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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 49

    I was seventeen and my parents went out of town. I got bored and took the car and went to cruise around the outdoor mall, and I took peter out and let it air as I drove around. I got bored and decided to go drive on the bypass and stroked myself while I drove. I got off the bypass before it joined the highway and decided that I would drive back through town back to my house. I got off and drove down this small unlit street and I drove past a small park and there were two guys siting in a car, they were making out.

    I went around a couple of the neighborhood streets and came back to the park with my lights off and stopped and watched these two guys make out. I had peter out and I was stroking. A knock on the window and this guy asked me if I needed company, he walked around and got in the passenger seat. He saw peter and asked if he could give it a try and he took peter in his hand and got down to suck. He sucked me and got me to shoot my seventeen year old cum in his mouth. He wanted to get in the back seat and make out, the guys in the other car were out of sight. He had only one thing on his mind and he fucked me in the back seat, asked me to say thank you and said he might see me again if I came by.

    I went back there many times to watch and stroke peter. Some guys made out and when they got down you could watch the car go up and down. There were never any cops there, I never saw one and I never heard anyone talk about that park at night. I went there to jerk off. I never had another guy knock on my window.I followed a couple of cars but they just went to a house and one of the guys would get out, I never found out where they hung out. At school things were normal and most of the time I had a hard time explaining to my parents why I wanted to borrow the car. I kept a small towel under the seat to wipe my cum off the steering wheel and dash, my game was to see if I could shoot hard enough to hit the windshield.

    After high school I went to this trade school to learn radio repair. The instructor was a guy in his mid thirties, he also owned this radio store, not music radios, but radios for police cars and industrial use. He hired me to work for him. The repair work was on these benches that were chest high, I was working on this radio and he came up behind me and looked over my shoulder and when his chest was on my back I just leaned back. He touched my shoulder, I had put the radio down and his hand went down my side and over my behind. He asked me if I liked that. I was too stupefied to answer. His hand went around front and grabbed peter in my pants. He turned my face and kissed me.

