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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I have a confession to make, and I can't just tell anyone I know. When I was a teenager, the summer I turned 16, I had an unusual experience with the woman I worked for as a babysitter.
    I babysat for a few people, but she was the coolest by far. I think it was because she was sophisticated, and was the nicest to me. Renee was a friend of my mom's, the wife of one of her coworkers. I worked for her and her husband off and on for a few years, but not too often since she was a stay at home mom. She was sophisticated, and very glamorous, very tall and thin, and full of flattery. She always told me I was adorable, haha, probably the main reason I liked her so much.
    The unusual thing happened during the summer, so I was quite happy to not only hang out with her but make some cash. She had to take her husband to the airport, a couple hours away, so it would be a quick night. But the flight was delayed in its takeoff, and she did not get back until a lot later than she thought. She looked so tired, I felt so bad for her, told her it was no big deal when she kept apologizing. She was not only tired, she said, but the kids were asleep and since her youngest was just a baby she was still breastfeeding him, and she was so tender and full she was wiped out. She liked having the temporarily big breasts, but felt far from sexy when she was ready and they were asleep. She usually had a breast pump for times like this, but her bottles were full, and was leaking like a stuck water balloon. "If only I were one of the kids," she said.
    She seemed so sad I told her I could do it, but she said "noooo, I wish you could sweetheart, your mother would kill me if she knew."
    I didn't see it as a sexual thing, but a natural one, and didn't see what the problem was. We talked a bit about other things, and she was so sore, she almost cried. She then said, "what the hell, no big deal right honey???? If you're still willing, I mean. No one has to know, but its not like I'll be doing my little babysitter."
    I was sitting on the couch, and she walked over and straddled my lap, facing me. "This will work best like this, I think," she said, and opened her robe. My eyes bugged out when I saw her bare breasts in my face, they were engorged, with a drop of fluid hanging from one of her huge nipples. I was not a lesbian (as far as I knew, yet)but they looked amazing. I said "wow," and she answered, "yeah, i know, I love them right now," and we giggled. Then I took one nipple into her mouth.
    She gasped out loud, and leaned her head back, almost crying. Instantly my mouth was full, and I started sucking. She fidgeted all over my lap, moaning and telling me how wonderful it felt to release, and I was way too good to her, etc. I was not sure how to do this, but I seemed to be doing it right. I kept sucking, with her hands around my head, playing with my blonde ponytail. When I would come up for air, her nipples would poke my cheeks, and though I never thought about sex with a girl before, I was getting very hot about it. Then I would switch to the other, she would gasp again, fidget in my lap some more, moan, coo, etc. She kept fidgeting in my lap, and her crotch went up against my knee. She was grinding against it, and I thought "oh-oh,here we go," but it didn't seem to be doing any harm, and besides, she seemed so happy, not beastly or sexual at all. I lifted my knee into her, and she pushed back, then fidgeted again so she was across my lap. I happened to look down, and saw that her fingers were between her pussy lips. She was fingering herself! She saw me looking and told me "not to look, don't worry about that, just keep sucking, I'm almost done I think."
    So I did. She had me lie down to be more comfortable, and leaned over me, her breasts like fruit hanging down. I squeezed both of them, and got her warm, sweet milk on my face and my tshirt. She reached down and pulled my tshirt off so I "wouldn't get any more on me," and pulled my shorts off too. By then, I knew we had crossed a line, but it still felt natural and right, so I didn't mind. I took a nipple into my mouth again, and she went back to fingering herself. I was squirming all over the couch by now, and she took my mouth off of her. I felt the milk drip on my breasts and tummy, and her head lowered.
    "Does it taste good????" she asked, and I nodded. Her tongue licked it from where it landed, and she moved her head lower, sucking my nipple, asking me if I like it. I did, and she moved her head lower, licking my tummy, then lower until she she was between my legs. She pulled my panties off, saying something about how people would freak if they walked in right now, but kissed my damp blonde bush anyway. Her tongue slid into me, and I jumped. Nothing had ever felt so good!
    "Now let me thank you for doing that for me," she said. "If you think that felt good, just wait a second," and began flicking her tongue inside me. I felt her find my clitoris, and then felt her suck it into her mouth. My legs were over her shoulder by now, and I pushed myself into her. She kept sucking on my button, and she was so right, I never felt anything so good. I was rocking my hips to match her rhythm, and when I exploded I yelled out loud. She looked up at me, winking at me and kissing my wet pussy, licking it all over, telling me how sweet I was. She then crawled up and kissed me, her tongue just barely inside my lips, so I could taste for myself. I was still shaking from my first orgasm, and sucked her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a bit longer, and I liked how her skin felt on mine.
    That was my first experience with a woman, but I have kept it a secret, for obvious reasons, but also because Renee and my mom are still friends. We even hook up on occasion, not too often since she's still married and her kids are all ten years older and sleep less soundly. I am not sure I would even tell a therapist, because I don't think it was a bad thing. It was a natural experience, and opened up a new realm of happy experiences that I would never have otherwise known.

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    This is the hottest thing I've ever read. Wow. Wow. Please write about another time you hooked up with her
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    Holy shit...... Amazing story. Thanks for sharing the experience. That's going to stay in my head for a loooong time.
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    43 year old female reading this story and i must admit that was hot. i am very wet from reading this - thank you
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    I am shocked this has actually happened to someone besides me. I babysat for a really cool couple in San Diego...both Naval Officers. Once when the husband was deployed the wife invited me over. She was going for her massage therapy certification and asked if she could practice on me. I was sort of freaked out by how turned on I got as she rubbed me on her massage table. When she started kissing down my back I had chills all over and became instantly wet. She started rubbing my clit over my bikini bottom and I just froze. I came in about 2 minutes...HARD. BEST. MASSAGE. EVER. ;)

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