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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well here's my first ever on-line confession when my husband went to work yesterday and I packed the kids off to school I spent the whole day masturbating myself. Throughout the day i would just randomly do it with whatever i could get my hand on or just use my fingers. The moment the kids went out my bra and panties were off and my dressing gown was on. I have always wanted to do it but have been a bit nervous about it and never really had an opportunity to properly do so with the kids running about and stuff. I feel so ashamed and dirty now as there was one part when I was laying on the stairs going for it frantically and Just as I was cumming the postman pushed the letters through the door it made more horny than I have ever felt.

    I am paying for it today though i am sore x

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    That is so horny email me at we can talk about your secret more.
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    Sounds like a great way to spend the day...good for you!
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    I love days like that too i get days like it quite alot my BF works in a school and only comes home at weekends. I like to lock myself in the shed or garage and look for items to pleasure my needs with, the best time i had was with an upside down bike i moved my self right up against the back wheel and slowly peddled backwards causing the tyre to gently flick against my swollen clit couldnt do it for too long friction sets in, but i have fucked hammers screwdrivers and cupboard door dont be ashamed go for it we all have needs.
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    Sounds like a good day. We all do that same thing, so next time, dont feel ashamed and dirty, just have fun. Its your body, after all!

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