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    My husband and I visit a local "Gentlemen's club" every week or so. I believe this one is unique because they allow women, but with the rule that women are only allowed in if we are completely nude the whole time we're there. I had assumed this would mean less women would be there, but there were actually more women there than men. We aren't really required to sit or act a certain way, other than if what we're doing is annoying/harming someone else. Sex is allowed as long as it isn't obnoxious, and "within reason" female guests are asked to allow male guests to touch them. Basically "within reason" means "as much as you feel comfortable with."

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    That is wild where is third magical place?
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    Invitation only, if I told you I'd have to kill you.

    No but seriously I can't just tell you. There are like these cards we have to give, and before we can do that the person we're inviting has to be approved with like a background check. I guess it's to make sure nobody with any diseases gets in, or anyone that might do anything bad to anyone else in the club... But, I can tell you it's in Arizona at least.
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    Darn I wish you had said Texas...oh we'll,,,,great story please write more
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    We have an orgy club near me. It sounds similar to this. It's not a gentleman's club though in the sense that you don't tip girls for dancing though I supose you could since nearly any sexual fantasy is possible in an orgy club. We have a club house with lots of different theme rooms. Membership isn't strictly by invitation but membership isn't really advertised anymore, especially for guys. the membership is about 60$ female and 40% male though it used to be the other way around. It is a bisexual club which doesn't mean if you are a guy you have to do it with other guys, it just means that bisexual activity is welcomed. You have letters stamped on your body to indicate your interests. For example if you have a big "R" stamped on your forehead and you go in the rape room you get gang raped all night. If you where a gold letter "P" on your forehead it means you are a toilet. If you wear a pink triangle that means your'e a guy who wants to play with other guys. triangle pointing up means you are a top and pointing down means you are a bottom. Same goes for girls wanting to play with other girls and so it goes. It's a little complicated though if you see a woman dressed in black leather holding a whip she don't need any letters to tell you what she's into.

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