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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok, this happened when I was 16 and my brother was 11.

    At 16 I was only 5'5" and at 11 my brother was taller than me at 5'7. He hit puberty at 10 and at 16 I was still waiting. Anyway, I got a girlfriend and after dating for a few weeks she is in my room on my bed. My brother comes barging in and I tell him to fuck off. He just smiles evily at me but I shrug it off as he leaves. We ended up falling asleep since I wasn't trying to do anything sexual yet because of my embarrassment of being a late bloomer. As we were sleeping my brother snuck into my room and put my hand in warm water. When we woke up the room reeked of urine and she how soaked my pants were and just started laughing. She said that she didn't want to go out with a baby. I told her it was probably my brother playing a prank, and that I wasn't a baby. She said fine and I walked her out and she left. I went into my brother's room to confront him but he said I deserved it. I told him if he ever did something like that again I'd embarrass him like he couldn't believe. He unfortunately called my bluff as he knew I was too nice a person to actually do anything to him. Plus he was bigger and stronger than me as well. So that night my girlfriend came over again, but she got there when I was in the shower. My brother came upstairs and yelled "quick, get out of the shower and come downstairs, there is an emergency!!" I actually believed him so I got out and just put on a bath robe and ran downstairs. First thing I noticed was that it was freezing. He must have put on the air conditioning to full blast or something. This combined with being wet made me junk shrink up quickly (not that it was much to begin with). Anyway I just come downstairs to find my girlfriend sitting down on a chair in our living room. I go stand in front of her to ask what is going on and somehow my brother managed to pull on the robe string without me even feeling it (I still honestly have no idea how he did that, maybe I was too distracted by my girlfriends outfit). Anywho, as I am talking to her I notice her start to smile, and then break out into uncontrollable laughter. I, still unaware of what's going on, turn around to ask my brother what's so funny and I see him holding a video camera. I then ask why he is video taping this and then I feel the draft. I look down and confirm that my robe is open and my 1 inch penis is exposed, along with my shrunken balls and pubeless pubic area. I then here my girlfriend ask if I really am 16. I said I was, but then my brother says that he hasn't been that small since he was 7!!! My girlfriend was actually intrigued by this statement and asked him how big he was now. Instead of saying, he put the camera down, not turning it off btw, and lowered his pants and boxers. He was fully erect and stood at least 7 inches. I couldn't believe it, my 11 year old brother had me beat by 6 inches, and he had a full bush of pubes, not to mention nice size balls. My girlfriend then proceeds to dump me and say out loud "I can't believe your 11 year old brother is huge and you are a baby. I don't want to be mean, but that tiny thing won't be able to satisfy me." She then leaves and my brother starts laughing. I go to tackle him but he says "If you hurt me, then this tape goes online." I couldn't do anything, I just had to suffer knowing that my little brother just exposed my secret to my girl and got me dumped. And even worse, he now has blackmail on me. GRRRRR!!!!

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    all that just to say that you have a small dick?
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    I liked that story, do you have anymore stories where you got exposed with your small penis and no pubic hair???
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    Haha, you have a baby penis! That's unfortunate.

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