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    Posted by Anonymous

    My confession is that i cum like a horse - yes my cock is a good size and my balls are somewhat normal but instead of a spoonful, I shoot and can fill a 6 to 8oz glass full. Girls would freak out a bit when I would cum on their tits and my ex-girlfriend would bring a towel to bed lol.

    I told this to a friend of mine casually one day, and he told me that he is bi and would love to see me cum. He told me that this would be desirable in the "gay" world as a lot of guys love cum.

    After a bit of coaxing, I let my friend suck my cock and he nearly drowned in my cum ;p Since then, he has had a few other gay friends over and I have let them suck me while he watches and I find this a huge turn on.

    One of his particular friend sucked me really well and really deep and he had me balls deep down his throat when I counted at least 8 huge shots of cum and maybe 5 small ones and he just kept me downn his throat and I was nearly shocked when I pulled out my cock and it was clean and he had swallowed the whole lot.

    It felt amazing, my legs were shaking and I had never had an orgasm without the huge mess.

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    So, do you prefer guys or gals..?x
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    I would love to suck you off!
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    I have to say that I prefer a woman's body but it has been my experience that guys do suck better cock !!
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    I would love to have you cum on my tits ;)
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    I wanna swallow you
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    I'm a male and I'd love worshipping your cock for some cum
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    I want it to fill all my holes up
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    I'd love to have it!
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    Like you I cum a lot and when I went to the doctor he said I have
    hyperspermia": an oversized prostrate which produces an excess amount of cum. If I go a couple of days without getting off I can fill an half-cup on the first nut and I can keep on producing until my dick is sore.
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    I'm a guy and at a party in highschool I snuck off with my friend's older brother who said I was a "cute kid and there's nothing he likes better than fucking a cute kid!"

    I was bi in the closet and had confided to my best friend that I liked boy's too. He must of told his brother who's gay. The secret fucking was a really good quickie. Something I enjoyed at fifteen, quick, underpants aside sex, pure joy at the time.

    He came in such a volume it was leaking out when he was cumming and gushed out when he withdrew. My underpants stayed in the bushes that night, lol.

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