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    Posted by Anonymous

    Coming out of the closet on this one ... its about being sexual in public, but in a way that no one knows, or at least, we think no one knows.

    One of my biggest fantasies is to sit in a quiet booth in a restaurant, preferrably not up on a riser and definitely with a table cloth ... and then giving and getting a hand-job right there in the restaurant with all those other people sitting and eating their dinners. Watching all the other diners and the waitstaff as we are sitting with our fingers playing with each other, trying to keep ourselves nonchalant, trying to stifle moans or releases... I'll spare the gory, sexy details, though :)

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    I simply love your fantasy and share it too... if you are male and straight... let me know! LOL....
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    So, you're into Voyerism!

    I got a guy off on a park picnic table once in broad daylight while he got me off! Oh! The pleasure!

    I gushed like a waterfall! MMMmmmmmmmmmm.......ooohhh****!

    Such a bright beautiful day and right in the open with people around and it was the biggest turn on! My first time too!

    Keep it up!

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    I've done that before too and it is sooo exciting giving a man a hand job in the bar. Especially when you have to be sure your not reflecting in any mirrors or windows. We left the bar and went home to have some fab sex. Nothing like getting excited before you even get home!

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