    And that is how I had my first gay affair in my small town. We had to be careful, we had sex at his apartment upstairs, he liked me enough and I was the fairy. I worked for him for over five years when he told me that he was going to move to Alaska to work with his brother. He asked me to come along but I couldn't leave home. He sold me his shop far below what all the equipment was worth. My father decided to buy the small building and I moved into the apartment upstairs. I stayed in town. During my time with him we traveled from time to time to San Francisco to buy inventory. He introduced me to the part of town where gays hung out. I continued going to San Francisco to buy inventory and it wasn't that hard, there were lots of military guys who were living in San Francisco at the time and most of them were gay looking for some action at night. I liked military guys, I never liked dressing like a fairy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    This isn't as much a confession, as it is an admission of where and who I am right now.
    Growing up I always had a desire to be close, sexually, with both sexes, but suppressed the gay angle of my desires. Dating girls, enjoying sex with them and eventually meeting then marrying my wife, I genuinely thought my gay leanings were put to bed.
    In September of last year, so 2018, I had a free afternoon at home to myself, and decided to relax by masturbating. Watching some porn on my lap top, I soon found myself whacking off to gay porn and really enjoyed watching clips with guys getting fucked by women wearing strap ons.
    After ejaculating from a really intense orgasm, I made a note on some paper about the scene I'd last watched, as it was so sexually arousing and amazingly real to me.
    Nearly a week later my wife was sat waiting for me when I got home from work. She smiled as I entered, looked down at the lap top she'd placed on the coffee table and then tossed me a piece of paper. Asking me to look at it, then to look at the lap top, my heart sank as I realised the paper was the same piece I'd written the note to myself on.
    Welcoming me to sit next to her, she told me she'd found it on our bedroom floor three days before. When I looked confused at her, she told me she'd waited for a reason. As she said it, she turned the lap top to face me and pressed play.
    The same porn film began that I'd finished masturbating myself to, and as it played I heard my wife say "So you like to be fucked, just like the guys on here I guess". I went to protest I'd not had any form of gay sex, or had any type of anal stimulation from anyone, including her, when she tossed me a wrapped parcel. Looking even more confused I guess, she told me to open it.
    Doing as she asked, I found myself unopening a dildo, which had a harness with it. Putting her right hand down to my crotch, my wife, the woman I thought was going to at least have an argument only moments before, rubbed my growing cock through my trousers and said "Lets see if it fits up that arsehole of yours".
    Along with the dildo, there was some lube and wipes. Asking me where i'd like her to try on, in me, I answered in the only way I thought I could, but telling her "Anywhere you want".
    It took nearly Quarter of an hour for my wife to fully (By hand at first) to insert the dildo up my arse. She'd already had us strip naked, step into our shower and had sucked on my cock, making me so horny for sex. The insert breaker if you like, was reaching behind me as she slowly pressed the head of the dildo into my rear, and fingering her pussy. Her soft moan as my fingers entered her soaking wet pussy, had my arsehole relaxing and in sailed that eight inch phallus into my bowels.
    Fucking me for a brief time until it fully buried up my arse, she then pulled it our, had me lean further over and shuffled about. Telling me she was now wearing it, I turned to see my wife wearing the strap dildo, as I'd seen the woman fucking her partner in the porn film. Putting it to my rear hole, she leaned in, kissed my neck and thrust in.
    I'd be lying to say i wasn't apprehensive when it all began, but as she fucked me, I growingly accepted my wife was getting just as much joy out of fucking me, as I was being fucked.
    After only about five to ten minutes, I had my first ever experience of orgasming without having to stroke, wank or touch my own cock. The climax when it flowed right through me, was so strong, I found myself sinking down onto the dildo, which in turn only added to the feeling of absolute pleasure.
    Once I'd finished cumming all over the shower floor, my wife pulled out the dildo from my arsehole and told me it was her turn. I knew what she wanted, so I kneeled in behind of her, pulled her arse cheeks apart and began to lick and tongue her pussy, clit and arsehole.
    Telling me how great it felt, my wife climaxed all over my face and told me as her orgasm settled, my role wasn't finished.
    My wife now has a set of pictures from that second amazing sexual encounter with the strap on. On our bed later on, she enticed me to take it anally as she knelt behind me. She took the pictures on her phone and sent them to me afterwards. I've still got those pictures of her fucking me for the second time, and they look so horny.
    She's now just as horny to fuck me, as I am to stuff her holes with my cock, and we've moved on too. We have a larger array of dildo's which the harness, and a few hand held dildo's she loves to fuck me with. We're still very much having sex in a normal sense. But we also now have my anal fun when either of us is horny for it.
    And to put in a side sexual aspect, she's recently begun to ask me if I'd let a guy fuck me, and have her watching. I ahven't said yes, but I haven't said no either.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    I am a black male age 61 good health . for the past year I am want to do is fuck every

    every woman I see and know, all I think about is fucking all type of woman, black, white

    all colors of the rainbow. I am not into the male gay thing so no guy will suck my dick.

    I love all kinds of sizes of tits I see and I want to suck, lick them all. Some guys go

    on looks with most women, you know is she great looking or what. to me all women are

    every day women meaning each female can be or turn into wet and water pussy to fuck.

    I don,t go on how she looking at all, thin, some meat on her bones is fine with me. also

    my weak points are women that are chubby and BBW, s. I have been married for 32 years to

    the same women, sex with her is not happen, she won,t try new things sexual like giving

    me a blowjob or letting me eat her pussy. Yes, I love eating pussy. I know I can,t be the

    only guy who feels this way. I am on a mission to find a woman who needs or want a part

    time lover or let,s just fuck for the shanks of it. I am looking into personal sexual

    listing on the net, only time will tell . goodbye for now. one more thing I go to church

    each Sunday and the women are hot, I use to fuck a church women before I got married they

