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    I am a person who does not judge others and because of this I have a lot of friends. One of those friends is my flat mate Grace who is a exotic dancer. Grace is a 5ft8 brunette beauty with nice breasts, firm ass and slim legs. Yes, I have seen Grace nude as sometimes I would drive her to her different venues to dance and would help set up for her show by getting ice,water ,chair or just watching a door while she changed. The biggest kick I get is watching all the guys drool over her while she did her show knowing they never stood a chance as Grace is gay and has no interest in men at all. I could have made money from men who want to meet her and have me introduce them to her! Men, and I am one of them only think pussy and how to get it at a show like that and of course a couple of drinks. I have been lucky in that Grace trusts me enough to sit and chat with her while she bathes or lay with her while she sleeps. This of course leads me to closing my eyes and having a serious wank when I think of those moments. I have a soccer players body, lean but with muscle. I like my 6 inch uncut cock. It is slighter thicker than others I have seen and I have a prince albert piercing that brings me a lot of pleasure with the girls I fuck or if I just want to be naughty and stretch my cock as I walk around. I always start slow in my actions, stroking my cock gently.feeling ,squeezing my balls and of course squeezing my shaft and then taking my finger to the tip of my cock to taste the pre-cum I have squeezed out.I normally get into a good steady rytham and then stop every now and then to roughly pull my cock from side to side and then push my cock forward towards my legs. I like to sometimes take a candel and drip hot wax on my cock head. The pain is quick and sharp and only makes my cock HARDER and WETTER!! No pain no gain right? These actions just turn me on more and my stroking normally increases and picks up pace after that. It is normally about 5 minutes later that I can feel that I am close to cumming, my breathing is harder,my cock is even harder and wetter and my balls have tightend in thier sack.As I stroke myself I let my thumb rub my head and this increases my pleasure and intencity of my orgasm. I can feel the hot cum building mixing in my balls. I can feel my cum travelling quickly up my shaft until JESUS!! I explode and cum loudly as I stroke faster and faster and watch as I spray hot cum all over my stomach and chest, thinking of all the girls I have fucked, pussey I have eaten and want to eat. As I slow down I rub my balls gently and then squeeze my shaft just under my cock head to push any cum out my cock. If I have used wax ,I normally try to remove the wax shapped helmet of my cock head without breaking it. Once I have recoverd, I head off for a nice long soapy shower and in some cases ice for my abused cock head.

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