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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been fantasizing about my stepdaughter's friend for years now. She has grown into a sexy woman with a body that makes men stare. She just turned 19 a couple months back. My stepdaughter is going away to volunteer in Africa so we had a fund raising party for her expenses. It was at a hall, with food drinks dancing and some games. My stepdaughter's friend (we can all her Katy) was there, dressed in her tight jeans heels and a blouse that was sheer enough to see her sexy bra and large firm tits. I am the 'dad' that all the friends like. I was up dancing with all her friends and playing the games with them. Anyway, I was dancing with a group of these girls when 'Katy' whispers in my ear, hey papa,(that's what she calls me) come with me for a second. She takes my hand and we walk past the bar and towards the coat check. She turns into the coat check room and closes the door. She stands about 4 feet away from me and starts to tell me how she has seen me check her out all these years and how she wants to make me happy. I was a little taken off guard. She starts to open her shirt. Then she pops her bra open! Wow. Those tits were amazing. Then she dropped to her knees and started opening my pants. My cock was hard before she got to it. She was on her knees, looked up at me and said, "wow papa, you are excited! I like what you're packing.". Then she proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life. About 5 minutes later I was ready to cum a bucket full! I told her I was gonna cum, and she just kept sucking and bobbing and stroking. I came like a firehose! She took it all like a pro. She swallowed all my cum (my girlfriend won't do that so I enjoyed seeing this you thing swallow). She stood up, we put ourselves back together and she said, "we should get back before we're missed. I hope that pleased you". I stammered of course she pleased me. I thanked her. The she added, "oh papa, thank you, I've wanted to do that since I was 15. If we can have a next time, I have a couple more holes I want you to cum in.". I was stunned to say the least! I saw some of my cum in the corner of her mouth. I went to wipe it off for her and she said, no leave it. I want to walk out there with it on me for a minute. It was dark enough that I wasn't worried. Now I have a problem. I love my girlfriend and would never cheat, but I just let this happen. And I can't get the thought of fucking this hot slut out of my head. Especially if I can fuck her perfect ass. What do I do?

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    Fuck every hole, every position
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    Fuck her! She wants it and your girl friend will not put out so keep your stepdaughter happy. Then when you go visit her by your self you can sleep with her over night and no one will be any wiser as you fill her every hole.

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