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    It was warm and sunny today so I decided to lay in my backyard and get some sun. My neighbor was in her yard doing some yard work. We did briefly talk and then went back to doing what we were doing. I was just in shorts laying back and getting sun. I was sweating quite a bit and even brought out my garden hose to get a drink and to throw some water on me. When I finally had enough sun I was going to hose myself down some more and had an Idea. The neighbor was still doing yard work in her yard and could see me since it was just a chainlink fence between our yards. I stood up and she told me it was quite hot out. I told her it was and mentioned I was sweating quite a bit and was done. I walked over to my hose and began to spray some water on me. I then took my shorts off and walked over to the fence and hung them on them. My neighbour saw me do this and was intently watching me. I them took off my underwear too and hung them on the fence. Her mouth dropped open as I was now standing naked in front of her. She now had her eyes on me and watched every movement I made. I then went back over to my hose and began to spray myself all over with water. When I was done I went back over to the fence to grab my clothes and my underwear fell into her yard. She got them for me and mentioned they were soaked. I told her it was all sweat. She made the comment about how I must feel much better now after spraying myself with water and I told her I felt much cooler. I told her I better go in and she suggested I wait a little while and let the sun dry me off. I did as she suggested and her eyes began to spend most of their time below my waist. It was fun standing naked and fully exposed making no effort to cover myself up in front of her and watching her reaction. When I felt I was dry enough I began to walk away and noticed she watched me every step of the way. I also noticed I had an erection which may have explained why she was looking below my waist just before I left.

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    You noticed a lot! Did you also notice that this never happened outside of your simple peanut brained mind?

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