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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 33

    I never felt I needed to have a boyfriend. I had friends but never a romantic friend. At 28 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and her dying wish was to see me safely married, never mind that I had a Master's degree and was earning over six figures. The lucky guy was 32, a bohemian musician with a day job making far less than me. Only him, she chose him.

    I wasn't against him, I just wasn't for him. Getting married was not what I was thinking of, but now my mother wanted me to grow up. We got married at my mother's house because she was too ill to leave the house. I told my new husband that I wanted to be expecting before my mother died. We just made it. Then I was alone, my mother was gone, I inherited the house, her car and some money and her personal jewelry. I thought of what I was going to do, I married him because my mother told me too, I started a family to please her. I got my Master's to please her. Now what?

    I quit my job and my bohemian husband had to get another job. Whatever happened my days of working had come to an end and I told my husband that I wanted to have the family my mother longed for. He shrugged his shoulders with another 'whatever' and we settled into a new lifestyle for both of us in my mother's home, all I had was my husband and my future family.

    Today my family consists of my husband, my two daughters and a son on the way. We added a bathroom to the house, traded in my mother's car for an SUV, my husband's bohemian days are in the past and my mother's ashes are on my dresser. She asked that we take her ashes to the mountains when a grandbaby boy was born. Our baby boy will be here any day and we will go to the mountains and put my mother to rest.

    Thank you for listening to my story, I want my mother to hear that her daughter is fine and grown up now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    There is some question I would like to ask the real women who are this site. 5 question

    about your sex life or the way women think. 1 do you make the first move on a date and

    do you some show some breast by wearing a low cut top? 2. Do you want to make the first

    move on you. are you the kind of women who fuck on the first date or do you give blow

    jobs to keep him around when you need a fuck toy. 3 are you a fast climate or need

    a sexual build to get wet. 4 do you want the guy to suck and eat you out for a while.

    last question. what do you need and wish the guy you are dateing was a lover of eating

    your wet pussy. who dare to answer the question, ladies only.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My Dad is 44 and good looking. I'm 18 and what my Dad calls a "pretty twink."

    Two years ago when I was 16 I came out to my parents as bi. Six months later my Dad came out to Mom and me as bi. He said he was inspired.

    A week after that Mom caught us sucking each other's cock. I thought she would be furious. She wasn't It made her horny. Now we have a three way every night.

    My sister said she wants in on the action but she's only 12 so Mom and Dad told her she has to wait until she turns 16. We didn't tell Mom and Dad that she and I have been fucking for three years.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    I hope I don't get to wordy. I am Cuban American from both mother and father. I had lots of pressure to marry a Cuban boy. I married a white boy I met in college. He is successful in his own right, his family is multigenerational college educated. I am the first non white, non Anglo spouse.

    My in laws look down on me. My parents don't accept him. My kids are 'mixed', but you will always think of them as Anglo white, and their name is Anglo not Hispanic. My husband is several times better off than anyone in my family, I don't need to work, I am a soccer Mom and my kids are enrolled in a top level private school. My brothers married local non college educated wives and their wives work, one for her family's restaurant and my other sister in law works as a secretary for a realtor. Their kids go to public school.

    All my life I heard of improving our race, you can only do that by marrying white. That is what I did. That is everyone's dream. My kids will not have to live like we did. I got a scholarship and I have a college degree, a step up in marriage, my kids are starting from a higher place, they are white and their mother is not a maid and their father is not a restaurant manager. So how did I do bad? My in-laws may have preferred a nice white girl but he didn't do bad, I have a college degree, I am a good mother and I am a good wife. I did not marry him for his money. No one would marry a boy for his money to be treated like I am treated by my mother in law.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Lesbian Female / 19

    My neighbor's bedroom is fifty feet across the ally from my bedroom and he's been trying to spy on me since I was 9 years old. He has a telescope in his window and it's always pointed at my room. I hate dark rooms so I keep the curtains open. I just close the when it get's dark. Occasionally I forget. He is Always there trying to look through the curtains. My girlfriend can't have girls over her place so it's my place or no place. She thinks it's no big deal but I can't stand perverts, especially men looking at me while I'm with my girlfriend. I wan't to actually look at my girlfriend when we are kissing or eating each other out. I shouldn't have to close the curtains and keep the lights off.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I was at an adult bookstore last night jerking off while sucking on a nice cock and watching some hot gay porn when I got sick from the dinner I had eaten an hour before. So I reluctantly spit out that beautiful cock and excused myself to go vomit. I just barely reached the men's room when I hurled $30 worth of veal parm and all the fixings into the toilet or mostly into the toilet. I missed some and got a bunch all over the toilet seat. I turned around to get some paper towels to clean up when another guy comes in and goes right over to where I just puked and what does he do? He gets down on his knees and licks it all up and swallows the whole stinking mess. I had to run out of there just to keep from puking up some more. And thought I was a pervert!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 46

