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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was a kid my parents were already divorced. Dad would bring home a new woman every few months. It would always start intensely and be serious way too fast. And they always ended badly. Soon after, a new woman would move in.

    There was a woman named Sandra that moved in less than a month after Dad met her. She was friendly but she obviously had a drinking and prescription pain killer problem. Dad was a police officer and worked at nights. She would drink all day, but when he left for work at night she would drink until she passed out which was nightly.

    Add on top of that her addiction to pain meds and she was unmovable most nights. Any amount of noise or movement wasn't enough to wake her. Most nights she would stay in their room passed out, but there were some times she would get up, wander around and pass out wherever she fell.

    One weekend night, I was downstairs playing a video game when I heard a loud thud. I just figured it was Sandra falling down like she did often and ignored it. About an hour later, I got up to go to the bathroom and saw the light on under the door. I knocked a few times and after hearing nothing, I lay on the floor and looked under the door.

    I saw Sandra's hair on the carpet. I was more upset than worried because I was a kid. That kind of shit shhouldn't be normal to a kid. I opened the door to check on her and saw that she fell facing away from the toilet. Her head was on the rug, but her ass was in the air with her panties around her knees.

    My heart was pounding just looking. I could see she was breathing well, but obviously passed out again. I called out her name a few times. When she didn't answer, I put my hand on the middle of her back and shook her.

    My dick was so hard as I watched her ass slightly jiggle when I shook her. I stood up and put the toilet lid down before sitting on it. From where I sat, I could clearly see her pussy. I remember how smooth it looked thinking she must shave it.

    I reached out, put my hand on her ass and gave it a good shake while calling her name out loudly. After seeing no reaction, I put a hand on each of her ass cheeks and spread them open, enjoying her exposure.

    After calling her name again and getting no reaction, I spread her ass with my hands, reaching down with my thumbs, I opened her pussy lips. Her pussy opened up wetly and I can still clearly remember how pink she was inside.

    I pulled up the leg of my loose shorts to free my dick and pointed it at her pussy as I stroked it. Not wanting to cum too fast, I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy this. I was already dripping with precum by then and I squeezed out a large amount and touched the head of my dick to her ass cheak.

    That's as far as I was prepared to go, but as I was wiping my precum onto her ass I didn't stop. I just kept rubbing myself on her and it kept feeling better.

    Starting at the base of my dick, I squeezed out another large drop of precum and using the head of my dick, I touched it directly to her asshole. I know I'd gone way too far, but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. With my precum lubricating her asshole, I pressed my dick against her ass crack and began to fuck against her.

    Again, I had to remind myself to slow down. I pulled away, stroking my dick as I pointed the head at her pussy. After arguing with myself, I leaned in and touched my dick head to her pussy. I squeezed out another drop of precum and rubbed it between her lips with the head.

    Even then, I knew I was going to fuck her, but I still tried to talk myself out of it. I would tell myself to stop even as I was parting her pussy with the tip. It was so exciting to see my head sliding up and down and between her pussy lips slippery with my precum.

    Soon, I was slipping in a little at a time trying to make it last as long as possible. I was still young then. I had no control over my dick, so I had to keep stopping. Each time I stopped, my dick would twitch and I'd try to think about something else to delay my orgasm.

    When I was pressed as tightly and as deeply as I could get into her, there was no stopping it. I began to fuck her as fast as I could without shaking her too much. When I came, it actually hurt with an intensity my hand never gave me.

    After I regained control of myself, I used a washcloth hanging in the shower to clean her up. Even with the cold, wet wash cloth on her warm skin, she didn't flinch.

    A couple hours later, I was still awake trying to convince myself not to do it again, but I was hooked and wanted her. When I went down the hall, I saw the light was off. She was off the floor and her bedroom door was closed.

    I never got another chance with her and to this day I'm torn. I still build most of my fantasies around that woman and that scene, but I know what I did was wrong.

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    You little rapist.
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    LIKE # 1 !!
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    Bahahaha. At least she wasnt bleeding superficially
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    No man she probably knew what you were doing all along and liked it.
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    20 years ago my house burned down and I moved in with my brother. I sort of became a live in baby sitter to my 12 year old nephew. One weekend I baby sat while my brother and his wife went off for a weekend skiing. I was tired from shoveling snow and turned in early. I woke up a couple of hours later to find my nephew feeling me up under my sheets. I froze and pretended to be asleep while he explored my body feeling me everywhere. Then he got on top and put his little dick in my mouth and fucked it for a while. Finally he spread my legs and put his dick in me and fucked me while I kept pretending to be asleep. After a few strokes he came in me.

