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    Straight Female / 48

    As I get older I find myself taking stock of my life. I have lead a rather adventurous life especially sexually. I have many regrets and since this is a sexual confession site I think I'll confess.

    I'm a brunette who was blessed with a nice figure which I maintain to this day. Thin waist, D cup breasts which were full and round and are still holding up well, a nice ass and eyes men seem to love. I've had an understanding of men since a young age and being a free spirit from puberty on I've enjoyed men and sometimes women sexually.

    My first kiss was in fifth grade when a sixth grader kissed me under a tree in my yard. We tenderly kissed and held hands and afterward my mom told me she had seen and that she didn't want me dating at that age. Sigh.

    My first sexual experience occurred when I was in sixth grade. Hormones running wild I landed a boyfriend who loved to watch me do my gymnastics routine. I was forever spreading my legs and doing splits. He was an older man in seventh grade who was the first to touch my ass and boobs. His cock was the first one I ever touched but alas it was through his pants.

    In seventh grade I sucked my first pair of boobs and fingered my first pussy during a sleep over. Laurie I'll never forget you.

    My next boyfriend was when I was in 8th grade. The entire class took a trip to Wash DC and one night when the chaperones must have been distracted, I ended up in a closet with him. I nearly fainted when he slid his fingers into me and sucked on my rather well developed boobs.

    My freshman year I was playing it footloose and fancy free. I ended up at a party making out with a senior who fingered me and then whipped his dick out looking for a blow job. His dick looked about three feet long to me. I sucked my first cock and almost threw up when he shoved it down my throat. I tried but I had no idea what I was doing. By Monday I was known as the school skank.

    I dated a nice boy from Junior year to senior year. He never quite got up the courage to take my virginity but I did figure out how to suck cock sucessfully.

    We were on a college visit together where he got drunk and passed out and a pot smoking 22 year old junior took my virginity. I felt terrible and he knew something was up. I broke up with him soon after.

    My second was a thirty-year old guy I worked with. We talked a lot and I told him about losing my virginity and before you know it he was fucking me regularly. Screwed up my schooling and ruined my relationship with my parents. He was a jealous possessive sexually exploitative shit head who I wised up too after a few years.

    I moved back in with my parents at 20. They allowed it because they needed my money. I commuted to school and worked for a piano retailer as a receptionist. While living at home, I fucked the 40 something married guy who lived next door, the 30 something guy who rented an apartment from my parents, my old high school boyfriend (finally), my old high school basketball coach, my boss, my boss and his friend, the warehouse foreman, three guys on spring break in Florida, a female college grad student who was in love with me, a string of one night stands and my aunt's husband which I have always felt bad about.

    I met a national sales rep in his forties who took me to California, fucked me silly and tried to control me. I was a 22 year-old beauty with mouth watering tits and this asshole left me home alone all the time in LA. He wanted me to get pregnant so he could own me. Instead I fucked his best friend, his ex-wife's husband, his boss, his brother, the guy from the sub shop, and his coke dealer.

    He got me into blowing lines and anyone who did a lot of coke in the 80's knows 80's girls used their pussies to score coke. I was no different. I hooked up with a black guy who was a heavy mover for a time. I left my boyfriend and moved in with him. He enjoyed fucking me but used me to entice men as well. He had me snorting lines off he and his friends dicks and liked to rub coke on my pussy and have me rub it on him and his friends boners. He thought nothing of having me suck guy's cocks or to fuck whoever while he wheeled and dealed. He got "over extended" and needed cash. Hence there are sixteen porno movies floating around out there that I am in. The most famous porno guy I fucked was a guy named Jerry Butler who was married to a girl from the Adams Family TV show. So far only one person in my current life has admitted to seeing one of them. I hope he's the last.

    In 1989, after nearly dying of a drug overdose, I moved back home. I have stayed away from hard drugs ever since. I set myself up with cash I had earned making movies and turning tricks for my LA boyfriend. I felt entitled to the cash. I worked as a waitress and continued to turn tricks for living money and went back to school. I ended up taking an apartment provided for me by a rich married guy. He paid the rent and I let him fuck me three or four times a month. I banked a lot of money the three years that went on. I spent the summers of 1990, 1991 and 1992 in Puerto Rico working at a bordello/whore house. I banked good money taking on tourists and occasional locals who were obsessed with my tits. In a few years I obtained my degree and landed a nice position working for a company I choose not to name. As usual I used my pussy to gain traction.

    I was no longer turning tricks and I bought my condo outright so I was on my own. I met a very connected older man in his fifties who fell in love with me. We married and had two children. After a few years he was done with sex. All he was interested in was suckling my tits and wanting to watch me have sex with other men. I loved him and was hardly a shy butterfly so I went along despite misgivings. At first it went well. He bought a condo which he used to set me up with strange men. He would watch. I started getting too into it. He arranged for me to have sex with a long string of young guys, mostly white guys and black guys. Being a sexual person, I greatly enjoyed those nights. We went on sex vacations where he would sit and watch me with single men, sometimes two or three at a time and occasionally married couples. He very rarely fucked me or let me relieve him but my personal sex life was intense. The night it was me, a black man named Sammy and two of Sammy's friends was a show stopper.

