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    Posted by Anonymous

    ......i recalled how when we were teens, the time we got wasted and you were fucking me in my ass hole...,how your fatty was hurting me and you let me change around and give you head to give my sore ass hole a break.., i remembered being paranoid afterwards cause i thought you'd tell and i would get beat up and be forced to be a blow-job queen to half the school..,you didn't tell anyone much to my relief. didn't know i got raped by your big brother & some of his buddies a few weeks later though, that's when we never seen one an other again until we met the other night at that party..; I'd gone over hoping to ask your sister on a date and instead got drunk and played by those bad older boys.., they gang-banged me and came all over & in me, I was even forced to drink booze mixed with drugs & cum.., I saw your sister and some girls she hung with when your big brother had them brought around the back of your garage to witness my being raped.., afterwards I never had the courage to ask her out again, infact after that our family moved and that's when I never 'til yesturday seen you again..; I've fantasized while masturbating many-many times though.., I've thought many times about giving you head & wanting to milk your bone on crank.., So, what about it, you still game ?

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    ...holy shit.
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    ...holy shit.

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