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    Straight Male / 22

    I read the submission from the man who likes to crossdress. I started crossdressing with a freiend when I was nineteen, and this has gone on now for the last four years, and we both love it. Neither of us describe ourselves as Gay or even bisexual. One day we were at his house feeling bored, and we got to talking about stuff, and the subject of crossdressing came up. It sounded daring and like fun, so we decided to try it. We used some of his mother's makeup and to our surprise, we both made fairly attractive looking girls. It was kind of a turn on, so for fun we tried it again a few days later. Like I said, it was a turn on, and the two of us ended up jacking off together, which was great.
    After that, we began to regularly get made up, doing lips tick and eye liner, and we painted our finger and toenails. Usually we would end up jacking off and having a great time. Then we got sort of curtious about if we could actually get away with crossdressing like that in public. So one day, early, we got made up and we went out. We did the make up and polish thing, but we didn't have access to exactly feminine clothing, so we just wore some sleeveless tops and cut-off snad flip flops. We had absolutely no priblem in getting away with it, and that was such a thrill! We began venturing out that way quite a bit, going to the movies and out to get a bite to eat and things like that. We had quite a few guys notice us. Neither of us were interested in having any sort of homosexual relations beyond what we enjoyed with each other, which was pretty much just mutual masturbation.
    Anyway, the long and the short of it is, we both now have our own places, and we get together and dress up regularly and go out and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. For each of us, this is a fun and thrilling thing to do, and we thoroughly like it. And some basic research shows that in fact, quite a number of guys like crossdressing because it is a thrill and interesting to experience. Nothing wrong with that!

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    There is nothing wrong with it at all, But i think you would both enjoy it more if you took it a stage forward and did more than mutual masturbation, There is nothing quite as hot as two guys looking pretty and getting down to some action just like a pair of lesbians, Trust me it is such a great turn on my buddy and i dress up and have some realy wild times together.

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