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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 52

    im horny all the time and what to chat and have phone sex with someone maybe send pic my email is plattcharles@@@@bellsouth,net tell me what your are into

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I will call this a confession of my insecurity. I am a 28 year old single woman who works as an Asst. Manager for the HR department of a mid sized company with 500 plus employees. I am responsible for compliance, with is a real pain and I really don't like that part of my job. I want to do recruiting, development and other hands on HR but I am stuck in compliance. I don't like my job right now but I like my company and I have a mentor who is working behind the scenes to rescue me from this awful job I have right now. It should be no surprise that my mentor sees me outside of work where I have to be nice to him. He is my only sexual outlet and he keeps pretty good tabs on me. Maybe that is why I am frustrated with my sexual self right now, I don't like to be controlled like that.

    But I don't leave my job and I don't leave my mentor. You know, one day he and I met for lunch and we were in separate cars and when we left the restaurant he told me to go to my car and he would see me at the office. I just could not walk away, him standing there watching me walk away. I went back and asked him to go first. Talk about insecurity, the feeling of walking away from him gave me anxiety. I guess that the reason I don't leave my job is because if I did I would have to leave him. Being in love like this sucks.

    You ask me what I want? I want to go 'home' after work, not back to an apartment. I am old enough to have a home, I have friends that are married with two kids. I hardly ever seen them at their home because it sends me into this terrible feeling of loneliness. Do you understand what it is like to turn down the bed by yourself? One day I am ready for bed, I turn down the bed and get in and he comes and gets in with me and he takes off my nightgown. Then I am alone, all alone and I can't sleep at night. I leave the light on, I spend all night wondering what he is doing. I don't call him but that is what I want to do.

    My mentor relationship is not a secret with my sister. She tells me to walk away before it kills me and find a man I can settle down with. Like that is just something you do. If I can't walk to my car by myself when he is watching me how am I supposed to just walk away from him? I would take anything, any kind of a home right now. I am not asking to have a home in some particular neighborhood although I would like to live there, I will settle for a home anywhere as long as it is with him. My sister may be right but she is wrong. I can't walk away from him, I haven't tried if that is what you want to know, I know that I can't walk away from him.

    Maybe I am love sick, whatever that is. I can see him a block away by the way he walks. I can hear him in a crowd no matter how loud it is. I know when he is the one that touches my back. I do tell him I love him if you want to know, I tell him all the time but not at work. He says he loves me too but I have to be patient and understanding. I have been patient and understanding. Let me tell you, the administrative girl who works for us announced that she is expecting her first baby. Wow, she is 26 and she gets to have a family.

    Yes I am insecure about my job and about him. Our administrative assistant has been married two years, she got married at 24 and I am going to turn 29 and I have no idea how I am going to turn 30. When I was younger being single was the thing to do, but I don't want to be single at 30, single without a home of my own.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    My "bestie" Jim, has been close since we were kids. He married then it all began to weird out because his wife, Tillie started fucking all his friends (I use the term loosely). All the guys talk about it and they are all nailing her. I'm tempted to tell him but find I just can't do it. I never nailed her, either. All I can think of doing is putting space between Jim and I for the first time. The stress bothers me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    I should title this a confession of a sugar baby,

    I was 23 and I met him because he walked into the shop I was working at looking for a Mother's Day gift for his wife. We talked and I asked him a lot of questions trying to come up with the right gift for him. He told me that he and his wife were working through some difficult times, and he just wanted something to let her know he cared, a sort of peace offering. We found this crystal bowl, I suggested that he should put two dozen roses in it and give her the roses and the bowl. I had done my job, except that when he left he patted my cheek and told me I was a good girl.

    He came back after Mother's Day to report to me, this time he told me he found me to be really pretty, he always imagined that a girl should look like me, this time he didn't pat my face, he ran his finger up and down my cheek and told me that I made him want to hold me, to fill me, to make me lose my mind. I hadn't noticed that he had his hand on my mine and he asked what it would take to get a kiss. When I caught my breath and told him that I couldn't do that, he said that if he couldn't kiss me then I should kiss him and he put his cheek towards me and I kissed his cheek.

