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    Posted by Anonymous

    So going through college I somehow manage to stay a virgin. At college, my priorities were first school work, second sports (scholarship paid for everything), and third video games whenever I had time. I was just dedicated to my degree and learning as much as possible. I only did the sport just to pay for everything. I hated playing the sport, but whatever. I masturbated here and there, but looking back I don't know how I had time to even breathe.

    I use to play WoW and played with a pretty large guild. Which meant that I was just there for social reasons and nothing else. Well, I met a girl in WoW, strangely enough and we started a friendly relationship. Next thing you know, I got a great job near to where she lived and decided to move in with her. She had a roommate leaving, so I decided to move into her extra room in her apartment.

    So we were really good friends, and we talked about everything. She knew I was a virgin, but she always told me all of her boy stories and her sexual fantasies and desires. I think at first she thought I was gay. (I'm not). So prior to moving in the only pictures I've gotten of her was when she was a freshmen in college nothing too recent, and they were alright pictures. She's a petite filipino with curvy waste line and a nice set of breasts. But the pictures she sent me were not that flattering. So when we moved in together it was kind of awkward at first because she turned out to be an extremely hot attractive, intelligent young lady.

    At night, we would hangout and talk little about the day and her boy stories as usual. On the weekend we rarely saw each other because my job made me work the weekends and the weekdays. I'm a workaholic. But one night, she came home drunk and upset. She was upset about her last boyfriend, who was a serious jerk. But the problem this night apart from her other nights was that she was seriously drunk. I think she would have slept with almost anybody or anything that night at her current state. Luckily I was there. I am a decent guy at least and I would never take advantage of her at this current state. But I did the right thing and carried her to her room.

    She was wearing this cute romper or mini skirt that night, and she started to get undressed to put on her pajamas. For some strange reason, she didn't think that it was weird that I was there. She took off her clothes and bra and panties basically to put on her loose PJ's. When she was doing that I could see every curve on her hairless body. I could see her nice brown nipples and perky breasts. I was sort of stunned and did not know what to do. Of course my pants was starting to get hard. She asked me to help her with her PJ's and I did of course and she went to sleep. I was absolutely shocked and couldn't sleep.

    The next day in the morning, she was talking like it never happened. Right before she left, she got really close to me and said, "Last night... impressive." then she mumbled about how I didn't take advantage of her. Then she walked out to work. That night I didn't know what was going to happend that night. She got home and we started to talk and then she went into her room mentioning how hot it is. She came back out wearing her panties and bra. She curled up next to me and started grinding and spooning towards me. Of course, I had a huge erection on and she could tell. She wanted me to give her a massage. While giving her the massage she was slowly putting her hand on my thigh and reaching behind herself. I started breathing extremely hard and I think I probably would have orgasmed at any moment. She could tell instantly and turned around, smiled to me, and giggled and walked off to her room. She closed the door behind her and locked the door.

    I didn't know what to do. I was so upset, but confused. I didn't know what she wanted me to do, so I just went to my room and laid down. Later that night, I could hear moans coming from the other room. And then I get a text from her, saying how she's imagining me doggy style her right now. I instantly got hard and walked to her room. When I open the door the only thing I could see was her turned around with her butt in the air with her panties slide to the side with a dildo hanging out. I slowly walked to her and grabbed her waste and started grinding myself to her from behind. She just started to moan more and more. She could feel my erection. She stood up and I quickly undid her bra and grabbed her breasts. She reached around and pulled down my shorts. She was guiding my virgin cock into her pussy. And when I got inside her, it was like I was missing something for my whole life. That night we didn't sleep. I pounded her hard. I think I had like three or four orgasms that night. She might have had two or three? All I know was that she was enjoying it all. My cock was going in from behind so hard. I orgasmed once there and then we would make out. Then that would lead to her going down on my cock sucking everything out causing another erection. After that she would just mount on top of me and she would do all the work while I just sucked on her tits and grabbed her ass. It was euphoric night.

    In the morning, we would make out some more and get ready for work. Now everyday we have great sex, and once or twice a week a good blowjob in the morning. After a while, we decided to get a house together. And we are still together with almost the same routine every night.

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