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    Posted by Anonymous

    so one really hot afternoon i thought it'd be good to go into my pool to cool off, my sister was there with her friends, i didn't much care i just wanted to cool off. well at one point one of her friends dove in and lost her bikini top and i thought it was absolutely hilarious..apparently i was the only one. so my sister and her four friends started yelling at me and i was acting all cool saying things like "get a sense of humor, seriously" and what not, when like a bat out of hell the underwear i was wearing with my board shorts shot up in the air. within 10 seconds i found myself hanging from the fence around our pool. aside from being in an extreme amount of pain, now all of the girls were laughing at how i was wearing tighty whities under my suit, not boxers like "real guys" do. so naturally they pulled down my bathing suit and laughed some more and then left me behind hanging. thankfully my neighbor who is about my age came over to swim in our pool got me down. i didn't even mind that she was laughing her ass off as i was lying on the pool deck massaging my ass just about naked.

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    There is nothing wrong with tighty whities.
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    Yes there is. They are for little baby boys with little weiners.
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    How could they pull your suit down when you were hanging on the fence, bs story about a little boy with a tiny pecker.
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    No you see they took my bathing suit off first, and then hung me there.

    and how are they for little boys? grown men in those workout magazines with huge muscles wear them..and thongs, aswell
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    You didn't say that in your story, I think you just had a bad dream.

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