    He took me out and back to his company's corporate apartment and had sex with me. I woke up beside a man who was exactly one year younger than my father. The corporate apartment never got used after that, not for corporate purposes, he kept it and he used it and that is where we met. I guess the definition of being a sugar baby is being half his age, and getting money and jewelry and a car and having sex with him all the time. If so I was his sugar baby and he was my sugar daddy. I got money all the time, thousands of dollars, he kept telling me to move into a nice place and get out of the shit hole I lived in. He introduced me to this woman who ran an art gallery, an upscale art gallery and he put her in charge of educating me.

    I don't know how much money she got, but she got lots of money from him too. She found a nice place for me to move to and she found nice clothes for me to wear and she kept finding all kinds of jewelry for me to wear, including putting some of hers on me. She was in charge of me and she made sure I was always dressed up. When it was my night to spend with him she softened me up and gave me deep massages so that I would be nice and relaxed for him when he came over. By then I was working with her at the gallery, all the clients were wealthy patrons and she knew them all by name. She introduced me to some of the women as his baby doll, and would tell her patrons that if only she had met me first she would have eaten me up instead now she had to take care of me so that when he came to dinner he would not go home hungry. She was an out and out lesbian and I'm sure so were some of the women patrons that came to look or by something.

    Over time I became fully part of that crowd, going to parties, some of which he attended, and some at which both he and his wife attended. I was always escorted by my guardian who made sure I was always presentable, the best bouquet at the party. If he wasn't there she kept me very close to her, she spoke of me as hers and she said I wasn't for sale or rent. I was deep into the world of wealthy women who spent their free time with other women, if they were lesbian or just went in for the sex it was hard for me to tell. They knew I was not for touching, they knew whose I really was and everyone pretended everything and I was his baby doll once or twice a week.

    I guess that somewhere between that first day I met him and the day he told me that I had gotten under his skin and he was in love with me I had fallen in love with him. According to my guardian, who knew him best, I was the first girl he had fallen for, and it was all her fault and she should have left me plain like day old bread. But she made sure that my place was set up for him, and she made sure that my place was decorated and set up. It was all her taste, I learned a lot from her, but it was her taste of what his house should look like and his coming home to girl should look like. She told me hundreds of times she wanted me, but she knew better. She had been his girl a long time ago, before she had realized that her wants and his wants were for the same type of girl.

    Being the baby doll, the sugar baby, with a governess takes some getting used to. But I am used to it now, and I am glad she is my governess, maybe if she didn't like what he likes she wouldn't be so good to me. I like her liking me like that, not that I would get on a bed with her or anything like that, but I just love being taken care of by her.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 54

    I first had my dick teased when I was a little kid. It felt good and I had to beg to get my dick teased. Around eleven I had a friend and I asked him to tease my dick, he did and I sucked his dick but after that one time he told me we couldn't be friends anymore. I masturbated a lot. We had gone on a summer trip and one night we stayed at this motel overnight. We are all bunched up in the room and I had a terrible urge to masturbate so I snuck out when everyone was sleeping and went out by the pool and found a dark corner and masturbated. The maintenance guy found me and told me that I should never do that out in the open, if the cops caught me I would be taken to jail. He took me to this room around back and sucked my dick. He let me suck his dick. Around two in the morning we went back to our room and helped me open the door and sneak back in. I slept with the feeling of his dick in my mouth for the rest of the night.

    I took band and had to lug my instrument home with me to practice. For whatever reason I was assigned the French Horn which I hated. My mother told me to go outside to practice. I can't say enough about how much I hated the French Horn and practicing. The neighbor lady told me to shut that thing down and my mother told me to practice outside, the only solution was for me to stay after school and practice in the band room and my mother would pick me up after practice. This other boy had the same problem so we practiced together. I got to know him and he was kind of weird, he played the trombone which was also loud and we kidded around. One afternoon we ended up in the bathroom together and I told him he had a weird dick, I just could not resist I sucked him in the restroom. Fortunately he liked it and I sucked him several more times. I loved sucking dick and as luck would have it I ended up practicing with the other gay guy in school. I fucked him and it felt so good to stick my dick in his ass and what's more he liked it. I guess you get used to seeing someone and you start to like the way they look and one day we kissed and made out.

