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    Straight Female / 32

    My husband is almost thirty years older than me. We have a very affluent lifestyle, have a beautiful home and great kids but almost no real sexual interaction between us. My husband lost much of his libido years ago. Some three years or so ago my sexual frustration and his feeling of inadequacy threatened our marriage. He was afraid I would seek affairs and I was afraid of living the best years of my life in a virtually sexless marriage.

    Through fits and starts and a lot of experimentation and communication we've worked through our issues. I found that I needed to be more open minded about my sexual boundaries and he had to be more assertive in expressing his unconventional desires. As we worked through our problems he expressed his long hidden desires to watch me with other men. This fantasy of his wife not only being desired by other men but sexually satisfied by them was a powerful emotional need for him.

    I was very reluctant at first and went along for the sake of our marriage but over time I've embraced the idea of satisfying both my need for sex and physical companionship, as well as my emotional need for desirability and worthiness. I am blessed to be physically attractive and being thought of as attractive has always been a strong element of my happiness. With our current sex life, both of our needs are met. He arranges all of our encounters and I've long since given myself over to his desires. This can lead to some experiences that shock me and some that amaze me. I'm comfortable because of the high caliber of people we share our sex life with and the trust I have in my husband. I am confident in their discretion, their health, and their respect for us.

    Our first encounters were simply by the numbers sex with single men my husband made arrangements with that he knew or had checked out. He quickly grew bored with sex by rote and challenged me to trust him and I slowly came around. We've experienced so much since. He gets a huge boost from seeing a man have sex with me for the first time. Each time a strange man takes me for the first time is such a boost to his ego that it makes for such happiness in our home that I wouldn't give it up for anything. Seeing the man you love so pleased and attentive to you is priceless.

    He also desires a more primitive thrill at times when he arranges for off-beat and challenging experiences for me. We discuss these at length before we agree to them. These experiences have only been limited by our imaginations and the limits of our discretion.

    Rather than recite endless tales here I would like to briefly recount our last encounter. My husband told me that he had made contact with three out of town men, all married, all who appeared sane, discrete, and sexually adventurous. Through correspondence and references and the like, he asked each to join us for an evening at a high end hotel on a week night when all three were in town. They all were briefed on the night's expected activities and each was eager. I was apprehensive about what my husband had in mind but trusted him and we agreed that I would go along as best I could and that he would tone it down if I gave him the word.

    when the night came, we met with three men in their late thirties to early forties. All were in fine shape and presented themselves as active, attractive, confident men. I was nervous which seemed to intrigue the men. After a few drinks we retired to our suite where my husband had me remove my clothing leaving me in nothing but my heels, stockings and garter. I always feel so attractive when wearing lingerie and this night was no different.

    My husband directed the men to bring me to the bed where they had me lay on my back. I was apprehensive as they used Velcro straps my husband had purchased for the night to secure my hands and feet to the four corners of the bed. My husband asked them to tie my legs in a way that they were spread but my knees were raised comfortably. I was left in a position where I couldn't close my legs but I could squirm around.

    We were at the point of the evening. My husband wanted to fulfill his desire to see me orally serviced continuously by skilled men until I reached the point where I had to beg the men to stop. I had no idea how long I could hold out but was willing to try. I have a naturally sensitive clitoris and have never had difficulty orgasming from oral sex so I knew I was in for an interesting night.

    My husband directed the men to start in an order he selected. The men stripped and moved towards me. The first up was a beautiful caramel colored athletic man with dark eyes and a foreign accent. He looked me in the eyes as he moved between my legs. He started out exploring the outer area of my pussy with his fingers and his hands. He was very skilled as he worked his tongue across my bare outer labia and then into my vagina. He slowly brought his mouth to my clit where he softly sucked it into my mouth, pulling it and swirling it sending waves of pleasure through me. As he picked up the pace he slid his fingers into me as he drew me to my first orgasm. I started to move my hips to his touch as as it built me to climax. As it hit, he picked up the pace lashing my clit with his tongue as I moaned and squirmed through my first orgasm of the night.

    As my orgasm subsided, his continued his attack, licking fast and firmly on one small spot on my clit using his hand to pop it out of its hood as he licked and swirled. He quickly made me cum again and then shifted to another spot and did it again. After four orgasms, I started to feel uncomfortable and tried to move my pussy away from his mouth but he was able to maintain contact and started using his fingers roughly inside me as he found yet another spot on my clit to work. His technique was amazing as he drove me to three more powerful orgasms in quick succession as I tried to fight through the extreme sensitivity the orgasms were causing me. My body was bucking to get my tortured clit away from him but I mentally fought begging him to stop. I knew my husband was watching me with pride so I wanted to hold out as long as I could. After a couple more smaller quicker orgasms, this beautiful man changed his technique. My clit was screaming for relief, my body was desperate for a rest but I hung in there while he started to suck and swirl directly over my entire swollen clit as fast and as hard as he could. I felt a massive orgasm building as he worked me over harder and harder as my hips struggled to get my clit some relief. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists as tight as I could trying to make it through this orgasm. I heard my husband's and the other men's voices encouraging me through the sound of my own heavy breathing and high pitched groaning through my gritted teeth.

    As it waved over me, I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life hit me with great force. The man between my legs felt it hit and concentrated his tongue on the tip of my clit as hard as he could right through the orgasm. I collapsed as it subsided. Somehow this amazing man continued his assault on my clit which was so sensitive I had no choice but to beg him to stop. He was already working on my next orgasm as I begged for a break. My husband knew I was done and had me stop. I lay there sweaty and wet, trembling as the feeling in my body continued well after he stopped. I just kept saying "wait, don't touch it" as the men looked down at me. I needed at least ten minutes to recover. All told I had managed to last for more orgasms than I ever would have thought.

    Most nights I would have been long done and ready for bed but on this night there were two more men equally skilled in their own way awaiting their turns at my pussy. I managed to get through each man's efforts orgasming again and again but I just couldn't go as long as I had the first time. I have no idea how many orgasms I had that night but it was an amazing amount for me.

    Each of the men involved were wonderful, treating me well and making me feel so sexual and satisfied my husband was beaming as they released me from my bonds after each had had a chance. My husband had gone in thinking that my pussy would wear the guys out forcing them to switch out repeatedly until they wore me out but it was the other way around. He had found men who really knew what they were doing.

    After I was untied, I had traditional sex with each of the men for about an hour or so with each enjoying a strong orgasm of his own. We all cleaned up and shared a view drinks afterward before the men took their leave. My husband kissed me and told me how amazing and beautiful I was and left me tell you, I've never felt so wonderful in my life.

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