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    Straight Female / 28

    I am very happily married and love my husband with my entire being. Though when he is away for days on end with work, I have sex with another man.I don't have any feelings for him, except the feeling of wanting his huge cock to fufill my needs. I get great satisfaction when he fucks me so hard my pussy aches for a while! It usually starts with us both feeling a little uneasy, light foreplay (I'm already wet from the thought when I arrive), and an awesome hot fuck! I would never leave my amazing husband, and not sure what has possessed me to have an affair, but I don't really want to stop either. All I can think of is how bad I want him in I want him to touch, taste, and fuck my wet pussy! And I want it to hurt, I welcome the pain! I spend time thinking of how I can get him to spank me. Though sex is pretty basic, I would love him to be more adventurous.

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    You don't deserve your husband. SLUT!! I hope he is cheating on you too!
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    I think personally that rather than someone spank you, they need to kick you ass just for your husband who is out working while you have your so called fun.
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    I agree comment #2. I think she should suck start a pistol
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    dnt blame u girl if I had the chance id fuk ur pussy to x
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    OK, the comments above are drown from an emotive response but have a lack of knowledge. We each have different needs in our lives. Although you know that what you do is wrong, you quite obviously need to have the extra buzz of extra marital sex in your life. However, you also have a need for control. When you consider what you have said, you would like the possibility of being spanked. In fact that is something else that you control. You don't mention your inner thoughts / needs / wants so you stay in control. You also control the situation with your lover because you go to him.
    The person that you need to speak to is your husband. Ditch this lover, speak to your husband and you never know, you may just find out that her wants to spank you.

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