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    Guys watching porn films with friends is common, but watching porn films completely naked with your friend may sound strange. I am a straight guy, but i have watched several porn films with a male friend of mine, who also is straight, completely naked and very much comfortable. We used to feel each other's hard thing and also masturbate there itself. At times, we used to study together completely naked. When no one was there at any one of our place, we used to call the other and watch porn. During holidays, my family was out for some days, but i stayed home on the pretext of studying. My friend came at my place to stay for those couple of days. The whole day was spent in watching porn, naked. I still wonder how many times in a day we must have masturbated at that time.

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    Thats how my buddy and I started sucking each other. His wife was out of the country I was at his place one night he said lets watch some porn. I been friends with him for over 25 years. We seen each other naked at the gym many times. We was watching porn he said he was horny his wife was away for 2 weeks so far. I said well masturbate he did and said join me We took our pants off was stroking. Of course the alcohol helped to loosen things up. I said wow your cock looks so good. He has a 7 1/2 in uncut cock. I am only 4 1/2 in cut. He said glade u like it it needs a sucking. I said want me to suck it he said yes. I got on my knees on the floor in front of him gave him a blow job as he sat there moaning. He empty his nuts in my mouth flooding it good I swallowed every drop. I been sucking him for about 6 years now.

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