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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 30

    Ever with you were a man? I do. I know that is never going to happen, it is like wishing you were born in the year 1200 A.D. I am not mistreated, I have a college education, I have traveled to many parts of the world, I was never m****ted. That's all.

    In part it is the body parts, in parts it is the social part, in part it is having to put up with being touched and kissed all the time. Once many years ago I touched a man's penis. Just touched it. Never again. Even though I would like to be a man I don't think I would like the penis part. I was on a train one day and a woman sat beside me, she rubbed against me the entire way. Wasn't the seat big enough for two? Why would she rub against me? I didn't stop her, it didn't bother me to have her lean against me even if I didn't know her.

    But to get back to the man thing. It is like wishing to be on the moon, how cool is that? To be able to walk up to an elevator and stare at the people and they make room for you. To be able to sit down and get served at dinner. To be able to just wave your finger and end the conversation.

    I am Japanese by the way, born and raised in California, I don't like the way Japanese men treat me and I don't like how Japanese men look. My idea of what a man should look like is more like Joe the Plumber, big and beefy and with strong hands and arms and how he smiles. I like to see men with large bodies, not big and tall, but large bodies with lots of body hair, the gorilla look. If I was a man that is the type I am talking about.

    I have been touched by another girl and that was in college. I went to school in Utah by the way because my family is Mormon. She got in my bed and she touched me, I was trembling but her hands were so soft and gentle and she was so tender touching me. She put my hand on her and helped my hand touch her. I was the first Asian girl that she touched. She got together with a girl from the Mid-West and lives in Cincinnati now.

    I am living in Washington D.C. and I work for a research company, fact checking and research on what politicians do. We sell our services and reports to lobby's, to politicians, to news media. I met a girl here, she is from Puerto Rico, born and raised and she is living here working for a lobbyist as a gopher girl. She is 26 and she and I live in the same Condo, we both rent our tiny little efficiencies. She is small like me, I keep fantasizing about being a man when I am with her. What would Joe the Plumber do? Would he hold her hand, would he just lean over and kiss her, would he get an erection? Would Joe the Plumber just say 'hey you, get over here and bring me a beer"?

    I feel like I have an erection when I am with her. She smiles at me, would she smile at Joe the Plumber like that? Right now I want to be a man and just tell her that she is going be with me or whatever men do. I want her to obey me, to say yes ma'am, to stand straight when she sees me, to give me respect. Right now I would like to be a man. I want to be Joe the Plumber.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 44

    Back in high school, I was one of those guys who was horny as hell but couldn't get laid no matter what I did. Apparently I'm a good looking guy and at the time, I didn't think I had anything special between my legs but I discovered that it was much larger then most guys. I was so frustrated that I decided to sneak into the girls changeroon and see what I was missing. I was good at it and didn't get caught but I stared feeling guilty for seeing so many naked girls. I decided the only way to pay them back was to let them see me the same, naked. The only way I found was to drop a few pictures in the change room to be found, and see what happened. I heard every comment they made, they ALL seemed to want my dick. The pics got passed around a lot. I started putting them where the girls I had crushes on would find them and places like that. Then it turned into me flashing girls on the street or wherever. By thus time I was getting laid regularly and it turned into just none stop sex and flashing. I still do it a bit but different ways. I've been seen naked by thousands and thousands of girls. Not too many people ever found out it was me all along but the few girls I told have had fun shoeing me around. My favorite thing ever is when someone gives me a phone number I don't recognize and says to send pics to them. Or when a female friend makes me undress in front of her for no reason really. I don't know if I can give a Gmail address here or not but kehneth is the prefix. I'll send pics.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    Overactive Imagination is what my mother called it. I talked about having a husband when I was still under the age of ten. I wasn't so sure as to what exactly it was that my father did to my mother at that time, but I knew that he would hold her down and get on top of her and get between her legs. Sometimes she would escape but he would catch her and fight her until he had her and when he got off she would yell at him and call him bastard. She would make me sit with her when she was preparing supper and do my homework. My mother would tell me that it was best that I never got a husband.

    I was a few years older when I understood what my father was doing with my mother. My mother never stopped me from watching. She wanted me to watch. When I watched she talked to him but she was really talking to me, she also didn't fight. She told me that she wasn't really his wife, he just took it upon himself. My father had taken my mother to live with him when she was pregnant. My mother liked sex, she just didn't want him to think she was for free. In her words she liked that stuff.

