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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi guys, im a gay 20 year old boy, but now im 15. My favourite thing is sucking another penis, i like them big and juicy like mine. Anyway, i was at school and there was a bisexual boy. I didnt know at first until i had hpe with him and i am one Of 6 boys in the class which strip fully naked. I always look at their penisses, im often the only one with an erection though. I noticed once he changed to my class he stripped too and looked at evey one's penis. One day i was staring at his and him at mine and then we both reslized we were staring at eachother's penis. Then he said come over here so i did and he put his hsnds on my ass infront of everybody and he squeezed and rubbed it, never been so horny in my life. I instantly got so aroused and grabbed his penis and jerked it. I said shove it In my dmall ass, he did and his massivd like 5 1/2 inch penis split me open. We only started the anal though once everybody had left. The he cummed inside me and so i started to suck the cum off and clean his penis. He said, your turn so i did and it was great, nobody realized we were missing iether. I fully cummed in him and then hd started to lick my asshole when a kid walked in and saw us. He awkwardly left and now all our friends tease us but from time to time we still do it. Plz leave a comment.

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    I got so horny from reading that, i ended up hVing sex with my gay boyfriend because that story was so sexy with all the penis and OMG i love it
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    Comment? Sure, you a fag and his a asshole. Together u queens!
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    Forget you, its not my fault im gay and enjoy penis filling me out and not filling out your gf.
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    Dude you don't even know if your 20 or 15. Lame story.
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    yep .. i stopped reading at "i'm a gay 20 year old boy , but now i'm 15 also" .. wonder if the poster is as "backward" as his proclaimed age drop .. lol
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    Wonder if this dudes name is also benjamin button ?! Lmao .. What an idiot !

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