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    Posted by Anonymous

    As a male growing up I could never understand why girls are constantly pulling up their pants, adjusting their pants or pulling down their shirt. It is important to include I have a panty kink. I know exactly how this started but that's too long of a story to tell. Let's just say the moment I became hooked transpired into my desire to own girls worn panties for the sole purpose of masturbating with them wrapped around my cock. That transpired into, I wonder what they feel like to wear. That transpired into, I think it could be fun to sleep with these on. That transpired into, I'm going to wear these in public for the thrill of wearing a girls worn g-string under my jeans and no one but me will have any idea. The fact that I was wearing a pink g-string under my jeans made me completely aware of where my jeans were resting on my hips at all times. For someone to see what I had on under them was to die. I feel like girls regularly pull up their pants / down their shirt for this very reason, of course, for someone to see for them isn't to die because they're women or girls and it is completely normal for them to wear the underwear that was designed for them. However, they still don't care to share their intimates with the world. And this my friends is why girls do this, you'll never fully understand until you wear a pair for yourself, unless you just don't care who sees. I love wearing panties and I hope some day I can wear them daily without feeling ashamed for doing so.

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