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    Posted by Anonymous

    They are finicky and they don't love you or they pretend not to, nor do they demonstrate their undying love for you like dogs do. Furthermore, I am highly suspect of men who have cats. I am highly suspect of men who have lap dogs. I don't quite know yet what it means, but whatever it means, it can't be good.

    My roommate had a cat, and for the most part, all three of us stayed the hell away from each other.

    I had this dream one night that my teeth were falling out of my head. This always makes me panic because my mother has this superstition that this particular dream means someone close to you is about to die. So what you have to do is take a living thing, like a plant, and bite into it, and whatever bad death karma is lurking in your brain is transferred into the plant, which dies instead of whoever. I know this is silly, as are all of my mother's superstitions, but I confess, I am not a TOTAL nonbeliever.

    So I get this dream, I wake up in a panic, and we don't have a single plant that's living anymore. But I see that frickin cat.

    Okay I bit it on the tail, not hard, but hard enough. The cat whacked me in the face, but I deserved it. But according to my mother's superstition, I might have saved somebody's life.

    So there.

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