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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 27 year old currently single female and I live alone in an very old home that was made into a duplex. I'm going to be very straight forward I masturbate alot. I have alot of toys, dildos of all kinds, vibrators, etc. I most of the times like to watch porn while I masturbate as well. I am a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital. My shifts just changed and I now work mornings 3-12 hour shifts a week. I get home about the time my hot neighbor across the street gets home. Everybody else on the block, his wife included, is at work till after 5:00. About a month ago I came home and needed to relax. I picked out a dildo, popped a porn in the dvd player and made myself cum 2-3 times. After I was done I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. The porn was stll on and my dildo was still on the coffee table. I went back in there completely naked and my neighbor was standing watching the porn. I gasped and ran to put something on. When I came back in he said he had knocked and could hear voices and the door wasn't locked so he came in. Said he yelled for me but guess I didn't hear him. He was looking at the dildo and then back at the porn. I went to turn it off and he said he liked it alot and wondered if he could borrow it for the afternoon. He said it looked like I had enjoyed it as much as he thought he would. When he said that he was looking at my dildo still sitting on the table all slick with my pussy juice. He was smiling and winking every now and then. I was just humilated that he knew what I was up to in there. When I handed him the porn he said he would bring it back in just a bit. He trotted off across the street and I immediately started cleaning up my masturbation mess. About 30 minutes later he was back with the porn. He went into detail with me what his favorite parts were and why and how he shot a load of cum. I was getting a little turned on. I was thinking of the part he watched and how I liked it too and envisioning his hand on his cock. Thinking of him stroking it. He was adorable too. He asked me which parts I came to. I just sat at my kitchen table and told him. I was turned on that he was so open with me about it. I have never in all my 27 years talked to anyone about my masturbation. I was getting turned on maybe it was obivious? He said he was going to leave and go home and take a shower before his wife got home. He paused at the front door and asked me if I was going to maybe watch some more porn that night or tomorrow after I got home from work. I just shrugged my shoulders and said I was off the next day. He said smiled and winked and said he'd be over. Later that night I was on my front porch reading a magazine by my tiki torch and he ran over. He asked me if I was going to give myself any kind of pleasure and relaxation that night. I shrugged my shoulders again. He said he was planning on it because he was hard as a rock thinking about me using that dildo watching porn. I blushed. I am not one easily talked into things AT ALL. Something about him standing there in that tiki torch light grinning and seeing the bulge in his pants really turned me on. He asked me if I got horny at all thinking about his hard cock and how he was going to stroke it thinking about me. I was like jelly in his hands at this point. I don't know why. I said yes, yes I was horny thinking about it. He said good he was glad to hear that. He wanted me to masturbate with my dildo again and think of him. He was going home to do the same. He then unzipped his pants and put his hand in the fly. My heart was pounding. He said he wanted to jerk it right there in front of me. He asked me if I would like that. I said yes. He asked me to touch myself for him right there. I looked around slid my hand in my shorts. We just stared he was rubbing in his pants and I was rubbing in mine. I was so wet. The night air and how naughty and hot it was. He said we could do it together sometime. I just nodded yes. He said tomorrow morning then. I just nodded yes. He told me to go in my house and play with my pussy till I cum. I just stood up put out my tiki torch and headed for the door. Because I wanted to do it. I wanted to play with it and think of him and that hard cock. He was zipping his pants as I turned around. He said he would be thinking of me again as he worked his cock. My pussy throbbed thinking of it. And I can't believe it I told him that too. He smiled and said thats what he liked. I went my house. Shut the door took my clothes off immediately and made myself cum and cum. He called me late late that night. He saw my bedroom light still on. He asked me how many times I made myself cum. I told him I didn't know. Many. He asked me what all I used. I told him. He asked me what kind of toys I had. I gave a quick run down. I asked him if he came too. He said he did. He said he stroked his cock in a rocking chair on his front porch looking at my house imagining what I was doing in there. That turned me on so much. He said he was out there on the porch right then. It was late really late. Almost three in the morning. He