    In the twelfth grade I had a chemistry class and we got paired up with a partner. He was new kid from Orlando and we had to do the experiments together and it was just a kind of a feeling I had and I told him I was going to the movies one weekend and he agreed to come along and I put my hand in his lap, we fought hands for a while but I grabbed on to his dick and he liked that and I got his dick out of his pants and jacked him off. After he got rid of his load I didn't let go, I bent over and sucked him. He was gay too and I fucked him, he was new to it but he liked it and he let me fuck him the rest of the year. He liked getting his dick sucked and he found that he liked to suck dick too and we had a great time. Actually even today sucking his dick is what I think about when I think about sucking a dick.

    But the times were not great for being gay and I kept all this under the covers so to speak and went on to become an airline pilot and it should be no surprise that there were lots of opportunities to get with a guy when I spent the night in some other city. I stayed away from the obviously gay guys on board, I got together with older business men that I met in the bar in the late evening. I went onto become captain and flew the NY to Paris route or the NY to Amsterdam route and I found many opportunities to get together with some closeted gay men like myself when I laid over. Every once in a while I took on some young guy when I just felt the need to fuck for the sake of fucking, like hurt him and make him cry sort of thing. I didn't like that part of me, but sometimes it got the better of me.

    In my later years, I was living full time in NY by then, I had my rounds, still all under cover I met a couple of guys in Europe who also traveled to NY and we got together and had a group thing going, parties with other guys and we would call up and have a couple of younger guys sent up and had a party with them. My instinct to really hurt a guy kept coming out and I always asked for a young guy, a mama's boy type of guy and fucked him hard. On the other side of the coin these were guys who liked being abused, hurting them only made them happier. One day though I hurt this one kid who didn't know what he was getting into, he was a pup, not yet sure of his feelings and getting fucked like that made me reflect. I knew I had hurt him, not playing but truly hurting him. I stopped doing that, cold turkey, it actually turned me off after that one kid. Like that guy in high school I remember him, he was a pizza clerk new to NY, probably ran away from home because he was gay, but didn't know the ropes.

    I can't say I am out of the closet, I don't hide it so much, I have a couple of gay friends that we get together, take trips to sunny beaches, take a couple of young guys with us for fun, and sometimes I get together with an guy my age and have a heart felt fuck fest. My current fwb is an ex wall street type, divorced, swore he wasn't gay, but he couldn't give up sucking a man's dick. He likes getting fucked, he had never been fucked until he and I got together, and likes to tease and be teased. He loves sucking dick, just as much as I do and we have a grand time watching stupid vintage tv shows, like Magnum PI, and sucking hard while the episode goes on.

    For the record I am still in the closet and so is he. We aren't so stupid as to not figure out that more than one person has put two and two together, but we haven't joined the wave of out and proud.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 45

    I really do hate my neighbor. Or I should say neighbors. There are two of them. The are the most obnoxious people in the world. They think everyone is addicted to their loud obnoxious music and that everyone appreciates hearing it 24/7. First they have a car with a 50000 gajillion megawat subwoofer that rattles the windows from two miles off. I have literally had dozens of my windows crack and break just from the vibrations next door. The guy is a cop so calling the cops does no good. They just ignore my complaints. Then he has a similar sound system in every room of his house and they play all of the at once each playing different "music." if you can call it music. It's kind of like when you go to a crowded beach and everyone is playing a different radio station at once only a thousand times louder. They start the music at midnight every day and play it until the next midnight. In other words it just never stops. I wear industrial strength ear plugs and over that industrial strength noise cancelling headphones. It still does not good. The intensity of the sound from their speakers is so great that it feels like I'm being continuously bombarded by rocks thrown at every inch of my body. I have a permanent migraine headache. I am nauseous and sick to my stomach from the intensity of the sound waves. All the plants on that side of my yard have died. My Black Lab died of a heart attack a few months ago and I just know it was the noise from next door that did him in. He spent most of his last few months howling in agony 24/7.

