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    Posted by Anonymous

    ive always wanted to get a really bad injury or be tortured by someone with no mercy...but survive. Ive even tried breaking my ankles by jumping off our stairs onto the ground on the side of my foot (didnt work) but i cant hurt myself uless its entirely accidental~~~~ive also alwasy wanted to be captured by a serial killer or insane person and be tortured and raped and forced to do unspeakable tasks. I would like to be beaten and hurt by the person but live to tell others about what happened to me..does anyone else ever have thoughts like this or what it feels like to die? i dont believe in heaven or hell so i always wonder if you still have thoughts as you rot in your grave or if you can walk around and "interact" with your friends and family..or just other people who are around..i sure hope its the second one!

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    You should check out adult personals in your area. You could find someone that is into S & M to help your fantasies. You use a safe word that means to stop if you want to stop.
    A lot of people have those fantasies, and a lot of people participate in that lifestyle. Whatever floats your boat. The bottom line is your safety.
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    You might make a good sex slave. Come to mama and lick my feet you little tramp!!!!!!!
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    oookayy nobody understands what i meant..i dont want to be a fuckin sex slave for anybody...i meant i wanted to be like kidnapped or something or be hurt during sex...not forced to do disgusting things to someone by force
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    so are you male or female?
    and what kinda torture are you talking about? sexual or just crualty?
    Like, do you wanna get punched, slaped, and beaten while having sex? or do you just wanna get hurt from someone of the opposite sex? Some guys get off just by being kicked in the balls.
    Do you wanna be tied up, fucked, beaten, thrown and fucked some more or something?

    Please describe a fantasy of yours.
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    here's the help:
    Go to the nearest club in a ghetto area, preferably around 2:00 am on a Friday night.It works better if it's around the first of the month when welfare checks come out.
    Walk up to the biggest, blackest person, and start trash talking him. Talk about his pork chop eating watermelon sized titty mother.
    You should get your wished filled real quick.
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    Who abused you growing up?
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    ummmmmmm nobody
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    Yes, I think that would get the stuffing beat out of him. Bit of a rascist, aren't we?
    Maybe the bloke just needs a good Dom.
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    Get along with Dad?
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    S&M is all very well between consenting adults and within sane limits but trying to break your own ankles? Wanting to be seriously injured? That ain't s/m in my book. If you really are serious and it's not just a fantasy then you need help. Talk to a therapist before you get yourself into something you can't back out of.

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