told me to look out my window. I did and I saw him sitting there. He asked me to come out on my porch. I said no. He said he would see me in the morning. And he did. He came over the next morning. I was sitting on my front porch drinking coffee. Feeling pretty bad about the information I had shared with him. I decided as the morning light was shining that I was not getting in to anything with him again. He came running across the street. He made small talk about the weather and how well he slept. He asked me for some coffee. I went in to get it and he followed me. I told him I would be right back if he wanted to wait. He kept following me anyway. We got to the kitchen to the coffee pot. He was standing so close to me. I took a step back and he was smiling with that devilish grin. He asked if I wanted to watch a porn with him. I can't explain it. He made me wet right then. I was wet and my heart was pounding. I just noddded and said sure. He took my hand and we went to the living room. I opened up the closet where the porn was and he picked something out. He put it on went to the front door and shut it and we sat down on the couch. The first ten minutes we talked and talked about what was happening in the porn. What looked good and what must feel good. I didn't have much to say I was nervous. I was horny and nervous. He asked me if I was horny and I said yes. He said he was too. He asked if he could take his clothes off and stroke his cock. I nodded yes. He stood up and started taking his clothes off. He said why don't you do the same. I was frozen. Just frozen. He was naked in seconds stroking that big cock. He kept telling me to take off my clothes and make myself feel good. I agreed. I went in the bathroom took off my clothes and put on a robe. I went back in and he was so hard. I first just rubbed myself through an opening in the robe. I was getting more and more turned on by the words he was saying. By his cock and the porn playing. He reached over and gently pulled one of my legs where I was completely exposed to him. The look on his face and the feeling I had took me over the edge. I took the robe off and began to really work my pussy. I was full out masturbating as if I were alone. He was watching me instead of the porn and I was watching him. I came and he came seconds after. He stayed hard and I stayed horny. We masturbated together most of the day that day. I rode toys for him. He fingered his own ass. We came and came. We masturbated like that together as least once a day since even on my period I masturbated with him. We met in my back yard one night and masturbated in the moonlight together once. Friday morning he fingered me till I came while I was sitting on my kitchen counter. His breath on my tits. It was good. Once I came he licked my pussy tasting my cum. We had never touched each other before. Out of my mouth just came fuck me. Please please please fuck me. His cock was out and in my pussy in seconds. He fucked me like I have never been fucked before. I came on his cock twice. The man can make me orgasm more than any I've met before. I feel comfortable doing anything with him. He can talk me into anything. I fucked him on Saturday twice. And this morning before daylight he called me and talked me into coming out on my back porch naked. I did and we fucked with the sun coming up on my back porch. I don't know what he tells his wife. Or how he get's out of the house. I don't care really. The sex is better than good. It's open and free. He said when he left he would be back later today. I'm looking forward to it. I am ready right now. Wet hot and ready. I have a hot secret lover and I can't wait for the next orgasm he gives me.

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    Hello sexy, Reading your letter is very arousing. Me being a man I really get turned on hearing all about you masturbating. Ok under statment also you being a nurse is very sexy too! To a man the fact that you are uninhibited is very arousing too. Do you like guys who finger their ass and look at dildos? You sound sooo fun!
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    Wow, that story was so fucking hot.
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    I'm a female and that made me go to a naughty naughty place in my mind. I'm wet and wishing I had a hot secret lover. I want to fuck and play with my pussy outside. Outside with someone doing it with me is even better. Mmmm...just me and toy chest though. I'll be thinking of you while I pleasure myself. Maybe I'll take it to my backyard? You inspired me!
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    This story was great! I immediately went into my backyard, stripped out of all my clothes and began stroking my cock. The cool air felt great on my body. I shot my load and then stayed outside completely nude for a while. Loved it!
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    Mmmm its so nice to kow that a girl is given the freedom to fuck she needs.xxxxx
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    You have a high sex drive.Just don't get exploited.You will never recover from it.

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