    I can't move out. I signed a lease the week before my neighbors moved in and I've been there less than a year. The lease is for three years and I don't have enough money to move and pay rent at two places at the same time.

    I am open to suggestions.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I don't really drink much. So when I was at a party recently I couldn't really hold my liquor. I got sick fairly quickly. There were about 30 people at the house and some others also weren't feeling too good either. I actually had to wait to use the bathroom to puke my guts out. When I finally got to use the bathroom and barely in time to avoid puking on the floor, a girl who was standing out side the bathroom talking to someone asked if she could join me. I figured she might be kinky which I am down for but at that moment I was just not feeling it. I really needed to puke my guts out and I could feel this was going to be a bad one. I'm talking peas and carrots and bile if you know what I mean. I tried to explain when she begged me to puke on her face and offered me a nice long blow job if I did. Now the prospect of fucking a mouth filled with my puke did not appeal to me especially but I was intrigued by the idea of puking in a willing woman's mouth. So I said "sure" but just barely and she laid down in the tub. So I bent over and vomited forth the contents of my stomach. She kept her mouth wide open though only half of it made it into her mouth. I almost puked a second time from watching her swallow it and pick bits of food off her face, hair and clothes and eat it. After that she asked if I'd like to poop in her mouth. Well to each their own I suppose. I couldn't work up a shit or her but I did piss into her mouth and let her guzzle it down rinsing down the puke she ate. But I really had to get out of there. She was making me sick. At least I left the party knowing I had made at least one girl happy. I never saw her again and that is about the grossest thing I have ever participated in.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Transsexual Female / 23

    I was sitting at my mother's vanity wearing her lingerie, pumps, earrings, make-up and nail polish. My long hair was in pigtails. I had my laptop open and was watching porn. The porn consisted of a young shemale in pigtails being gang banged by half a dozen well hung studs while two dominatrix's were laughing and ridiculing him for being a sissy faggot. I had my little cock out jerking off like crazy talking back to the porn pretending I was the shemale getting fucked in the ass by two big cocks while sucking another off. I was saying "oh yeah fuck my ass Daddy, make me choke on your big hard cock!" I was saying stuff like this over and over again. I was 13.

    I didn't notice my mom standing there watching. She didn't say a word. After I came I wiped my self clean with my mother's panties which I was wearing on my head with her shit stain in my mouth. I thought she was till out running errands for the day. I didn't expect her back for hours. I turned and she was standing there with her arms folded, a disgusted look on her face. She had been standing there half an hour. She was holding a her camera. She had filmed the entire thing. I was so embarrassed and humiliated I was on the verge of fainting. She scolded me incessantly for the next half hour while making me sand at attention. Then she informed me that she had always wanted a daughter so I was going to be it. She told me my name was no longer Alex but was now Alexis.

    She made me go to my room and gather up all my boy clothes and take them outside, while i was still wearing her shear pink lingerie and high heals. She made me put it all in a barrel and poor lighter fluid on it and burn it all. She and i were about the same size. She got out some clothes from her closet and made me put them on. She redid my make-up. I was really pretty when she got done. She told me that the reason she let me grow my hair out really long was she was hoping she could turn me into her daughter. She could not imagine i would be so open to the idea. I wasn't. to me dressing up was a sexual fantasy. I was bisexual. I knew this much. But I really didn't consider myself to be a girl and still don't. I just like the feeling of being girly and confess I did fantasize about being caught I just never thought it would really happen. Be careful what you wish for.

    She took me clothes shopping, got my other ear pierced, took me to get my hair color changed to blonde. she bought me my own make-up, took me to get my nails done. The whole time I sported a hard on. She patted my lap and told me that problem would go away when she had me put on estrogen.

