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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work in NOLA, downtown in the thick of things. I'm a 42 male and told I'm attractive. Very sure of myself so I don't worry about the attractive thin. I see women walk up and down all the time, some catch my eyes (mainly the older ones). I've never cheated on my 25yr marriage, But there's this one(frm Ohio)that I can't stop thinking or fantasizing about. She knows I like her a lot. I think she likes me also. But can't act on it because she's married also. We chat when we see each other and that's all. I try flirting but it comes out like a fifth grader. At times I can't take the sexual tension that I have to go to the r-room and do myself. I love doing myself but not so much at work. But at time it's so annoying and it hurts my balls that I have no choice. If she only would see me grabbing my 8.5in cock, already with precum on the head and sides, rubbing it with both hands and right before I explode, I blow on it so I can last longer, and wth the hand soap I keep stroking my hard Cuban Latino cock till it just can't take it anymore and explodes. I fantasize that she has no choice but to let me eat her out at both hot hole of hers. I wouldn't even care about pleasing myself! Seeing her shaking and holding her Orgasm screams would send me off. I just want to taste her hot juices so bad, I would eat a mile of her shit just to lick her ass twice. I so want to see her eyes roll to the back of her head like I've done many times to my collage girls and wife! In fact! My wife is the one that benefits on Ashley's behalf. Since Ive met her 4 months ago, Ive been fucking my wife almost every night now 4 times a session. When my wife can't go any more, she watches me man handle my hard 8.5" cock and still cum like crazy! Wow! What has this woman done to me?! Any advise on how I can close this deal? I so hope she is reading this. She knows who I am, but never told her about the things I want to do to her. However I did tell her I feel like a fifth grader when I talk to her. She smiles but thats it. Please don't get me wrong, Im not a horn dog at all. But I just want to eat her out and fuck her so bad! Is this normal. Please don't tell me to stop thinking of her. Please Give up some good advise. Or should I just fuck someone downtown?

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