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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm so glad I found this site because I need to get this off my chest even though no one will ever know it is me (I hope!!!!)

    THere's this guy at work who I've been flirting with off and on for a year, ever since he started working here. We work in an office. I'm a secretary and he's a salesman. I'm married but he's not. I never thought anything about flirting, since it all seemed pretty innocent.

    Anyway, I guess he thought it was more than just flirting because the other day he called me into his office to grab some files. He lead me behind his door, which he left open, and once we were out of sight, he grabbed me and gave me the best kiss I think I've ever had. I tried to pull away, but really I didn't want to. He gently squeezed my breast, too, which sent shivers up my body.

    After a few seconds, I did break away, and quickly hurried out of his office, but not before I looked back at him and gave him a little smile.

    I have NO IDEA where I want this to go, but I'm sure he would like to take it further. I have no reason to cheat on my husband other than the pure great feeling that the attention would give me. I should probably tell him there's no way, but I'm still torn. Anyway, that's it for now. If anything does happen I'm sure I'll feel guilty as hell and have to come right on back here!

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    Wow-you sound just like me except my "other" is the husband of one of my really great friends. It all started out with innocent flirting-there was a sexual attraction before-but it is turning into something deeper. We are both married and both torn by all of this. We both know its wrong and that no one will win if we take our relationship to the next level but when we are together it is so hard to hide our feelings. It might not help much but I understand where you are coming from.
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    wow!!!!!!!!thats a lot to happen in one day~~lol~~i think u sshould tell her husband the truth u know and deal with

    your mistakes kk bye
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    Ok so i'm back. I'm the one who wants my really good friends husband and I'm in a great marriage already. Well we have taken it to the next level. The whole thing is so confusing because neither one of us has any intention of leaving our spouses but there is this connection between us. We tried staying apart but as couples we go out on the weekends and spend time together. Our families camp together, his son babysits my kids. He is 9 years older than me so his children are teenagers while mine are still under 10. I can't tell my husband no I don't want to go out with this couple or he will ask why not since we have been great friends for so long. Besides I don't want to say no!!! We have had sex once and it was terrific but it is so much more than that. I don't know for how long it will be this way but we have decided to take it one day at a time. He will always be my best friend no matter what. We have helped each other through so many difficult times that sometimes I feel he is my soulmate. Oh I don't know. It just feels good to talk about this since I really can't talk to anyone else but it is a secret! Thanks!!!
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    In reply to the comment of telling your husband the truth...
    NOOOOO! NEVER TELL HIM! And, if you do cheat with this man, NEVER EVER tell your husband! Why cause him the pain if it's unnecessary? Do you plan on running away to Jamaica with this, I didn't think so. So, DON'T SAY A THING TO YOUR HUSBAND!!!
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    No, I don't ever plan on telling my husband. The thing I have going on is very special to both of us, and we are very, very careful. If there is even the remotest chance of being found out we will not see each other. We rarely get together as it is but each time we do it is peaceful and wonderful. Time will tell what will become of all of this.
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    What the Fuck, Were you thinking!!!!!????????

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