    In our neighborhood was an older boy. He and I would sit and talk on the side of the street when we were like four and ten, but now that he was much older and I was going through the puberty phase my mother kept me indoors. Sure, she knew that one day he was going get me but she wanted that to wait as long as she could. It happened when I was fifteen. She found me still on my bed, she checked me and put the covers over me and left me there until it was time to eat dinner. The baby came late in the summer. The second baby came the following spring, ten months and a few days later. First a girl and then a boy.

    I stayed with my mother and by the time I got to finish school he was living with another girl. See, she would tell me, that is why you keep your business to yourself. But she never kept her business to herself, she let my father have her business. After my kids got into school I went to work, I had to ride the bus and my mother would take my kids to school and pick them up. I was twenty three and this man at work offered to teach me how to drive. He got between my legs first but he did teach me how to drive. My mother told me take an aspirin when I went out with him, just hold the aspirin with your knees. But she never had any aspirin in the house.

    My daughter was around ten when my mother told me that she was sorry she had never been able to have any more kids, that her insides were messed up and that I was lucky that I got my two, a boy and a girl and I got it out of the way early. And that man, the one that taught me to drive, he was a good man but she always knew that he was only interested in one thing, he was not ever going to marry a girl like me. She was right about that. He married a girl from his home town.

    For not being married to my father my mother never left him, she never worked after I was born, she kept my kids, she was a regular housewife and my father liked it that way. He didn't like me working. One day he brought home a guy that worked for him to have dinner at our house. He wasn't much to look at. After dinner he told me to be nice to him, I would do well with a man like him. He moved in to our house and he took me as a wife. He earned well and after a couple of years he had a place of his own and we moved there with the kids. Once we were in a place of our own I let him win and have his own kids. My husband has always been a good man to me and my kids, even if my kids were not all his.

    My kids, they grew up different. My husband had finished high school and he rose and had a good job and my kids went to school and they are all out there doing the right thing. He took care of my father's job too, my father was never laid off. In the end it turned out that I had a good husband, but only because my father picked him for me. My mother and I had lots and lots of talks about keeping a man happy, and when my daughter got old enough she had to sit and listen. My son too, keep your business where it belongs my mother told him. Zip up and shut up. And to my daughter she talked to her about the birds and the bees and that boys wanted what she had between her legs, not to believe anything else, she didn't want to have kids early like me, get an education, find a husband and then get married. And she did. Like I said they grew up different.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 37

    Personally I don't think women really get it when a man has an erection. We don't care what you are saying, how you are saying, what you think you are saying, we want to fuck you and that is all there is to it. To paraphrase Tarzan You pussy, Me dick. Enough said.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 28

    My mother has cancer and she is going through chemo. My father is a doctor and she is a nurse and my father is married to another woman and my mother has been his lady friend since forever, because I am 28. Last night my mother, me, my father and his wife went to dinner to talk about my mother's treatment and what can be expected. My father gets very clinical when he speaks about these things, I get sick at the stomach just listening and my father's wife cries. My mother's cancer is pretty bad. Either I quit my job and move back to take care of my mother or my mother has to move in with my father and his wife. No one wants me to quit my job, we were there because my mother will probably not be well enough to return to work for a long time, if ever.

    Over the years I have at times hated my father, hated my mother, hated his wife, hated that I was a lost child. Last night I loved my father, loved my mother and loved my father's wife. I felt like a dumbass because I had nothing to contribute, my opinion doesn't matter. My father's wife is going to take care of my mother and I will continue with my job. It is obvious to me that my mother trusts her and doesn't trust me. My father is cautiously optimistic with her treatment but he told me that this is going to be a hard try. He also told me that being irresponsible is over, he is tired of bailing me out.

    I feel lost, last night I was the child and they are the grownups. I know that the best person to take care of my mother is my father's wife, she is also a nurse and she knows how, plus she doesn't smoke pot. And my mother trust her and doesn't trust me.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 38

    For a variety of reasons my mother and her older sister never got along. We lived in our small city in Mississippi, my father is a boat captain and my mother is a real estate agent, we are family of three kids, go to school, band, cheerleading. My aunt lives far away in D.C. intentionally single.

    I don't even remember why I asked my mother why I she didn't get along with her sister and I got the same answer as always, "I don't know, she's different". When summer came I asked my mother if I could go visit her sister, I really wanted to bring them together, I was sixteen and wanted to fix the world and after a whole of lot himming and hawing she called her sister and to everyone's surprise my aunt was all for it. I packed my bag, and I went on my first solo airplane ride to D.C. My aunt met me at the airport and we went to her house.

