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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Last week-end I was asked by an elderly widow neighbor (60) to help her with some items she needed to move from her garage to a storage unit she had rented. Mrs.Fisk (Ellen) is a rather heavy woman but very easy on the eyes. Her red hair and lite freckles are a turn on for me. It took the better part of an afternoon to move all the items, and when we were done, she invited me to stay for a glass of wine. Sitting across from her, my mind began wandering about her and how pretty she really is. I noticed she wore very little make-up and has aqua blue eyes. Although being on the heavier side (5'1 ... 220 lbs), she is a looker!
    Having drank 4 glasses of some nice red wine, I asked if I could use her bathroom. She was sitting directly across the door to the bathroom. While I was in there, I noticed a hamper open and a pair of her panties were laying on the very top of the hamper. Curiosity got the best of me and I picked up that pair of her worn panties and smelled her wetness, closing my eyes and imagining her vagina and hoe sweet it must be. To my surprise, I looked up to see her standing in the door that was slightly ajar. She was not very happy at what she saw.
    Without hesitation, she pushed the door all the way open and demanded to know what I thought I was doing, handling her 'personal Property'. I confessed to her that I couldn't help myself, and I apologized and begged for her forgiveness. She grabbed the pair of panties from my grasp and demanded for me to follow her into the den. It was there that she commanded me to get on my knees and place my hands behind my back. Upon doing this, she began scolding me like a child, and then she rubbed her panties all over my face. She told me that if I was acting like a perverted little boy, she would treat me like a perverted little boy.
    Thus began my training of being submissive to Mrs. Fisk.

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    Mrs. Fisk and i know how to deal with perverted little boys like you dont we?, I am sure Mrs. Fisk will be very thorough with you as would i, I have a desk in my study and many a perverted boy like you has been put over it whilst being made to wear my underwear that has caught their perverted eye being the disgusting boys that they are, I feel if you like her underwear so much she should insist that you wear them all the time, One pervert i deal with has had all his male underwear removed and is forbidden to wear anything other than what i tell him to i.e. Female underwear, I expect you would no doubt balk at the very idea but that is not up to you is it?.
    Miss. Blaque

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