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    Posted by Anonymous

    last weeked i was at a party that was pretty awesome until everyone got wasted. i was going to get a beer when this kid "tripped" and pulled my sweatpants down to my knees showing my black thong to EVERYONE. i almost died i screamed and le ft. i was so embaressed and pissed

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    I imagine you'd be even more embarrassed that everyone saw your thong if it turns out you're a guy.
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    Yes, if I was a guy it would have been more embarrassing, but unfortunately I am a girl but it was still embarrassing.

    You sound like a guy who if you would have seen my black thongs, you would have kissed my ass cheeks, right?
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    Yes I would have kissed your ass cheeks.
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    No i wouldn't have kissed your star jone's flabby ass wrinkly discusting worm infected cheeks.

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