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    Posted by Anonymous

    Every Saturday night, my husband has some of his buddies from the firehouse over for poker. I play sometimes when there's an open seat but I'm not very good and actually prefer to play bartender. Now, as fire fighters tend to do, they get pretty drunk and a little rowdy but don't ever tear the place up too bad.

    Last Saturday, however, got a little out of hand. We were hosting four of the guys and the game kept going well past midnight. By that time, everyone, myself included, was getting rather drunk. My husband was too far gone to realize he had lost all of his chips.

    When he tried to get the dealer to deal him in for another hand, he (we'll call him "Bill") asked, "What are you putting in the pot?" My husband replied, "I bet by ass I win the next hand." This was met with much jeering and crass remarks. Bill remarked, "Nobody wants your ass. You're going to have to come up with something else."

    Without a second thought my loving husband blurted out, "Ok, fine. I'll bet my wife's ass instead." At first, everyone seemed a little stunned and then, exploded in uproarious laughter. As it died down, Bill dealt the cards and my husband got a hand. Through my drunken fog, it didn't occur to me that Bill had accepted MY ASS as a bet.

    Of course, my husband lost that hand and came to join me on the couch where I was lounging and started kissing, groping, and fondling me in front of everybody. They didn't seem to pay much attention and I was too drunk to really care anyways, so I went with it. Before I knew it, we were having sex right there on the couch and the game kept going on.

    I lost myself in the drunken passion and got rather vocal about it. I came twice before he did. At that point, he got up and stumbled toward the bedroom and I came to realize that I had become the center of everyone's attention. Normally, I would be mortified but I was anywhere but in my right mind. With a simple "Goodnight boys", I made my own way to the bedroom.

    Expecting to find my husband passed out, I was surprised to find him very much the opposite. He looked at me, got up, to my hands in his and led me to sit with him at the end of the bed. "It's time for us to pay up.", he slurred. I looked at him quizzically before glancing at the nightstand and seeing our bottle of Anal-Eze lubricant.

    My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I couldn't tell if he was joking or serious. Moreover, I didn't know which I wanted him to be. I just sat there stammering and slack-jawed until he looked into my eyes and said, "It's alright." Suddenly, I knew that this was really going to happen. I could only smile and mutter "Okay".

    I lay down on my stomach and reached back with both hands to spread my ass cheeks. Soon, I felt very familiar lubricated fingers tracing tight circles around my anus. One finger slowly slid in, followed my another, and soon another as my husband stretched my asshole to ready it for four other men.

    I hear footsteps coming close on the wood floor followed by the distinct sounds of undressing. My eyes stayed closed and my cheeks remained spread as my husband's fingers vacated my anus. Soon, I felt their replacement. He slid in slowly but without pause. I had another man's cock buried to the hilt in my ass and it felt amazing.

    The first one lasted a good while and came hard inside me. The next was slightly smaller and didn't last quite as long. The third was about on par with my husband which was the biggest that I had ever taken anally.

    Number four was a doozy. Even with the good hour of rectal probing I had already received, he felt a bit uncomfortable upon insertion. He made no hurry of things, though. I was thankful for that. He would squeeze an inch or two in and slowly withdraw, taking it nice and slow. By the time I felt his hot flesh against my ass, I was pretty comfortable with the fullness. He withdrew, almost completely before burying himself again. This time, I was in heaven. I had never experienced anal sex like this.

    The pace increased as did the force of each successive thrust. Eventually he worked up to a fairly vigorous cadence. I could actually hear the slap of flesh against flesh as my gaping hole greedily swallowed up this massive cock. For the first time in my life, I had an orgasm from anal sex. Just as my body was rocked by waves of extasy, I felt the convulsions of round after round of thick white cum being pumped into my bowels. Shortly after, I passed out.

    The next day, my husband refused to talk about it. Since, he has opened up and admitted how much he enjoyed watching his buddies run a train on my caboose and I've expressed a sincere interest in letting it happen again. Perhaps, I'll have another story after this Saturday night... ;)

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    Fake as hell, LOL (hey, wait, that rhymed! I WIN THE INTERNET!). Undergrad CR major (if there is such a thing), or repressed househusband, trying his best at his fantasy.
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    You're close with the creative writing major. I'm assuming that's what you meant by CR. ;) I was going for creative writing but switched to political science mid-way through my freshman year and I just got accepted into a master's program at Texas A&M. Thanks for letting me know I still have some writing chops.

    It's cool. Troll all you want. True, it's a great fantasy but it's one I got to realize. :P
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    It was awesome :) I've got to have a marriage like that.
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    if one of your husband's buddies infects you with aids will you blame your husband for it?
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    I wasn't but changed my mind. I did enjoy the story but my comment is restricted to the other comments. Lets start with #1, "Fake as Hell", LOL (hey, wait, that rhymed!) You lost me. Where is the rhyme? It's not even prose. Let me explain the difference. "There was a young lady with class. She waded in water up to her knees." Now that's prose. If she had gone in deeper it would have been poetry/rhymed.
    #2, you attended Texas A&M? Tell me, who finally won the state, Hillary or Trump? And,
    #4. Come on now, every time someone gets fucked by 2 or more the phrase AIDS always comes up. That's very unlikely here. Especially with fire fighters, it's very unlikely they can get aids from a fire hose! End of complaint/comment!

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