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    Posted by Anonymous

    So, my friend has been dating this guy for over 10 years and they have NEVER, EVER had sex. She is waiting for the wedding day, which I assume is never going to come. He adores her and takes very good care of her and I always wondered how he could be so faithful-and one day she told me. We were at lunch and I asked how he felt about not having sex and she confessed that he masturbates a lot and it really bothered her. Every morning before work, in the car in the parking lot at work, at night before bed he spends hours on the computer looking at porn and jacking off. She was upset and irritated that he had such a "disgusting habit," but what did she expect? I spent the weekend at their house during the summer and had a great time grilling etc. One particular evening I awoke in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. The light was on and someone was in the shower. Curious, I tiptoed to their bedroom and saw my friend sleeping soundly. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. Slipping out of my bathrobe I stepped into the shower and pressed my beautiful breasts against his chest. He was speechless but did not stop me. I moved his hands all around my body until he was comfortable enough to continue. I kissed him lightly and stared deeply into his eyes. His dick was hard and piercing its way through my thighs. I parted my lips and gently rubbed my pussy on his throbbing dick as he moaned and sucked my nipples. The softness of his dick head felt good against my clit and I gyrated my hips in circular motions as the water pulsed down our bodies. The steam of the shower completely covered the bathroom and our bodies continued to become one. He lifts my leg and comes all the way inside of me. His moans were heavenly and he wraps both of my legs around his body and we wildly fuck, holding each other tight until we come, screaming silently into each other so that we didn't wake my friend. He pushed me against the shower walls, spreads my legs and licks my pussy until I can't take it anymore. I throw my leg across his shoulder and hold his head as I rub my wet pussy against his tongue. He lays down in the shower and I get on top of him, riding him hard and fast as my tits bounce up and down over his face. He is trying hard not to but he is screaming my name as he explodes inside of my warm, tight pussy. It was like 10 years of frustration came flowing into me and I took it. We showered and kissed. I dried off, put my bathrobe back on and slipped back into my room. The next morning over breakfast the conversation was light and easy. He and my friend exchanged loving conversation and affectionate gestures as they always have but the tension that existed for so long was now gone. He needed a real physical release and I was glad to give it to him. We meet every now and again in different places and I enjoy pleasuring him. He is a great guy and deserves at least that.

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    if hes such a great guy....u should of let ur freind be the one to give him fuckn pleasure...not u ur a horrible person how could you do thay to ur so called friend.....if he had a tru problem he should of told his partner....and they would of spent that moment together.....i hope ur pleased with urself u horrible skank!
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    You are a horrible friend, if I personally knew who you are I would tell your friend. You and her boyfriend should be ashamed of yourselves, you dumb slut. You act as if you helped out your friend by sleeping with the guy she loves.

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