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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my babysitters dad would pick her up,and asked him to take me to pee,he closed the door,ok go pee,then made me suck his large cock for 10 min i was 6 and i liked i had a secret.from 7-12 i let my next door neighbors dad, mr smith,one day i rubbed his croth going to the store, i wont tell let me suck you,he pulled over unzipped and pumped my mouth but my dads uncle,related by 1st marriage to sister, not blood was a perv. i swam at his house,he put a tranq in my soda,had porn on in living room,and stroked his cock in front of me, have u ever seen a big cock like mine, yes,my friends dads cock when i suck do, nephew open your mouth,he face fucked me,puit lotion on his cock my ass fucked me hard made me suck ass cum,peed in my mouth,and tied me to his bed
    his buddies, my aunt used me for the weekend i loved being forced abused obeying older men
    i was 15 when i fed my 8 nephew my cock,suck it its ok, thatys what boys do, i did all the time. i fucked his tight ass at 10-15 my nephew 29, sucks me and his dads cock when moms gone, all boys do what daddy uncle says suck cock, swallow cum and fuck pussy i like being cocksucking little boy i had to suck my teacher,cocach, brother in law,pastor church cocksucking was fun i like older men 35-45 when i wa 15-17 kneel son,suck my cock boy,4-5 men would make meand woman eat my sister and sex with us

    the city of covina,diamond bar all my friends sucked cock, incest with 5-10 families in 2nd grade my boy scout leader ,my dfriends dad told us to take shower together, came in, grabbed us,ok son,show dave, i was 7 he sucked his dads cock,then pushed my mouth down ,it was always sexual deviations growing up

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    come to san bernardino ca, show me daddies
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    Had a good wank to this one.

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