exited the park when the beefy guy walked over to me. He had a smile on his face and I couldn't help myself from smiling back at him. He again told me not to say anything, then told me if I wanted to, I could meet just him back into he park the following evening.
    The next night I was in the park waiting, but he didn't show up. Walking past a pub which is only a few hundred yards from the park, on my way to talk to a friend, I heard my name being called. Turning around I saw the beefy fella walking out of the pub. He apologised for not meeting me, but said he'd be more than willing to enjoy my arsehole then.
    On the same swing I sucked on his beautifully large cock, the n had him fuck me from behind. I'd brought lube I'd purchased earlier and a condom, but he wouldn't wear it. All the same I still let him fuck me and it was such a awesome fuck.
    The results came back negative which made me feel relieved. I'd gone to a clinic to be tested for STD's and I was clear. Lucky me. But I wasn't the only person there as my Mr beef was there too. And he's still here to this day. I now live with my initial attacker and we've become inseparable lovers. He's much older than me at fifty four, but he's always ready to fuck me and I just love his beefy body and long fat cock.
    My life changed forever that night, and not grassing as I might have, has seen two others turn their lives around for the better. Once in a while my beefy lover invites his two pals around and we all share a night of sex. Although nowadays I get them to wear condoms.
    It's strange how life turns out.

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