    My aunt was in her early forties, she worked for a large law firm as a secretary or I guess paralegal, she was really good looking (so is my Mother) but she was dressed professionally, that is to say she was not feminine in any way. Her hair was short, she did not have her finger nails painted, she didn't wear jewelry and she walked like a man. I noticed. At her home she showed me to my room, she asked what I wanted to do, she took some days off from work to take me around. She got tickets to the White House through her boss, we went to the Museums, we went to the "Hill". Then on Friday night we went out to eat and she said a friend was going to join us.

    Her friend Janet was a woman in her thirties, also naturally attractive, with bosoms, tits, breasts, knockers, her neck was long, her legs were toned, her hands were smooth and lips were just so just right, I noticed. She wore these pleated pants that just seemed to disappear between her legs and I just could not stop looking. And her breasts, so full, so gorgeous and she wore a top that left me breathless, and she hugged me to say hello and she sat beside me and asked a thousand questions, she put her hand on my leg, she told me she thought I was pretty and she nice to me all around. I sat beside her so wet, it was obvious and I kept crossing my legs, I went to the ladies room to clean up, my panties were so wet that I took a pad from the dispenser. When the dinner was over my aunt asked me if I wanted to go down to Virginia and if I didn't mined Janet was free and she could join us.

    Janet's goodbye that evening was a long hug and a pleasure to meet you and she gave me small kiss on the cheek and told me again that she thought I was pretty. We went to Virginia, to a farm that was owned by one of their friends. The woman was in her sixties and she had inherited the farm and she had prepared a real nice lunch for us. Janet was dressed in this sweater, a bit odd for the time of year, but she wasn't wearing a bra and when she hugged me it was obvious, she touched my face. We were walking around the garden of the house and my aunt came up to me and asked me what I was thinking. "Oh, nothing", but she asked me why I got flushed around Janet, I was acting like my baby crush was getting to me and maybe what I needed was a girlfriend of my own because Janet was her girlfriend, they were very close if I got the meaning and she said it straight out, "those tits are mine".

    All through lunch the conversation was about the hidden pleasures of being friends with women. The hostess like I said was woman in her sixties but she asked me if I was experienced and what did I think of Venus' nectar, because in all of God's creations He had not created anything so sweet. We went into the living room, which was a large room with a view of the gardens and she asked me question after question about my feelings, and several times she asked if I had a special friend, a young woman to share myself with. She went on and told us about how when she was sixteen she got her first kiss, from a girl in high school and she fell in love. She asked me about my first kiss. There was a picture book of her when she was young and her special friend, she told of the times when they had to hide because her parents were against that relationship, but God didn't make her for man , He made her for something else, just like He had made me, she was sure of that.

    The conversation ended with "you need a girlfriend sweetie, a girlfriend that can take you by the tail and shake you, a girlfriend that can kiss you, a girlfriend that can soak you with Venus' nectar". On my first trip to D.C. I met this girl, she was the daughter of one their friends, a girl in her twenties going to Georgetown, she wasn't shy but she wasn't sure about what she was supposed to do, the ladies left us alone and we went out to have a hamburger, we walked around and I guess she just felt she had to hold my hand. Yes she kissed me but when we were back at my Aunt's house and there were other couples there, she asked if I was trying things out because she wasn't interested in playing that game, if I was interested then kiss her back and not stand there. She had been told to take me to a bedroom and she did, I found out what the Nectar of the Gods was, I found out that kissing her was addicting, I found out that she was in between being hard and soft, and she didn't know what she wanted but she was sure I was soft. We got totally naked, she kissed my thighs which I thought was weird, she kissed me and drank of my Nectar, she gave me her Nectar to try, she likes tits and so do I, she was nothing like Janet, but she did have tits and so do I.

    I fell in love and she thought me a pest but never turned me down. I went to D.C. to see my aunt and she took me out and we spent all our time together. When she finished college she just happened to come south and we went out and got in her motel room and she asked for a yes or no, once and for all. It was yes and I got into college at Williams and Mary where she had gone to study law. We were much younger than my aunt, but the whole community had women of all ages it just so happened that I was pretty young. My girlfriend says I'm soft but she will take it, really she is more soft than hard but she pretends to be hard with me and I let her. It's like Janet and my aunt, Janet is definitely soft like me and my aunt plays her part but she is a softie at heart.

    That's my story, my aunt has Janet, my aunt and her friends picked well my girlfriend and I have been together since that first kiss when I was sixteen, twenty plus years ago.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Every week I travel over to my wife's place of work and fuck her senior boss. She's obviously not there at the time, as she'll have left for home. There was going to be redundancies in her department and I knew she was one of those being chosen for redundancy. Her boss contacted ME, and said he could do something, IF.

