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    Straight Male / 54

    I was out of town on business and decided to take a look around the town on foot, so I just started walking down toward the lights at night. I was looking for some stripper bars, but never did find any. I was heading back to my hotel room when a couple of college drunk college girls stopped right in front of me and asked if I would fuck them. I am not handsome and I'm even on the pudgy side, and balding, but this type of thing just happens to me--a lot. I'm married and I don't want to cheat on my wife--a little peek at a stripper now and then at a club, but no on he extra marital affairs--even with a couple college coeds. So I put them in a cab and told the cabbie to take them home, they were way too drunk to be out in public. On my way back I ran across a drag bar. I've never been in a drag bar and to my disappointment this one was closed that day, but I kept thinking about it. By the time I was back at the hotel I was barely able to fight off a raging hardon while I walked. I got back to my room and immediately stripped down and started masturbating thinking of going to the drag bar and what I'd see there--I came almost instantly and just kept rubbing. I soon came again, but was still hard and horny, so I just kept rubbing and applying a little more of the hotel lotion. I came again and again thinking about going to that bar--4 times in about half an hour and was still hard--and I shot more cum each time than I had in years. It was like I was pissing cum for a couple seconds each time I came. My cock was getting sore so I stopped. Each night I walked past that drag bar seeing if it was open, but no luck. I didn't want to have sex, or play with the dancers, but it really turned me on to think about going in.

    I've since had wet dreams, even after great sex the same night, while dreaming about going into that drag bar. It's funny though, I don't think about it when I'm awake, but I had another last night, and so it's in my mind now to confess that i'm turned on by the thought of going to a drag bar.

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    That's just shocking!!! Not the drag bar thing, but the pass you took on the two co-eds. I mean, I've read a lot of sick stuff on here, but that takes the cake! You're 54, probably married forever. Are you okay? Can't say that what you did wasn't mighty gentlemanly, but it does seem a bit off. I know you ain't a preacher of no kind, cuz if you were, you would have been all over that, lol! I admire your commitment, but shake my head at that missed opportunity. Maybe when you're 55, it will happen again.
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    My wife is great in bed and out and keeps me very satisfied, so I really have not desire to have an affair. The drag bar just is too weird of thing to wrap my head around, but it really turned me on.

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