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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I found this site kind of randomly while googling for a place to read or post erotic fan fiction of tv shows (I like family guy erotic stories). I've read some of the stories here and wanted to tell my own secret.
    I'm thirteen years old and when my cousin visits (he's ten) on weekends so we can hang out and play Wii and stuff, sometimes we kiss and he sucks my dick when it gets hard. I don't know if I'm gay or not. I mean I like girls. But he's kind of cute too. When we're swimming and stuff I like how he looks without a shirt on, and I think sex stuff about him. And sometimes I watch gay porn on redtube and think I'd like to make out with some of those guys too. I even think sometimes I'd like to suck an older guys dick, like some of the older guys in the high school by my house. The football players. I really admire them.
    But for now its just me and my cousin. When we first started out, we started by watching porn on the internet and I got kind of hard and asked him to suck it for me. He kind of laughed, but when he saw I was serious he did it. Its not like he was forced to or hated it, I mean he keeps coming back every weekend. Maybe its because I have a lot of stuff like a wii and a big tv and bluerays and a pool and he's kinda poor. But I think its also cause he kinda likes me too.
    I want to put it in his butt and see how that feels, but the one time I tried he said it really hurt and wouldnt do it. At first I got so mad I wanted to punch him, but then I calmed down and we just made out and he played with it til I juiced on his hand. And I played with his a little. But his dont get hard yet.
    Well, idk what else to say. Thats my story and you can believe it or not. Idc.

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    You are a young fag, a Peter puffer a h0e Moe Sex Yule.... When you get AIDS you recall that the onset was a pounding sensation in your ass.
    It is rare that faggots have lifetime partners. So suck all you fucking want nobody really gives a shit oh and when you are old enough get a butterfly tat on your ass you'll go far.
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    Man fuck the first commenter, you're curious and just be safe as you're getting older, and you'll live a happy life. be you and stay true to yourself, because people like commenter number one have lived hate filled lives and hate themselves up till their miserable middle aged lives. <3 do you kid.

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