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    Straight Female / 19

    My parents want me to hang out with the neighbour Kevin who is my age but really nerdy. He is shy and mostly alone all the time - so I agreed as I thought he lives next door and my friends will never find out. So I invited Kevin over to swim one night as my parents were gone out (and my dad again asked me to call him and invite him over) - we snuck a few beers from my dad's fridge in the garage and we went swimming. He was actually nicer then I anticipated and we were having a nice evening.

    When he came out of the pool, the bulge of his swimming trunks got my attention - this boy seems to be packing a huge cock and he had a nice trail of hair on his stomach and chest that was really HOT ! I could see the outline of his cock head on his swimming trunks and it looked yummy.

    We went inside to get changed and to watch a movie. Somehow things got HOT between us and we had amazing sex !!

    MY CONFESSION is that my nerdy neighbour has a HUGE THICK COCK - its almost as thick as my arm and very hard...and he fucks like a prince ;p It's simply amazing and I squirt a clear-like liquid evertime I cum !! I now get a towel under me when we have sex and I just can't get enough of him.

    My father is happy that we are hanging out !

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    I was 18 and a guy when new people moved in across the street. They were black, the boy was 14 and was very quiet. MY dad said I should make him welcome, after our first time togather, I know he felt welcome, cause like you I found out how big his dick was, and that he could use it.
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    Why do nerdy skinny boys always have the biggest cocks ? That has been my experience anyways....

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