    are nasty and will fuck at a drop of a hat.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    So it was just a message on my phone, saying "Hi", nothing else, from Mary. I called her immediately. Little black Mary, who's now 26, had been my mistress since I took her virginity over five years ago. She was working for me and my wife as a maid, saving up money to go to nursing college. Although she was quite keen to be my girlfriend it took a couple of months to actually get to fuck her, as she was a virgin, and obviously it didn't pay to try to go too fast. Even though I'm 46 years older than her it was like being a teenager again, rounding the bases gradually, as we were alone in the house for only one day a week, Saturday, which was the other maid's day off (we live in southern Africa), and my wife would be out shopping and my daughter playing sport. When she went to college it got a bit more difficult to meet, as she was really scared of my wife, my daughter or the other maid finding out that I was fucking her. Now I hadn't heard from her since December last year, 2018, then suddenly this message "Hi".

    I told her things were a bit complicated at the moment, since my wife isn't working now. However I have a friend who used to let me use his house at times, and I'll call him and arrange a time to take Mary there. I hope we'll go through the old routine. I would pick her up near the area she lives in. She would always be nicely dressed and smelling of cheap perfume. On the way to my house or my friends house I would stroke her legs, and sometimes get her to pull her skirt up to show her panties. When we've parked the car she'll lead the way to the house, and I won't be able to resist grabbing her bum on the way, while she giggles. Once on the verandah well out of sight we'll kiss and I'll feel her all over. Then we'll unlock the door and once inside we'll kiss again, and I'll feel her up again, this time sticking my hand inside her panties to caress that little black bum and her pussy.

    She'll go into the bedroom and sit on the bed and wait while I have a quick pee in the bathroom. She never undresses while waiting, except she sometimes takes her shoes off. Once I come in she'll stand up and we'll kiss again, and I'll tell her to take her outer garments off - jeans and blouse or dress. Then I'll take her bra off and feel her little tits, and lead her by the hand to the bed. We'll lie down and kiss some more, then I'll roll her on her stomach and pull her panties down past her her neat little ass, which I'll then admire and fondle, and maybe give it a playful spank or two which will again make her giggle. By this time I'll have a tremendous hard on, so I'll roll her on her back and either pull her panties right off or tell her to take them off. As soon as she does I'll put a pillow under that sweet little ass so her pussy is nicely presented, then thrust into her. I'll fuck her slowly for a while, kissing her mouth to mouth at first, then transfer my attentions to her ear, sticking my tongue in it and nibbling the lobe. She'll soon come with a soft "Oh" and when she does I'll start banging her harder, which unfortunately makes me come within a minute or two.

    Once my friend couldn't let me use his house, and my wife was home, so we drove to a remote spot and parked. I'd told her to wear a dress. She got into the back seat of my 4wd and after a while I pushed her dress up over her hips. I'll always remember her big grin as she took her own panties off - and left them dangling around one ankle while I fucked her. She used to feel bad about my wife, but now she's accepted she's a booty call, which is the only sensible way to play it in these situations. Damn, writing this is making me feel horny - my wife's in luck tonight!

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 21

    I go to college at FSU and during the summer break I met a man that my mother was taking around to buy a house. He is fifty three years old and he called me that night and asked me to meet him at this restaurant and have dinner with him. He took me to his hotel and I lost my virginity, not just vaginally but anally as well. At the time it was just sex but as the days went on I was more and more upset. He bought a house that my mother showed him and he moved in with his wife and three kids. Because we lives in the same town I see him all the time, and I run into his wife all the time.

    I have remained loyal to him, and I always seem to want to have anal sex when I see him, I feel guilty but I have not dated another guy. I can't see how his wife doesn't suspect anything? We met them the other day at the country club, he was all over me, he calls me his pet realtor. Of course I do not have a license but still, he tells his wife that I showed him their house and I was the one to convince him to buy it. He won't tell me if he has ever had anal sex with his wife, it is a secret for him to know and me to find out. Well I want to know, she doesn't look like she would ever do it, but I don't either, and I don't look like I am seeing a married man either.

