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    Posted by Anonymous

    i work in a library in norfolk, i am 28, married with 1 child, life is good, but i've become a slut, a bloke at work started flirting with me i liked him we had lunch then 1 day in a store room he came in started kissing my neck and before i knew what was happening he was fucking me from behind,we did it again for the next 2 weeks but then things got bad, whilst he was doing me as i was bent over an old copier another colleague came in and caught us, i was mortified but he was younger and laughed it off, he said carry on i'm up next if u want my word as to say nothing, we were both married so i said ok, so once my lover had came in me this 22 yr old dropped his trousers and fucked me hard till he too came, i felt awful and seeing my husband i felt he knew, it continued at work though and in truth i loved it, i was fucking them both,1 after the other became 2 at once, 1 day we did it 3 times, i couldhardly walk i was so fucked, they started using my arse i cum instantly, i dress naughtier for work 1 day no knickers with knee high socks and a flarey skirt, then 2 weeks ago when my hubby was offshore the 2 came to mine on sat nite they were hammering me when 2 other men from the library knocked at the door, to cut a story short the 22 yr old had blabbed now i was getting gangbanged, i had all 4 men all nite, at work they take turns on me, i'm sure 1 of the women know as she seems different, i'm gonna get caught i know but i cant stop, this weekend i'm going to norwich with the 4 of them to a hotel with a couple more of their m8s, i'm gonna get ruined but i cant wait, i'm a unfaithful married slut.. i'll let u know how it goes, just had to spill the beans after reading other connfessions x

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    If you're having fun babe then just keep having fun and worry about the consequences when and if you get caught.
    I'm married with two kids but i've fucked 6 guys from work and have had a couple of threesomes with them too. I love the feeling of thinking i might get caught but as yet i haven.t.
    My husband has even licked my pussy and fucked me after a guy from work had just cum inside me.
    I got home from being with one of the guys from work and my hubby said he was horny and started to kiss me.
    I said i was desperate to pee and went to the toilet frantically trying to get all cum out my pussy lol.
    My hubby didn't suss but it was scary as hell.
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    have you ever considered trying to INCLUDE your husband? I realize I might be in the minority, but I would LOVE to watch my wife get fucked silly by four big cocks...
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    my fantasy is let my wife dress slutty and go out to bars, get picked up and fuck guys. she would make the best prostitute. i want to be in a motel room with a group of guys using her and it would be dark, she would be wasted and not know that i was in the room watching her and being one of the strangers fucking her.
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    wow you sound as horny as me, my hubby has fucked me on the same day as i had the original guy but not before i'd showered, i'm horny as hell now thinking bout it babe, and my hubby would never agree i don't think, he used to say he'd be turned on to watch me but after says he could never do it, i have a friend who does it with her hubby and men they meet on-line or on nights out but my hubby doesn't like them
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    i was on a course last year and the only woman, in the evening we had some drinks in the bar but is was very expensive so two of the men went out and brought some booze back and we went to their room for a drink and chat. i dont know how it happened but i ended up kissing one of them then they all wanted a kiss from me and before i could stop them they had me on the bed and were undressing me. Hands were everywhere as i was held spread eagled. i had never been with more than one man before and although i was struggling to get away i was loving being helpless and althoug i was pleading with them to stop touching me i was hoping they would continue. "lets make her cum" i heard one of them say and between them they sucked and teased my niples, rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy till my hips bucked into the air and i moaned and groaned my way to an orgasm so powerfull i could not believe. i was shaking like a jelly. Yes they all fucked me in turn before i went back to my room exhausted.
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    wow, that is so horny i bet u loved all them hands touching you and then feeling them inside you, did you have to see them on the next day, bet u felt like a slut, i did at first, but now i'm so horny, i recently had a full on gangbang with 7 lads, some from work and a friend of theirs and 2 blokes who were in the hotel that nite joined in, i was totally ruined, i swallowed so much, and both my holes were so wet i was dp'd in both, it feels amazing and i cum sooo much, it sounds great what u did as it wasn't planned, i'd love to go out 1 nite and for that to happen, awesome..
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    One or all of you slutty wives is going to contract some disease and infect your poor husbands, its such a pity!
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    love it - going to start going to my library more!
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    Wow.. I so enjoy doing a married lady. The more friends to open those holes up and shot cum in every hole and on your tits and face. Cover you like a whore.. I love it... care to chat.. email me at
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    nh sLUTTY MOM...PT

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