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    Straight Male / 35

    I like to fish, and I'm always looking for fishing buddies, because face it, any day is made better by fishing. I few months back I made a new fishing buddy and he seemed to be fairly good. We got a long great and we both caught fish when we were out--couldn't be better right??

    So about the 3rd time we go out, bank fishing, he asks if it would be alright to bring his wife. I told him sure and expected to have 3 in our party fishing next time.

    It was his turn to drive so he comes by and gets me about 4AM and we're off to the spot. His wife, not a bad looker, is with him and I sit in the back and just catch up on some sleep. We get out to the spot and unpack, and she doesn't have any gear. I'm almost instantly in a bad mood thinking she's going to be trying to talk all day while we're doing important stuff--ya know, fishing!

    We get out there to the site, and get set. Put our poles in holders and ease back on the grass to enjoy a beautiful late spring morning. I hear this "zzzzzzip" and look over at my buddy, and his wife is stripping down, and he unzips his fly, and then she sits on him. She's bare ass riding him while he's laying there waiting for a bite! He smiles and mumbles something to her, part of which sounds like "left out". She looks over at me and licks her lips, then climbs off him.

    She walks over to me and kneels down and unzips my fly. I was already rock hard seeing her bare ass ride, but now she takes my cock out and starts sucking me. I shot my load down her throat and she gobbled it up. And that set the tone for the day.

    She told us who ever catches a fish would have our choice of what to do to her. Cunt juice apparently is a good bait enhancer, because we both caught 4 nice ones that day. I jammed my cock into her wet c**t twice, pumped her ass full another time, and she blew me again.

    When we were done for the day, since it was a tie for the number of fish caught, we both had at her. She was down on all 4. I was ramming my hard cock into her for all I was worth and she had her lips wrapped around her husband's cock. I was slamming her hard enough to push her forward forcing her husbands cock down her throat with each of my thrusts. I started pumping her full and I caught sight of the game warden sitting up on the hill by the car watching us through binoculars. All I could do was smile for him and hold on while my cum filled her fantastic c**t. My buddy soon shot his down her throat and we headed back to the car.

    When we got back to the car, we saw the warden there. He smiled and said, "Looks like you boys had a good day." We just smiled back and told him, "Yes we did!". After that he just walked away smiling and whistling. When my buddy went to open his door, he saw what the warden was smiling about. The front fender and wheel of the car was dripping loads of cum. Apparently it was a good day for the warden too! Voyeuristic bastard!

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    Uh huh. Why do you sometimes censor the word cunt, but not every time? Better run this one back through the rewrite.
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    I don't censor it, the site does.

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