    I lived with my brother for a year and a half until I could afford my own place again. Meanwhile my nephew "rayped" me nearly every night the whole time.
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    When I was 12 I had a baby sitter who showed up barely sober and drank herself unconscious every time. She was in her thirties and fairly attractive with large tits though honestly I didn't pay much attention to her until one Friday night when I was watching TV and she was on the sofa behind me and I turned around because she made a funny noise and her legs were spread wide open, her skirt was hiked up and NO UNDERWEAR! That was the very first time I ever saw a naked female. I never even seen porn before. Now that would be somewhat unbelievable if that happened today but this happened over 40 years ago when most 12 year old boys would never have had access to porn of any kind. I stared at her bush in disbelief. She was snoring. I got up and sat down on the sofa by her legs and got a better look. I knew she wouldn't wake up because she always passed out drunk after a few hours.

    I almost came in my pajamas when I reach over and touched her pubic hair. I had no idea what female anatomy looked like. So this was all new to me. I stuck my fingers in and found her warm wet soft pussy lips. I stuck a finger inside her and felt around and found she was very big and loose. I put a second finger inside her and after a moment I found I could put my hole hand inside her. I reached even further inside her and pushed my hand past her cervix. It was a few years before I found out that it had been her cervix that slowed my progress. I was literally elbow deep inside her. Who ever had been fucking her must have been hung like an elephant. About then I noticed her cleavage. So I got up without taking my arm out of her uterus and reached for her tits. I found that her bra was not especially tight and could slip my hand inside her bra. I found her nipple and gave it a pinch. She didn't even stir so I pinched and twisted harder. She must have been very drunk as she didn't react at all. I momentarily lost interest in her pussy and went to town on her tits. I discovered that her bra was the kind that hooked in front. Later in life I learned that is actually quite rare. I unhooked her bra freeing those huge fleshy globes and just stood there playing with her tits, mostly her nipples. I twisted and pulled and yanked really hard. I then leaned over and sucked on into my mouth. I didn't know at the time but I was instinctually latching onto her. I sucked that nipple deeply into my mouth for all I was worth and clamped down with my teeth and chewed while holding onto her other tit. After a while I moved to her other nipple. That was when I noticed the big round bruise on the first tit. It didn't even occur to me that she might later notice her bruised chewed on tits.

    About the only thing my 12 year old mind had learned about sex before that night was that some girls sucked cock. I didn't personally know anyone who had but I had been jerking off for a few months to the recurring fantasy of sticking my little dick in a girl's mouth. Now I had my chance. I put my cock in her mouth and started fucking it while I continued to abuse her tits. It didn't take long to build up to a finish. I shot my load in her mouth and it was by far the best cum I had in my life at that point. But I didn't stop. My little cock never got soft like it usually did after jerking off. So I kept it in her mouth while I continued to play with her nipples. I played so roughly with those tits. I dug my fingers in deeply into the soft flesh while I worked my cock slowly in and out of her mouth again and before long I was working my way up to another cum and shot load two into her mouth. Believe it or not I was still hard after that but moved back to her hairy pussy. I wanted to see how far up her pussy I could reach so I worked my hand back inside her and got about two inches past my elbow. That is when I got the idea to put another hand in so I worked my left hand in as well and found that with some effort I could get my left arm past the elbow inside her as well. I have no idea what I was feeling with my hands but I felt around. Looking back I probably was feeling her ovaries or some such. If she had been pregnant I would have been groping her baby. I didn't know at the time that it wasn't normal to be able to shove an arm, not even a 12 year old one up a woman's pussy like that. Again, running purely on instinct, and having absolutely no prior knowledge of the female reproductive system and therefore being completely unaware that the way it was done was to put a penis in a vagina and fuck until cumming, I put my little erection into her hole and rubbed it around in her. It was like a mouse fucking a mare. I didn't care, it felt good. But then I somehow found her pee hole and it fit my little erection perfectly and I went at it. I fucked her pee hole hard and came a third and final time that evening. By then it was well past my bed time and my parents were expected home soon so I left my cum filled victim/baby-sitter and climbed into bed. I was almost at the point where I was drifting off to sleep when I realized I left my baby sitter in a state of disarray. So I ran back into the living room just in time. My parents were pulling into the driveway. I pulled down the baby sitter's dress and tucked her battered tits back into her bra and her bra back into her dress and wiped my cum off her face and ran back into bed just in time to avoid my parents who were just walking in the door.

    That was the first time I did that. For the next year and a half, every time I was baby sat which was about twice a month, I had a field day with my baby sitter's body. Then came the fateful day when I had just turned 14 and my parents informed me that I was officially old enough to not need a baby sitter any more. I tried but could not come up with a logical rebuttal against their conclusion and had finally lost my toy.

    Years later I learned that another boy a year older than me, had done the exact same thing to the same baby sitter. I never found out what happened to her after that.
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    My parents got divorced pretty much as soon as I was weened. My mom quit her coke habit the moment she thought she might be pregnant and my Dad used coke to control his women. When he couldn't control my mom any more he divorced her. Ironic since he had been cheating on her with a 13 year old. If my mom wasn't half brain dead from coke she would have been able to use his coke habit and penchant for little girls as leverage but she wasn't that bright and so Dad got custody of me.