    I would feel better knowing that she has been in my shoes, stuck to him like that. I don't understand why I am obsessed with that, I would just feel so much better knowing that she also has anal sex.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    We've been married 5 years.... I come from a very big family and that's one thing that's always mattered to me. He does too but they're not close... Hell, he rarely visits his grandparents, even... Or takes care of his parents... Because I live with his parents (he made that a condition before we got married because his dad is a big deal in the govt and he wants the perks), I end up having to cater to his parents too... But that's not enough for him. He wants me to be a soulless machine, to be available to him at his whim... I've told him countless times that I need emotional support but he doesn't care about that... My mum's been ill for quite a while and she's always asking me, "does he know I'm sick?", I lie... She sees through my lies but I do it anyway...
    Anyway, a couple of months ago I started talking to an old friend... It was just talks but our talks became sexual because of all the unhappiness we were both facing... You know, it's very easy to say, if you're not happy, leave.. But it isn't an easy thing to do.
    So he found out... And now, on top of all the physical abuse, I'm a slut. Everything I do triggers his hand... I don't know what to do... I'm scared, but I can't break free... Fuck me, I thought I had more than this...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 35

    My first experiences go back to grade school. And Junior High and High School. By the time I went to college I had been around the block. I chose to go to New York, I had been accepted at NYU and I had heard through the gr**evine that there was an active community. I got there, found the active community and became a regular and flunked out of college. I went from a dorm existence, to living on the floor with two other guys and doing all kinds of drugs. I fucked for a living.

    I got busted for doing bad things and got sent to prison. Fortunately it was one year and it was not up at the big house, but I found out that no matter how much you wanted it, this place was one hundred percent hands off. The minor infraction, a small cock suck, a moment in the shower, anything added to your time. I went off drugs, alcohol and sex for a year, I exercised in the yard, and got back into the books and decided when I got out I was going back to college. Not NYU, I had to go back to community college with the dummies.

    I met a guy there, I will call him John. John was not a dummy, he was poor. John had smarts, street smarts but he wasn't well educated and I helped him, hours of doing homework together, hours of tutoring, hours of spending time with him, hours fo sucking his cock and hours of being his fuck. John was an older guy who liked young guys and he went to the college to find a guy to fuck. I was a young guy who went because I had decided to get a degree but just could not turn down a man like John. We got along together and believe it or not I got John to graduate with a degree and I graduated with mine.

    Without the excuse of going to college John and I went our ways. I hated my jobs, I hated the routine and slowly slipped back into the game of pay to play, I was older and I hooked up with a man who ran a good house and made a lot of money, much more than I ever got paid for working a job. Maybe because of my experience with John but I got a reputation for handling some of the men who were older and I had a steady clientele. They paid my man, he paid me, I got the money and I got to fuck. The truth is that I would fuck even if I didn't get paid, but getting paid helped, it greased the wheel.

    I was 32 when I went to this man, he ran a big operation and he was a closet guy who liked it late at night, at a motel. He showed up, I was waiting, he got it on, he started with a suck, he sucked first and I sucked second, he wanted hands on, finger fucked, hard cock up his ass, in my business you had to do what the client wanted, but I taught him to fuck which is what I liked so we did it both. One day I seen him on TV. This guy had big time job. We continued to meet, once a week, same motel, same floor, same room, same bed, I arranged the meet, he came, he sucked my cock, I sucked his cock, I fucked him and he fucked me and it was over. Same thing next week.

