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    two weekends ago i FINALLY got the guts to do it!!!! i have pretty much been in love/obsessed with my cousin laurie. she is 17 and im 15. ever since i noticed what a girl is ive noticed her. we live 2 houses apart and grew up together. she is a gorgeous curly haired blonde. like 5'1 125 pounds. jsut perfect!! round full butt, perky boobs. and the most perfect face! i know its so wrong because shes my dads sisters kid...but i cant help it. i knew we could never be boyfriend and i thought of other ideas to be wit her. well..i thought of this stupid idea like a year ago. i have been saving any money i could for this. as dumb as it is...i did it a couple weeks ago. we were alone at thier house. lauries parents, my aunt and uncle, were out. she and me were jsut hanging out...listening to cd's and not much else. it was too cold out to do we were stuck inside. i brought my savings with me...always been too chicken to do it. but that day...i jsut did it. i knew laurie just broke up woith her boyfriend and was pretty bummed out. not to sound like a dick, but i thought maybe this was the right time. i was soooooo scared. i was sure shed yell at me and kick me out jsut for asking. but we were talking, and she was telling about her breakup..etc. i told her she was the prettiest girl in the city by far. and then it hit me! as laurie kind of shrugged off my compliment....i decided to do this as a joke..kind of. when she said she wasnt that pretty...i kind of threw it at her...i told laurie, my cousin who ive been so in live with...that i had 287 dollars in my wallet and that i would GLADLY gove it to her to have sex with me. she of course laughed...but i took my wallet out and threw the money on the table. i laughed too...trying to cover myself. she looked right at the money and counted it. i was so sure shed laugh and assume i was joking...but OMG!!! laurie counted it twice...and looked at me and asked if i was serious. i was so scared to clue what o say. i guess i just said i was serious. she didnt waste anytime...she put the money into her jeans pocket...and told me to swear to god that this would eb a secret. now i thought she was kidding with me. but when i sowre it a sceret...she put her hand between my legs...omg! instant boner!!! my cousin took me to her bedroom..pushed me onto the bed and stripped in front of me. we were naked in her bed for over 2 hours...and i screwed her 4 times. so easily the best day of my see her naked and actually make out with her...and to actually fuck her!!! i know this is so wrong...but we both liked it. she wants to do it again i think...she told me it wouldnt cost as much next time. again..i know its wrong..i guess, but i had to confess.

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    Fucker for as long as you can as often as you can. Could have a fuck buddy for life you lucky fucker

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