    She told me that I was going to tell our doctor that I was really a girl and wanted to be put on puberty blockers and made into a girl. If I didn't she would show the video of me masturbating to every kid and teacher in my school. I believed her. So I went along with it. The whole thing was deliciously humiliating. I guess I'm a pretty good actress because I convinced the doctor. I had to have a couple of follow up visits but after a few months he put me on puberty blockers. Meanwhile the doctor gave my mother a note saying that I'm now a girl and so they had me use the rest room in the nurse's office but then after a while the school district ruled that I was to use the girl's rest room and take gym class with the girls. A couple of parents sued the school and so then they made me take gym class with the boys. So I didn't own any pants or leggings but rather only had dresses and skirts and mostly dresses so I had to go to school wearing a dress, training bra, panties, garter belt and stockings and pumps. I wore a girl's gym uniform including the pink Nike's mom got me. My long hair was always in pigtails, mom's orders and she spritzed me with perfume that made me smell like a freshly bathed 5 year old girl. I had to change out of my regular clothes and into my girls' gym uniform in front of about 50 other guys and then participate in gym class until I got an official birth certificate change and that took two years. By then I was a sophomore in high school. Those two years were both brutal and deliciously humiliating. By then I was already on estrogen and had b-cup tits and my little clit had shrunk down to the size it was when I was around 3 years old. I haven't had a hard on since.

    At first I was petrified about my future. I was too scared to go to school but had to anyways. You know how vicious kids can be. They were especially vicious. One boy demanded I suck his cock. Turns out I rather enjoy having a cock forced down my throat. I thirstily drank his cum disappointed there wasn't more. I was really turned on when I was caught by two other boys who then wanted their turn at fucking my throat. But I was also bullied a lot. When I was verbally bullied that made me horny. But when they shoved me around and one time beaten up that was horrible.

    One problem is that the kids figured out that I loved being verbally bullied. The humiliation was such a turn on.

    When I was a sophomore I was taking gym with the girls and using the girls bathroom. Some of the girls were mean when I took a shower and they pointed out my overgrown clit. But I think that was mostly because I had nice tits. By my senior year they were D-cup. My mom had E-cup so I hoped I would get tits that big but it never happened. Still D-cup isn't bad for a kid who started out a scrawny boy.

    I still don't consider myself female. I'm a sissy faggot shemale. There is a huge difference.

    I have the best Mom in the world.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I'm a senior in high school. When I was 13 in the 8th grade my art teacher had sex with me, a lot. She got caught. I wasn't the one to rat her out. She is very beautiful and I wanted her ever since I was in the sixth grade. I flirted with her the first day of school when I was in 8th grade and she flirted back. Two weeks later we were in bed together. She taught me tons of stuff. I'm one of those dorky nerds that girls my age find repulsive. But my beautiful teacher wanted to fuck me. She took my virginity and gave me my first blow job, taught me how to eat her out and how to kiss.

    It all ended when her nosy neighbor saw me coming out of her front door, get onto my bicycle and left. She thought something strange was going on so she called children's services. They interviewed me and asked if we ever did anything together. I played it cool and said "EWWW!" But they interrogated her for hours and she finally broke down and confessed. The cops tried to get me to tell them she'd fuck me even threatening me with jail time but I kept my mouth shut. She went to prison. She was ordered by the judge to have no contact with me. She is up for parole next February. I'm going to go to her parole hearing now that I'm 18 and I will do everything I can to get her out.

    My wish is that she never got caught and that we remained lovers and that we got married and had kids. I wish I'd met her years before and that she took my virginity when I was a little kid. I first felt interested in girls when I was 7. That would have been a good age for her to take my virginity.

    I hope I can convince the parole board to release her. I hope she still wants me. I've saved up and have a ring for her. I hope she says yes when I propose.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 45

    My name is Jack Morley and I have a 3 inch erection. This morning I exposed myself to three teenage girls as they walked to school. They laughed and took pictures. I have done this hundreds of times. Am I bad?

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