    One day I asked him if he wanted a pictures, with a cock in his mouth. With a cock in his ass. He said no, but when he had a cock in his mouth I took the picture, when he had a cock in his ass I took the picture. I gave them to him, I erased them off of my phone. His wife found the pictures on his phone. He came to me and yelled at me and called me a bunch of names and I sucked his cock, I told him to take pictures, I wanted pictures of his cock in my mouth, his cock in my ass, I wanted pictures sucking and fucking and making out with him, pictures of my cock in his mouth, pictures of my cock in his ass, we had pictures, he took the pictures and I took the pictures and we took pictures of making out, sucking cock, fucking, naked together, naked on the bed, naked in the shower. We scrolled through the pictures, picking good ones and deleting bad ones, hard cocks while we went through them, stroking cocks, enjoying the pictures. He didn't give a damn about the divorce, he paid her to leave and she never brought up the pictures.

    I live in an apartment, he lives in the same building. We have a set up, cameras, tripods, movies, we fuck and suck and make out and film and take pictures. We watch the movies later, we go through the pictures, the pictures get him hard and I stroke and suck his cock. He is a big shot man and I am his cock sucking lover.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 30

    I was a recently promoted account executive and I was given company X as my target company. They had done business with us before but there was a lot more business that they could send our way. Company X was run by a man from the 'old boy' network, and he had a reputation for putting his hands on a girl, I was warned. In fact warned enough that it was suggested that I always go with someone and not accept invitations to lunch or dinner. But get the account open and grow the business with company X.

    I was way too young for that account. In spite of my technical abilities and my marketing skills I was not in the league of the 'old boys'. I did as I had been suggested, on my first call I took a new girl who had just joined us out of college. In Marketing all the girls were young, I was 29 and we hired for looks, although they also had to have the credentials. Marla had the looks and the credentials, graduate from a 1st tier university with honors, smart, mush smarter than any of he rest of us, and she had the look. We liked girls who were not too tall, not too short, not too heavy, not too skinny, not too pretty, not ordinary in any way, we wanted girls who had sex appeal, but hiring a girl who made you get wet well that was something no one had told me about.

    My crush on Marla was instant and like any 'old man' I had my hands on her, I kept hugging her and touching her hand and telling her how pretty she was and how we were going to get along and complimenting her clothes and how honored I was to have her join my team, the very first team I had put together. It took a while before I recognized that I had a crush on her, a girl crush. When one day in the ladies room she lifted her skirt up to tuck her shirt down and i saw her standing there in her panties and her little white bottom I knew something was wrong. My heart ran away from me, I couldn't speak when she turned to me, I was immediately wet all the way through my panties, I was trembling. I got scared and I intentionally stopped paying attention to Marla, going to lunch with her, I went cold on her. But I took her with me to company X.

    She was cold on that meeting, professionally cold as ice. We sat beside each other and she didn't look at anyone at company X, she only looked at me. She reached under the table to touch my hand for attention, I got scared and missed my line and she grabbed my hand and held it under the table and wouldn't let it go. I had to use my one free hand to make points. When our meeting was over and everyone including the 'old man' in the room said thank you no suggestions were made about lunch, always a bad sign when you are selling. We stood and shook hands and Marla grabbed my hand when we walked into the hall and into the elevator.

    I never got a chance to speak, she just said that now I knew how she felt, she was making sure that none of those bozos looked at me or her as meat on their platter, better they went back to their desks convinced that we were queer than make a pass at us. I told her I wasn't queer and she said she disagreed, I was as queer as they came. She could feel it and if I wasn't going to make her happy then she was just going to go find someone that cared about her. I asked her politely if she was queer, if she was a lesbian, not something a supervisor can ask and she responded that of course she was, the only reason she took the job was because of the way I had come on to her. I told her I wasn't a lesbian and she disagreed again. No boyfriend, no dates, but just a little bit of leg and I lost it and to swear to her right there that I wasn't in love with her.

    That night at her apartment she showed me what it is to be a queer lesbian. What queer girls do when they are together. Sure you watch enough TV and you think you know, but then again you never actually had a girls hand on your pussy, you never actually had a girls lips on yours, you never actually had to sit on your knees as she opened her legs and offered you her pussy, you actually hand never seen a pussy in that way. Maybe you had never really liked dick, you tried it and never liked it, maybe you just never met the right man. But making the decision to bend down and put you mouth on a girls pussy takes a lot of nerve. A hundred times more nerve than when she put her mouth on yours. Marla was all queer, she just didn't dress queer. She was pretty quick to tell me that she wanted me to walk her and she didn't want to have to reach for my hand. She wanted me to give her the look. So do what I had to do and bend down and eat her pussy.