    We were in a little financial trouble at the time and I knew if I didn't agree, we'd be sunk. Arriving at his office an hour after she'd gone home that day, I let him lower my trousers and boxers and watched as he sucked on my cock, like no one had ever done before. He literally devoured my cock for over ten minutes until I could take no more.

    Blowing my load in his mouth as I held his head, he eventually stood up, showed me it and then swallowed the lot. The following day I arrived at the same time and had just missed my wife. He told me from then on, from then, it was meant to be a final suck and fuck, he'd text me when it ok for me to drive the five minutes to their place of work.

    After he sucked on my cock that afternoon, I slid my cock into my first ever males asshole. It was bit freaky at first, but when I got going, fucking him as hard as I'd ever fucked anyone, I really got into it and fucked him until I busted my nut up his ass. He'd cum himself by then, spewing his cum all over his desk top.

    It's been almost a year since I first fucked him. And I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. It might have been a way to stop our then financial problems, but now I fuck him for pure sexual pleasure. Plus our bank account is looking extremely healthy with the bonuses he gives me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I've never considered or thought about being gay before. However, when I was younger I had sex with my older cousin. Long story short we had sex on both sides, I did him he did me.

    However, in the time when we did it I grew to want his dick. To the point where if I could I'd start sucking his dick. We were young at the time, and he showed me what sex was.

    Although now I've started thinking about dick more and more. Starting with mtf trans (or more commonly known as shemales), and it's always been because the dick.

    I've always wanted to just suck on a dick. Recently I've also been fantasizing about being bent over and fucked by a trans.

    Now I've begun to fantasize about a normal guy fucking me and sucking him off. The same for femboys as well.

    Although I think about regular guys and femboys, I'd take a mtf trans (shemale) first. And if I didn't I'd go with a femboy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    About ten years ago my wife (Lisa) an I were moving from Phoenix to Baltimore. The moving company took most of our belongings, but we decided to drive our cars ourselves. For the drive, my wife had her friend Jane ride with her. Full this point in our marriage we had an understanding that my wife was free to have sexual experiences outside of our marriage. In fact, she had several such experiences with Jane and (sometimes) her husband.

    On the first day we made it just east of Amarillo and got two hotel rooms next to a Dairy Queen. While I decided to go to sleep, Lisa and Jane walked over to Dairy Queen to grab a bite to eat. I fell asleep immediately and did not wake up until Lisa came into our room around 7am the next morning. She apologized and said something came up.

    As we were leaving the next morning, Jane surprisingly jumped in the car for me for the first part of the trip that day. During the drive, Jane told me what happened. They met a college kid working at Dairy Queen and invited him back to Jane's hotel room for a drink. The two girls started making out in from of the guy, eventually taking their clothes off so that my wife could go down on Jane. After a few minutes, my wife felt a tongue in her pussy and the threesome was on. Jane came quickly and then begged to be fucked. Unfortunately the guy only lasted a couple of minutes. Lisa was happy to clean up both of them with her mouth and he quickly got hard again. This time Lisa laid the guy on his back and mounted his young cock. Meanwhile, Jane mounted his face, forcing him to lick her pussy. This time the guy lasted few minutes, but eventually shot his load into my wife. At that point, they all collapsed and eventually fell asleep. When the ladies woke up the nest morning, he was gone.

    I was not shocked by the story, but I was confused why Jane was telling me. Of course, I was hard as a rock and could not do anything about it with Jane in the car. For the next hour and a half, Jane would mentioned how big the guys cock was and how much he came. She would also mention how hot it was to see Lisa ride his cock. Then the conversation turned to me.

    For the first time ever, I heard the word "cuckold." Jane explained that I was a "sissy" cuckold who stayed at home while my wife was free to fuck whomever and whenever she wanted. I did not argue, because she was right. Jane then proceeded to tell me that they were taking things to the "next level" the following night. At the next stop, Jane switched vehicles and I was alone trying to figure what she meant. About 8 hours later we pulled into our hotel in Nashville. To surprise, Lisa had only booked one room foe the three of us. Of course, I thought this would be my change for a threesome - and I was right, kind of.

    After dinner, where we all had too much to drink, we went back to the hotel room. I was told to take a quick shower. During the shower, Jane came in and surprised me with a small enema bag and proceeded to tell me how to use it. Confused, I asked why, but she then raised her voice and commanded me to do it. Luckily there were instructions, so I cleaned out my ass.

