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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 31 year old straight dude and I've always been curious about guys. On a late Sunday night, I checked into the Hilton and the hotel seemed quiet - I had noticed the Bellhop when I came in as he seemed to be staring a lot - he brought me up to my room and we started chatting in the elevator.

    He was a young 19ish year old skinny blonde kid and the uniform did wonders for his ass - I found myself peaking whenever I could. I had just came in from a long flight and was feeling horny.

    He seemed to be hanging around the room a bit longer and we were chatting about the city and the attractions - somehow the conversation switched to local bars, then to strip clubs and then where to get laid in the City.

    Ten minutes later I was sitting in the hotel chair with my pants down to my ankle and twinky bellhop boy was between my legs on his knees sucking my big cut cock. I had never been sucked by a guy before and I had never been sucked with such enthusiasm - he was taking my cock so deep that I could feel his throat deep wrap around my knob. This boy was edging me to perfection and he was getting total pleasure from being submissive and pleasing every inch of me.

    After a good 30 minute of BJ Olympics, I finally came and I think he emptied my balls - I came so hard that it almost hurt. I had never had any girl swallow my cum and this boy did not loose a drop - my legs were shaking.

    He eventally went back to work and I went into the shower and then watched a bit of tv. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a knock on the door. It was twinky bellhop boy again - he came in the room and stripped off his uniform and got naked and was lying on the bed. He was lying on his stomach exposing his round little ass up in the air and wanted me to fuck him - he brought up some hand lotion with him which he gave me.

    He had a tiny white bum and I could see his little pink hole - I got hard just looking at him and started jerking off with the lotion. At one point I pushed my cock against his pink hole and eventually I was inside - he was moist, warm and very tight. I could feel his ass muscles contracting against my shaft and it was heavenly - I fucked him slowly, deeply and in an erotic way - I could smell his sweet ass and it drove me crazy.

    Everytime I would go balls deep into his ass he would twitched and this would rub the head of my cock and send shivers down my entire body. He was moaning in pleasre with every thrust and after a good 10 minute session we both came hard and I fell exhausted on the bed.

    We cuddled for a while then his pager went off and he got dressed and had to go downstairs - probably an arrival he told me. I woke up the next morning with a huge boner and a smile on my face. This was definitely a sensual and fun experience.

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    was that the Hilton in Atlanta ? I had a similar experience there years ago during the Clemson - LSU Peach Bowl except My twinky was employee in one of the Lounges there
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    Nothing beats a cute twink with a tight little ass and a willing mouth.
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    I was sixteen, in highschool working a after school job at a hotel near an airport. Being smoothly young and cute with blonde hair and blue eyes I was constantly propositioned by men and women.

    I was a good sport about it. I first started sucking, that was easiest because I'd heard it hurts to get fucked. Once fucked it created an insatiable desire to be fucked again, Now married my tight ass mounds with the little pink hole seems to be just as desired.
    26 days ago

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