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    Posted by Anonymous

    A friend & I had gotten pretty plastered and made it back to his apartment to crash.He had some extassy he scored,we thought it might help keep us awake to enjoy the night a lil' longer and so done it up.Before too long we were watching some hardcore porn on his big screen and having gotten nude were masturbating like crazy.Sharing what we would doif we were in the movies with the porn stars we got into talking about having had had bi sexual curious sex fantasies while watching porn,either of us were a bit surprized of the others bi curiosness and so ended up asking each other in what ways we wanted to explore to get one another curiosity completed.It was some where in this that I remember just saying I could show him alot more better than explaining it and slid my body down oppositly beside his,took his fat hooded cock sharft into my mouth and began mouthing,licking & sucking it while I could feel it growing longer & harder in my throat.As the night went on & we got totally feelings crazed on that exstacy crap, we explored a whole slew of erotic sexual degregation, including much oral sharing of the tastes of one an other's sensual body fluids...,he could'nt handle it...but I allowed him to fist fuck my ass hole...,now I'm still loose and find it hard to hold much poop !

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