    A few months ago I found a personal ad on the internet. It had one word: "Daddy?" It also had a photo of a boy who looked like Justin Beiber did when he first got famous only the boy had much longer hair and was just a tiny bit prettier. I thought I was probably too old for him but I answered the ad with a photo of myself nude. He responded by sending a nude of himself holding a pink Teddy bear. He opened the letter with "DADDY!" He described himself though I saw all I needed to. We hooked up the next weekend and he looked even better in person. He is the cutest most adorable little fem twink you ever saw. He's 18 and will be graduating from high school this spring. He wants me to take him to the prom. It's the only extravagance he has asked for. I'm old enough to be his father and then some and he looks like he is too young for high school let alone a date with a man older than his mother's father. When I took his virginity and fucked him in the ass for the first time it felt illegal he was that tight. He didn't complain. He just giggled and told me how turned on he was from the burning sensation in his ass. He just put his tongue back in my mouth and fucked my cock with his asshole blood and all.

    I just don't know what his parent are going to say when he comes out to them AND tells them he has a 56 year old boyfriend that he has nicknamed "Daddy."

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I have a serious hair fetish. I just can't stop touching women's hair. My favorite is long thick silky straight blond.

    A girl I work with who is 16 and has a part time job in my restaurant has that kind of hair. It's as thick as any hair I've seen and is silkier than silk. It's also so long it's below her knees. It's the kind of hair you see in shampoo commercials but don't believe is real because it looks that good. So the other day at work she asks me if I would brush her hair for her. I didn't bother asking why. I just took the brush and spent the next half hour brushing her hair. For the last three days including today she has done the same thing only this morning she invited me over tomorrow for shampoo day. I don't think my cock's been soft since Monday.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I never told my parents that I am bisexual and love sex with guys as much as I do with girls. I also never told them that I love to dress up and go out on dates with boys dressed up as a girl. My best friend Jake and I have been secretly friends with benefits since we were 12. We both like girls but when either of us has a dry spell we take care of the other. So a few weeks ago we went out on a date together. As soon as my parents left for the evening I got myself done up, make-up, hair, nails, cute dress and pumps and off we went. We fooled around a bit all night but we were both horny. My parents weren't due home until about 2 in the morning so when we got back to my place we just went at it. He sat on the couch and I knelt down and opened up his pants and sucked him for all I was worth. He has a way nicer cock than I do and I have adores sucking on it since 6th grade.

    That was 9 O'clock. I had only just begun sucking and I was bobbing up and down doing my best to suck the sperm out of his balls and we were both so into what we were doing that we didn't hear my parents walk into the living room. They just stood there and watched for fifteen whole minutes when I heard my Mom's voice say "Oh, it's you! I though Jake had a girl over and was using our living room as a crash pad."

    It seems my parents didn't realize it was me until I took Jake's cock out of my mouth and asked him if he would please fuck my ass and they recognized my voice.

    I was so embarrassed but they were cool about it. They simply suggested we take it to my room or what they actually said was "get a room!"

    So the next morning was awkward around the breakfast table with my parents, Jake and me all together. Mom told me I had looked pretty in drag and insisted on taking me shopping for more girl stuff. Dad was completely unphased. They didn't even say anything when Jake took way too long kissing me goodbye when he had to go to work. The only thing was that Mom just couldn't stop giggling the whole time we were shopping. She said I was way too sloppy doing my own nails so she took me to have my nails done. I protested because I didn't want to go to class with pink and red nails. It turns out nobody cared.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 34

    Just a rant because I am pissed off.

    My husband of eleven years turns out to like other guys. Turns out that has been going on since before we got married. Of course I am divorcing him, can't live with that. I just cannot understand how a man can like another man. From what I hear he finds men to be the man with him.

    Oh and I went to my doctor to have a full spectrum STD check up and he just as mater of fact as you can get told me that it is not an unheard of situation, lamentable perhaps but not unheard of.

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