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    Posted by Anonymous

    In 1982. I was 16 years old. I had my drivers lisence, but I didn't Have a car. I used to buy those "Free Press" type sex classified papers out of the newspaper boxes. It was filled with sex ads, and pictures & stuff. This was before cell phones, and even before 976 numbers.

    So anyway, I'm looking through the free press, and I see a picture of a really hot & sexy dude, he was really tan, and really hairy. He had a hairy chest, hairy crotch, and hairy legs. He had a classified ad that said he was 27 years old & was looking for a fun time, and there was a P.O. Box address. So I wrote him a letter, I told him that his picture really turned me on, I was 16 years old, and I wanted to suck his dick. I gave him a phone booth phone number & told him to call it Thursday night at 7:00pm. I told him it was a phone booth & that I would wait there for 15 or so minutes to see if he was interested.

    So on Thursday night, I walk up to the phone booth. I got there 10 minutes early. I wondered if this dude would call or would he just think I was crazy, and throw my letter away. I looked at my watch, 7:00pm on the dot. I waited restlessly. At 2 minutes after 7, the phone in the booth rang. My heart started pounding in my chest, and my dick got hard instantly. Raging hard…I picked up the phone and said "Hello?"

    The voice on the other end was deep & sexy sounding, "Is this Sean?"
    "Yes," I answered, I am Sean, is this Dave?"
    "This is Dave." the voice said back to me. He told me he was 27 years old, and he actually lived about 20 minutes away from me. I told him I was 16 years old & I described myself to him. I confessed to him that I was so turned on by his picture in the Free Press, that my dick got hard and I jerked myself off while looking at him. That really turned him on, he told me that his dick was hard right now. We planed to meet the next night, Friday. He told me he had a van, and we could fool around in the back. I told him there was a Jack in the Box restaurant on the corner up the street from where I lived. I told him that they closed at 10:00pm, and the parking lot would be empty and dark, and he could park there & I would meet him at 10:30pm.

    Friday night, I walk up to Jack in the Box, at 10:30. I could see there was a van parked there in the darkest back corner of the parking lot. My heart was pounding, & my dick was standing straight up in my Levis. I approached the passenger side & saw a really handsome & sexy man in the drivers seat. I walked up & said "Dave?" "I'm Sean."

    &quo t;Pleased to meet you Sean." the sexy guy said. I jumped inside & shut the door. He immediately noticed my dick was hard, & shaking my hand with one hand, put his other hand right on my crotch. Then he pulled me close to him, and kissed me passionately with his wet tongue probing my mouth. His breath was fresh & minty, and he smelled really good, like spicy after shave. He lead me to the back of his van, which was a cool, tricked-out 70's surfer van. There was plush shag carpet on the floor, a bean bag chair, a really nice & comfortable bed, and even a wet bar. He handed me an ice cold beer from the fridge, and started pulling off my clothes. He stripped me naked, and then dropped to his knees & began sucking my dick. It felt so good. Then he laid me down on my stomach, on the bed, and asked me if I had ever had my ass eaten. As soon as I said no, I felt his warm wet tongue jam up my ass. Ohhh I was really liking it. It felt so incredible. then he rolled me onto my back and sat on my chest, his hard dick almost in my face.

    "You said you wanted to suck my cock. " he said looking down at me with a devilish grin. His cock towered up above my face…rock hard, and throbbing. I looked up at it, licking my lips and smiling back at this really cute & sexy Dude sitting on my chest. I opened my mouth nice & wide and he laughed and pointed his cock downward toward my mouth & lowered it slowly in. I closed my mouth around his shaft, warm and wet & sucking it like it was my favorite flavor popsicle. (Actually it IS my fave flavor) He pulled it out & lowered his big meaty balls into my mouth. I sucked them too, hairy & meaty & plump.

    I confessed to him, "I want you to cum in my mouth." my eyes sparkling, "I want to taste your sperm." He stuck his cock back into my mouth. Then he grabbed the back of my head, and began pumping his throbbing shaft in & out of my mouth with quick deep thrusts. I was in heaven. I was really liking this. This hot fucking STUD was humping my face, kind of forcing me to take his hard cock in my mouth…in my throat. "Suck it!" he commanded me. I obeyed. I hoovered his dick like a pro, and loved doing it. His cock got so fucking rock hard, as he pumped my face. Harder and harder, I felt his shaft swell and then suddenly he moaned out loud, and gushers of his hot potent sperm began flooding my mouth. It tasted so strange, nothing like I thought it would. I like it, and I swallowed all of his sperm, like a greedy little pig. Every last drop of it I ingested. He was moaning and saying "God yes" and stuff like that, and breathing really hard. He told me, "I haven't came that hard in years dude," he said panting deeply. "Good boy." he said as he dropped down & took my hard dick into his mouth.

    That was the first time I swallowed a Dudes CUM. Pretty soon I was swallowing other dudes cum. And then I became addicted to CUM. To this day, I am addicted to CUM. I love to feel a guy shooting his load in my mouth. I love the feeling, I love the taste, I love the expressions on the guys faces as they are busting down my throat. I love to hear them moaning with pleasure, looking down at me, with their dick in my mouth, taking that load like a "good boy." I am always hungry for dick. I don't really care even if it is big or small, as long as it gets hard, and likes to get sucked. Any guys out there reading this, that like to get sucked, let me hear from you. Especially guys that get off on shooting their loads in my mouth.

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