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    Straight Male / 36

    I got my fetish when I was 10 and my mother's friend began spanking me. She was my first dominatrix, and she would play all sorts of sexy games with me. This lasted three years, until she found someone younger.

    Over the years I've had a few "vanilla" relationships. I've only found a non-professional who could do it right a couple of times. I wanted to be a slave as a lifestyle, but the combination of love and BDSM is very difficult to find.

    Then my brother told me about the troubles he was having with his daughter, my niece Valerie. She had been caught "playing doctor" with boys in her neighborhood and even at school. It's normal for a young girl to be curious, but she was looking up pictures of penises on the school computers. it upsets school officials to discover a schoolgirl bypassing the internet filters to look up naked men!

    I suggested she get out of the neighborhood and offered to watch her for the summer, so they didn't have to worry about her. My brother knew I was a pervert, but he knew I was a submissive. So he and his wife figured that maybe three months of being on her best "visiting" behavior would help teach her self-control and they didn't have to worry about the neighborhood boys lining up to show her their willies.

    So my niece Valerie came over of my place for the summer. I had already planned it out, and on the way told her I didn't mind her being curious. She directly asked me if I was going to show her my willie, and I told her only of she wanted me to. She clapped and took it out of my pants on her own!

    At my place, instructional videos were left out for her - "Dominatrix Lessons" and "Tips for Mistresses and Slaves". She watched those and the bondage porn and absorbed it all. It only took a couple of days for her to insist on being called "Princess" and ordering me to suck her toes. She was a sweet, bossy thing, and she now knew what she wanted. Princess Valerie was wonderful, commanding and demanding and eager to experiment and quick to punish.

    When the summer ended, I took her home and said how well-behaved she had been, but Princess Valerie had her own ideas. She ordered me to suck her toes right in front of her parents, and I obeyed out of reflex. My brother knew I was a sub, and he immediately figured out what had happened. We discussed things (my sister-in-law yelled a lot), and he admitted he couldn't really think of Princess Valerie as being a victim when she was the one tying me up and whipping me with a riding crop and giving me orders. If anything, he thought her peers should be protected from her!

    So I ended up moving into my brother's house, getting a new job, and finally getting my wish of the Perfect Dominatrix. I was permitted to sleep in her room and do her chores and she gave me permission to do her chores and be her slave. , Her parents said she could keep me only as long as she didn't get in trouble at school or with the neighbor boys and took good care of me, and Princess Valerie would rather have one slave than a hundred boyfriends. So everyone though she had "calmed down" but in fact she was being satisfied at home.

    It's been six years now, and Princess Valerie has blossomed, both as a lady and a Goddess. She is a true Mistress of bondage scenarios, always surprising and inventive. She is extremely strict, and I worship her strength and passion. Her mother finally came to accept what we were, and seeing how her daughter treats me, she actually said that she's glad I'm there so she isn't roaming the streets. Princess Valerie's schoolmates think she's a bookworm and not interested in boys. She's simply too good for that immature lot. She has more rarefied tastes as befits a superior being.

    I dread the day she finds me too old, but she has promised that when that day comes she will give me a dignified retirement, taking care of our offspring and being her slave-in-chief.

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    I get the idea of being dominated sexually. I certainly see how it could be hot to be ordered to perform sex acts by a woman dressed as a dominatrix, and I even have some understanding of how some people enjoy mild pain, but I have no clue as to what possesses a person to enjoy slavery as a lifestyle. Never have, and never will. As a role play activity on a temporary basis, I could understand, but It would get old real fast for me. Why it is so popular as a fetish lifestyle is beyond me.

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