    Dad had lots of money, changed wives every few years and girlfriends almost as often as underwear. Dad always kept lots of cash and coke in the house though he kept it in a safe. At ten I figured out his system for picking new combinations. Dad was very good with keeping good business records but never tracked his household expenses. When one of my step moms wanted money he'd hand her a bundle of hundreds, usually $5k at a time. When I wanted money I'd open up the safe and take what I wanted. Usually there were a few dozen bundles of hundreds, a bundle or two of every other denomination of cash and a huge box of ones. I later found out the ones were for strip clubs. So I helped myself being careful not to take enough for him to notice which usually was around a grand a week. Imagine a ten year old kid with a thousand a week allowance that his parents didn't know anything about.

    Now my Dad loved me. I never doubted that. He took me to Disney World several times a year. Every July we'd travel the country in his RV and every August he'd take me to Europe. He bought me enough that I really didn't need to steal from him. But I always wanted my own stash of cash. He also never missed one of my little league games or any other activity I was involved in. Almost every Friday night was movie night and he ALWAYS let me pick the movie. If there was nothing interesting at the theater he took me to the video rental store and to me to rent whatever I wanted to. This is before DVD's became available.

    After observing my father for years, by the time I was 12 I figured out his M.O. for controlling women with coke.

    One day when I was 12 my Dad went on a month long business trip to South America. He gave wife #3 a bag of coke and two bundles of $5k and kissed her good bye. He gave me a dozen hundreds and told me not to spend it all in once place. He gave me a hug then got into the limo and I wouldn't see him for four weeks.

    So wife #3 locked herself in their bedroom and in 24 hours she was out of coke. I could tell because any time she goes 24 hours without coke she starts screaming incoherently. That's about the time my dad goes to the safe and pulls out a little baggy and tells her to pace herself. To her, pacing herself is cutting a 10 foot line down the length of the marble top dining room table then snorting the whole line all at once which I am pretty sure would kill an elephant half way down the line but she had built up some sort of resistance to the stuff so I don't think a key of the stuff would kill her.

    On Day three wife three was balling her eyes out. She literally crawled on her hands and knees from their bedroom, down the hall to my wing of the house and banged on my bedroom door. She insisted that I must know where my Dad keeps his stash. She correctly assumed he had a safe and insisted I must know where the safe was and how to get into it. As if a 12 year old kid would know where his Dad kept his safe or know how to open it. Well actually I did. I also knew about the two other safes my Dad didn't think I knew about and I frequently went into all three for cash replenishment. It's good for a 12 year old kid when his dad never has any idea how much money he keeps in his own safe.

    So I told wife three that I had no idea and that I was only a kid and how the hell would I know. But of course I was lying. She screamed obscenities, cried, balled into a fetal position, begged, pleaded, cried, screamed more obscenities. You know, all the behavior exhibited by someone in in withdrawal.

    I wanted her really really desparate.

    So she crawled off back to her bedroom. Half an hour later I knocked on her door. In my shirt pocket was a little baggy about a tenth the size my dad had given her three days before. She didn't know it was in my pocket. When she answered I asked her if she liked sucking my Dad's dick. She gave me a disgusted look. Then I asked if she liked snorting coke. She took a few minutes to figure out that the two sentences were connected. I'd never had a blow job before. A friend of mine who was a year younger than me had the year before, when he was ten, told me that his family's housekeeper had sucked his dick. I didn't believe him because I didn't believe anybody would suck on a penis. But the more I thought about it the more I thought about it.

    So wife three crawled over to me and put her arms around me standing there and grabbed my ass and held on while looking up into my eyes and asked if I was messing with her or if I really knew where my Dad kept the coke. I told her that if she was a good whore and would give me a blow job (that's what I was told it was called) that I would show her where I found some coke.

    She very eagerly undid my pants, I stepped out of them and she had me sit on her bed and she gave me my first blow job. 15 minutes I came in her mouth. It was awesome. It was the best thing ever. So then I led her to the dining room and stood there naked and pulled out the bag and put it on the table. She went wild. She cut a line about two feet long and snorted it all in about 30 seconds. That should have been enough to last a week. Not for her.

    A couple of hours later she needed more. I made her wait there and went for 2 more bags. I told her I would let her have both bags but only if she promised I could fuck her. She agreed and snorted the second bag. She then opened up a bottle of booze and started to get drunk. She passed out half way through the 3rd bag. So I pulled off her nightie and groped her all over as she laid there on the floor. Then I lost my virginity.

    For the next 4 weeks I fucked her every day. I even pissed in her mouth a few times. She would have let me cut off her tits for a snort of coke. Dad never found out
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    Jeeze, all I ever did was sneak into my baby sister's bedroom when I was 12 and feel her up when he was asleep. I think she was three. That was fun but I'd rather have fucked a real woman.

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