    When I was done, I walked into the room to find Jane fucking my wife with a large strapon. I had seen videos of two women doing this, but never imagined I would see it in person, let along one of them being my wife. And Jane was hot...I has always had a secret crush on her and now I was seeing her naked fucking my wife. After my wife came, Jane said it was my turn. As it turns out, she meant something different and now I understood. That night they would take the sissy cuckold to a whole other level.

    Jane had me bend over the side of the bed and proceeded to lube up my ass. Initially, she penetrated me with her fingers, but eventually she entered me with a smaller strapon that she used on my wife. Initially, I felt only pain. After a couple of minutes, there was some pleasure. The longer it went, the better it felt. My wife started laughing I pointed out that Jane was no longer moving and I was now actually pushing myself back into the strapon. At that point I was on the verge of cumming and my wife placed a plastic near my cock to catch the cum and feed it to me.

    That was not the last time Jane fucked my ass. She visits us a couple of times a year and always brings a strapon. The one time she forgot, she made me go to the store with her to purchase a new one. I am a sissy cuckold.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 54

    My Future Wife

    I was just starting my senior year in high school when I met her . Her older brother , newly married , moved in next door to me . We became instant friends , always working on many projects : auto repair , some small home improvements , etc. . One weekend , while helping him build a deck on his backyard , he surprised me with : " My younger sister , about your age , is coming next would you like to do a dinner-n-movie date with us ? " . He worked graveyard and his newly married wife always flirted with me , when-ever she got the chance . I was started to think that she might get too frisky if we ever got a chance to see how far she was really wanting to go...when the flirting stopped and the fucking began . I felt that his wife was wanting some good ol-fashion fucking , whenever he got home ( like most of us do , at first...until we started having kids ). But , he just wanted and needed some real rest , in order for him to keep a job...and he didn't want her to join the workforce yet . He was a apprentice electrician and he loved his trade .

    To get back to the dinner-n-date with the 4 of us , I said " sure " . And his wife started flirting more then ever , many times right in front of her husband ( her 6ft-4inch tall , 225 lbs , hard-working man ...**mpared to me at 6ft. tall , 180lbs , league-leading running back ) . I suddenly felt thet there was going to be some competition for my affections and " special " attention , when his sister showed up . And I was right .

    She was a full-figured , well endowed ( what I like most about women ) , just graduated a year before , ambitious to get a job and move out on her own . Her brother told her that she could stay with them until she got her first job and a place of her own . The instant I saw her , I knew that she was going to be my wife , the mother of my 3 children , the best lover EVER . We did the dinner-n-movie ( the first of Billie Jack ) , at dinner I sat between the 2 women , the horny wife constantly flirting and my future wife sitting close to me and giving evil glares at her sister in-law . What happened after we got back from the late show , convinced me that I finally found the one I wanted to marry . I dated every available teen-aged girl on the block , scored with some , wanted to score with a few more ... until she came along and moved in next door . It was on a saturday nite when she decided to not waste anymore time about getting to " first base " and see what happens later ( like the other girls played ) . After her brother and his horny wife ( and I could see that look on her face , like : " oh yeah , baby...I'm getting some tonite...and you're NOT " ) went to bed , my date excused herself and told me to get comfy and asked me if I wanted anything to drink ( as she really expressed " ANYTHING " to drink ). When she came back to join me on the couch in the back TV room ( just another room seperated by a good sound-proof wall that was the built-in garage , now a family-room ) , she came wearing nothing but a full-length robe . And I do mean NOTHING underneath the robe . We started kissing and both of us groping each other . When I finally got my hand inside her robe and discovered that she was nude , the fucking was coming tonite .

    It wasn't long that we were fucking long and hard on the family-room floor , with her brother and his wife in their bedroom , just down the hall . Every once in awhile , I tried to strain my hearing to see if the newly married couple was getting " some " . Couldn't hear a thing from them , but my future wife didn't care if anyone heard us . She didn't hold anything back that nite : " you want to fuck my boobs ? ( her perfect 40dd's ) " she would ask..." hope you like doing anal ? " ( OMG , where has this woman been hiding all my life ? ). The sun was rising before I managed to sneak out and get home , next door . And our dating just kept getting better ( if that was ever possible ) and more fucking everyday , and anywhere .

    The constant flirting and always horny " future " sister inlaw never got to " first base " with me , especially when one drunk nite she caught me jugg-fucking my future wife and sucking those huge boobs and just enjoying handeling them when-ever possible . You see , little miss horny , she just didn't " measure-up " to my future wife...not even close....but , she did have a nice fuckable ass...too did my wife .

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