    Eventually he told me that he wanted me to have affairs with whoever I wanted and that he no longer wished to watch. I had a few half hearted sexual encounters with people I worked with and with clients but nothing all that serious. I did fuck his much younger brother to my everlasting regret because despite my first husband's voyeuristic nature, I greatly respected him and having sex with his idiot brother was terribly disrespectful.

    My first husband became distant and eventually asked for a divorce. The settlement was generous and we had a fantastic relationship until his death.

    I kicked around for awhile, raising my children and meeting different men. I took a vacation to the Caribbean with a married friend where we indulged in the local flavor. I went to Prague for a month on business where I contracted to work for a sex club/brothel on commission for a few weeks on a whim. That was an experience as many of the clients were foreign tourists who were married looking for threesomes with an attractive woman. I ate more pussy those few weeks than the rest of my life combined.

    In 2001, I met met a younger guy fresh off a divorce who wanted to live the wild life. He was with the right girl. I'm a bit of an actress. He was into watching and group sex and things like that. I never told him that I was experienced in such things and played each encounter up to his great pleasure.

    We had many an adventure. Me, the cutest little blond wife you've ever seen, my boyfriend and her husband and six well hung black men in a hotel suite in Connecticut. A whole weekend of endless hard sex. Me nude his boat, four dicks one pussy. Him tied up, watching me suck off a succession of men while blindfolded. Me playing a hooker in Vegas, him unaware of my past, me making $4200 hundred in a weekend. Him in pain from jerking off too much. Us growing apart. Sex our only connection. Fits and starts, sexual thrills (amateur night at a strip joint, me alone at a dance club taking on a twenty three year old horny Hispanic guy, me getting pregnant by an unknown black man while in Jamaica. A single mom with two teenagers and a toddler, my sex life non-existant after he moved on.

    Things I'm not proud off happening. Me fucking my good friend's husband, me allowing a random plumber to fuck me, me constantly blowing my neighbor's husband, me fucking a high school kid who mowed my lawn, me breaking up a college kid's relationship by blowing him one too many times, me having a sexual relationship with a vulnerable young lesbian who I led to believe it was about more than sex, me allowing our dog to lick my pussy (awful of me), me sucking and fucking every hard cock that came my way, me embarrassing my daughter with my revealing outfits and promiscuous nature.

    Me giving head to my son's uncle, my baby walking in on two men fucking me while I was drunk, my doctor angrily telling me to close my legs because my pelvis was so inflamed and infected from random sex that I was risking my health. Me blatantly trying to fuck the cop who came to our place after a break-in, me fucking my daughter's friend's father, me bringing home strange men for sex, me never explaining where their black baby brother came from. Me not really knowing.

    Us losing the house, moving to an apartment, me wearing revealing well out of date clothes , shaking my tits and ass at any guy who showed up. Me fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry who came along. Me making a complete fool of myself with my daughter's friends, flirting with scared high school boys, getting caught fucking one of her friend's home on break. Me and my daughter going to the police station because I witnessed my neighbor strike his wife. Me in short pink terry cloth shorts that displayed my pussy and a matching top that my nipples almost cut through. Cops ogling me, my daughter so embarrassed, me obscenely enjoying the attention.

    Du ring a bad time, me sneaking off leaving my kids at home while I attended a weekend long sex party in PA where I fucked seven men. Me feeling worthless unless there was a man staring at my tits or sticking his dick in me.

    Me pretending to be normal but underneath a woman who felt worthless and no better than a fuck hole for men. Trying to find comfort in inappropriate sexual encounters.

    Now, married. My kids are fantastic. I love my husband, a man three years my junior but so much wiser. A man who knows everything I just typed (except about the dog-god I wish that never happened). We've been married three years. No cheating. No sex parties. No strange men. No women. Just him, me and our kids. I like myself as I am now, I love him, I love my children. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. Most of this confession relates to fond memories, some of it bad memories, or embarrassing behavior but I wouldn't change my life for anything at this point.

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    your kids know where half black sibling came from, with maturity that also understand why you are in the position you are in. As for blow jobs and free sex, chances are sign you wanted validation. Wanted to be loved and to love. Had and still have trust issues. Same lack of security could effect your children. You daughter being a prude or a slut could be to emulate mom; or distance her self from your display.
    If and when your porn is found by kids, will have an effect on your relationship. Your best bet is playing the victim of the drugs. Would make your kids want to avoid them. If you say a man, could make for relationship and trust issue with your kids.
    As for police officer and offer to do him, it happens. Taken a bloody women from abusive home, she wants to fuck me. that's the protection complex. Have had women invite me for dinner, sex and more, its the I can trust him complex. Some have uniform fetish and just want the authority figure pounding them.
    One much older dispatcher told how she feels open and safe while impaled by me. Free to orgasm with out restrictions.
    You have issues and doubtful will get them worked out. Best to hope for is peace with your self. Be a grand mother and a good one. Should redeem your self
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    This was a lot to read and take in. I have done some similar things but not as many. I have enjoyed most of them with a few regrets. I also have grown out of most of this and live a settled life now. I am happy to here you are now doing the same. I wish you the best and to let you know your not alone or the only one. Thanks for sharing.

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