    She never helped me get the account, I quit my job and took a job with another company. She quit her job and she took another job at a different company. We live together and she calls herself the Mrs. She is all queer, queer in ways that I am still figuring out. She is the Mrs. I am learning how to play my role. I never had a problem with asserting my views in a work environment but I have a hard time asserting my views with her but that is what she wants. She wants to be a queer stay at home mom and she wants me to support her. Her dream job is being the Mrs.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 38

    I never tell anyone this but I remember the day I realized I was a girl. I was ten and we were camping and I had to pee on the trail and my father sent my older brother with me. He found a spot and cleared it of any brush and he lowered my pants and fixed them so that I wouldn't pee on them and he stood beside me and I held his hand while I peed. He gave me some toilet paper that he had so I could wipe myself and he stood me up and helped me pull my pants back up and buckle them and then he kicked dirt over the pee on the ground.

    He then took out his penis and he peed into the bush and we walked back to the trail and continued on our hike.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I am 61 and I have had both female and male lovers at different points in my life. I have also been married for over 30 years. My wife, she was a very pretty young woman that I met through friends, turned out to be an ironing board when it came to sex. Her mother raised her in a sect where anything pleasurable was a sin, especially anything of the flesh. Her first sexual experience was on her honeymoon and it traumatized her, it was basically all me and none of her and I was not going to back off. My wife cried as soon as she was touched, getting children out of her was a five year ordeal, and she and her church friends swore up and down that is why God had given Mary the virgin birth, so that she didn't have to suffer through intercourse. But notwithstanding my Catholic upbringing didn't allow me to divorce her.

    But if I sinned with the flesh of another I went and confessed. The flesh of the young girl who lived with her grandmother. The flesh of the sales girl. The flesh of the accounting assistant. The flesh of the divorced admin assistant for marketing. The flesh of the young woman who sat beside me on the plane. The flesh of the intern from Purdue. The flesh of the housewife down the street. My wife's flesh, every so often she had to surrender her flesh and she had two holes, so shut one down get it in the other one, she couldn't shut them both down at the same time.

    And the flesh of the man I met a safety conference in Las Vegas. A clear departure from my normal adventures, a total and absolute surrender to his cock. From the first moment that I felt his naked cock against me, his naked cock touching my face, his naked cock on my lips, his naked cock in my mouth, I surrendered. I loved his cock, desired his cock, wanted his cock. But not just in my mouth, I wanted his cock in my ass. I wanted his cock and I turned my ass over to him and he fucked my ass with his cock and I never understood after that why any woman would refuse a cock in her ass, or a cock in her mouth or a cock in her c**t. Once you try cock you can't turn down cock.

    From that day on I traded between young female flesh and man flesh, but man flesh was so much better. Man in the flesh, naked cock in my hand and my mouth, naked cock in my ass. I almost completely gave up female flesh for fifteen years, only very recently returning to its pleasure in the form of a young girl who lives next door and works as a lifeguard during the summer. She is particularly pleasurable, small with small mounds for tits, with long legs and a marked mound between her legs, with small lips to suck my cock, with a firm little ass to fuck, and she enjoys the pleasure of the flesh, she enjoys cock.

    So my wife of 30 plus years go to her church on Sundays and Wednesdays and commiserates with her church women friends who like her are devoid of pleasure of the flesh. Orr daughter is almost like her mother but not completely and our son will take his pleasure from any female that gets in his way. There are so many forms of pleasure, but the pleasure of the flesh is highest among them all. And as I found out, the pleasure of a young woman's breast, of her honey pot in heat and the pleasure of a man's cock are different but equally rewarding, I cannot tell you which is best.

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