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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have recently enjoyed a travel conference in Bali Indonesia...well more accurately I have just enjoyed 4 days of sex with another man...and not so much of the conference.I am married, 26 years of age and regarded by those who know me as being the perfect husband. Tall, good looking, toned and fit, wealthy, generous, intelligent, mad sense of humour, well mannered, kind and and and.....once loyal....I also have a huge cock, and I mean huge. One that is as long soft as most "hung" guys sport when fully boned. So loose fitting clothes and going commando suit me just fine. So when on the first night of the conference the cocktail party theme was Bali Style, I was as happy as. White cotton baggy pants, white cotton collarless shirt and loafers...perfect...oh and commando.The cocktail party was fine...a few drinks, great seafood and a mixed crowd of ok people. During the evening a really great guy about my age started chatting. We had been in a breakout group earlier in the day so sort of knew each other. He invited me to his company's pool party which his boss was hosting that night in a private villa. Thought that would be cool so tagged along. When we arrived a very tanned muscled young guy wearing just a very tight pair of very short bulging shorts greeted us at the villa gate with champagne and advised us that the night theme was bare torso. It was hot so I thought that's ok and then as I was handing my shirt in wondered what that meant for women. Well then I got it, as there were no women....all around the pool were good looking bare chested men in an array of gear...sarongs, little shorts, a few baggys like mine and a few in little thongs. I was immediately out of my comfort zone and suggested to the guy who had invited me that perhaps I was really at the wrong party for a married and "please don't be offended Nick" str8 guy. He explained their travel agency was staffed only by gay men and was sorry if I was offended he thought I was gay. Crazy thing was as soon as he said that I felt my cock stir. When you have a cut mushroom head cock that hangs 8 inches soft and are commando in thin cotton baggys and you start to bone it is not easy to hide it. Nicks eyes immediately went to my crotch which only served, insanely, to turn me on more. He stepped close to me and said perhaps I would like to be somewhere a little less conspicuous and led me to a darker grass patch a little way away from the pool and the guys.When we got there he reached down and felt my swelling cock and just said fuck oh my god. As soon as he touched me my cock rose to its full 11 inches and climbed out above my waist band. He ws standing between me and the pool so I was hidden but I was speechless. I said something like this is crazy man...he just smiled and pushed his bulging crotch into my cock and kissed me. I pulled back and in doing so exposed my halfshowing cock to a group of a few guys who had seen Nick kiss me. They raised their glasses and blew kisses...very camp...Nick just said you are fucking hot married or head spun, my cock throbbed and I was totally turned on...Nick slid my pants down and said oh fuck as he took my cock in his hand and knelt down in front of me...taking my full mushroom head and some of my cock into his mouth. It felt awesome. His tongue worked my shaft and head like no one had ever done. It wasn't long before a few of the guys were standing near us, hard cocks exposed jacking themselves while they drank and watched us. It was the hottest scene you can imagine. Hot guys, great bodies, hard cocks while I am standing there getting head. Before long I was pulling Nicks head into my groin and working my hips face fucking him...loving every minute of it.I pulled out of Nicks mouth as I was close to cumming. By then Nicks Boss, who turned out to be in his late 30's had come to see what was going on. When he saw my nude body and rigid cock he smiled and laughed, thanked Nick for inviting me and suggested he found someone his own size. He said he was Jack, that I was the hottest fucking guy he had seen for years and took me into the villa. We spent 4 days in the nude in the villa, in and out of bed, in the pool, on the day bed and under the shower. The house boy who had taken my shirt at the gate brought us food and drinks and served us in a little g string...we both fucked him a few times and he massaged us twice a day. Jack and I kissed, rubbed, sucked, rimmed and fucked each other until we were exhausted and then slept, waking to each others touch and pleasure. On the last day Jack invited Tim over for his reward for inviting me. He was hot and a great fuck but not in the same league as Jack...who watched us and jacked his lovely big cock before taking me one last time before the taxi arrived to take me to the airport. I slept for the entire flight. When I woke to get ready to get off the guy next to me said she must have been hot, that huge boner of yours has been twitching since you went to sleep. I said to him actually it was a guy and yes he was hot...fucking hot.

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