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    Posted by Anonymous

    I hit puberty before anyone else in my class. I needed a bra by 3rd grade, discovered by accident how to masturbate in 4th, and got my period in 5th. My parents were hardcore bible-thumpers and told me sex is dirty and wrong unless you're married, thinking about someone while you masturbate is the same as having sex with them, only sluts go past first base before marriage, blah blah. Basically I was going nuts because I had big boobs(around a full C cup by then, I think - didn't hit D cups until I was 12 or 13)with really sensitive nipples, I was dying to know what it was like to have someone play with them, and it was apparently not only dirtybadwrong for me to want that, but I was also going to have to wait until I got married to find out. When you're 11 and dying of curiosity, having to wait a few DAYS for something feels like forever, let alone YEARS.

    Our next-door neighbors went out of town for a week that summer and paid me to pet-sit their puppy. They said I could hang around, watch TV, whatever, just don't make a mess. So one day I was over there sitting on the couch watching a movie or something and the puppy started licking my arm. His tongue was warm and wet and kind of sandpapery, and suddenly I was like, if it's a puppy, it doesn't count, right? Surely it has to be a human boy for it to be sinful. I got really excited about the idea, and thought what the hell, I'll try it. I pulled up my shirt, pulled down my bra cup, and right away he started licking my nipple! I think he probably hadn't been weaned for very long(maybe a month? 2?), because he acted like he expected me to give milk or something. He would lick my nipple until it got really hard, and then he'd start sucking on it. Then he started nipping it, kind of a sharp half-bite, which stung like hell but when he started licking it again it felt ten times as incredible. He licked and nipped and sucked for probably 5 minutes or so and I thought I was going to die, it felt so good. I pulled down my other bra cup so both tits were hanging out, and he climbed up onto my lap and started in on the other nipple, occasionally alternating but I could get him to switch when I wanted him to by just turning so the tit I wanted him to play with was closest to him.

    I ended up having to go home after like 15 more minutes of that because I was so turned on and wet as hell, and I thought it would be weird to masturbate in someone else's house (like letting their puppy try to nurse on me wasn't). I came back and did it again the next day, but he was rougher that time, and actually bit my nipples a couple times instead of just nipping them. At first it felt really good because it made them even more sensitive and then he'd lick and suck some more, which made me so wet I could hardly think. He finally bit just a little too hard and I had to stop him and pull my swimsuit top back up, but within like 30 seconds he was climbing all over me, scratching me with his nails and nudging my tits with his nose. He did manage to get one to fall out of the suit top, and before I could cover it back up he was all over my nipple with that sandpaper tongue, licking it raw. I told myself to cover up, make him stop, he's gonna bite you, but it felt so fucking GOOD. Sure enough, he switched from licking to biting, and then sucking really hard. I was seriously considering just sticking my hand in my shorts and getting myself off while he did that, but then he bit my nipple again and it hurt so much I kind of yelped and jumped and checked to see if I was bleeding. I wasn't, but that scared me enough that I never did it again. But I never forgot, and now as an adult, I have a fetish for that kind of stuff.

    My favorite fantasy is being a wetnurse for all kinds of animals, like laying on my side for puppies or piglets to suckle, leaning over so my tits hang down like udders for lambs and calves and goats and foals, my nipples being scratched and tweaked and played with by raccoons and monkeys before they suck and bite them.

    I can't stop thinking about it. I've had an average number of (human) sex partners, and have a satisfying relationship, but whenever I masturbate, I think of that puppy licking my nipples, or having a calf sucking each hanging udder, and lately the fantasy started including a big wolf licking my pussy while the other animals suck my tits, or him just fucking me. Yes, I know it's wrong. No, I'd never actually fuck an animal. But given the opportunity to let a big dog lick me anywhere he wanted for as long as he liked, I'd be naked in a second.

    I'm not going to ask if it's normal, and I'm not going to try to justify anything. I know it's weird and gross and wrong, which is why it's always been a secret. I just had to tell someone after all this time.

    tl;dr - A puppy licked my nipples once, and I'd really like that to happen again, with a bigger dog, more body parts, and less clothing.

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    shit that's really fuckin hot!!! i got a big mastiff(dog)that likes to lick evrybody, but i dont think he ever licked tits or pussy. i bet he would like it tho. but if u got him all worked up and he wanted to fuck u might not be able to stop him cuz he's so big and heavy he could just hold u down and do whatever he wanted. lol he's got a huge dick too, hope u can handle that!!! i dont have any other animals but me and my friend would be happy to suck ur tits and bite ur nipples while my dog eats u out or fucks u. damn now ima go jerk off and think about u getting fucked hard by my dog. now tell me wat u look like so i can picture it right! hahaha
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    Uh... I'm 5'2". Orangey red hair down to my ass. Green eyes, pale skin with some freckles, 34DD, light pink nipples, shaved pussy. Is that enough?
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    Bestiality is weird.... but Hot!
    ...but weird
    ...but HOT! ;)

    I'm imagining you on all fours with two little dogs licking and biting your nipples, and your big wolf licking your cunt from behind with his sandpaper tongue. You would be moaning as your pussy gushed onto his insistent tongue. Be honest, if he stopped licking and started to mount you, would you really stop him? I think you're dying to know what it feels like to be pumped full of warm doggie-cock. I just want to 'hear' you admit it.... please?

    Its ok. This is anonymous, and we're all pervs here. I'll admit that I'm completely turned on by the idea! I'd even line up to fuck your sloppy pussy after the dog was finished!

    I know its SO NASTY... but so Hot. :)
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    Hmm. I'd be annoyed that he stopped licking... but you're right, I'd probably spread my legs wide like the sluts my parents warned me about and let that wolf fuck me until I couldn't move anymore. My best friend had a Rottweiler, and she told me she let him lick her pussy all the time and it was fucking amazing. I'm curious as hell, and we all know where that led the last time. ;) That wolf would have to work me up into a frenzy with the licking before he tried to mount me, though. It's not like you can put a condom on those things, and who knows where it's been?
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    I agree that's really hot, and I'm glad you discovered a good way to get off. Do you think you would ever post pictures of yourself?
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    personally I am very much turned on by a woman playing with a dog, lots of possibilities
    with other critters .... not so sure but experimentation would be I order
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    Superb..every girls try this before marriage..bcoz it could helps their nipples sharp and sexy..

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    Okay let me say something. I am a girl who has messed around with dogs. Bit embarrassing to tell anyone but it's amazing. Never had one fuck me because none of the ones I messed with had balls (literally). But it's amazing as hell to have a dog lick your pussy. Like, a human has a soft tongue but a dog has a sand papery tongue and it feels amazing especially if they push it in as far as it can go. They work wonders.
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    Arrgg you girls makes me sooooo turned ON. Are you girls still active? Do you think we can Skype and let me see your dogs making you feel good while I'm watching and masturbating ?

    I'll be waiting girls.

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