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    Straight Male / 32

    When I was 13 or so and on summer vacation from school my sister and I were home together all day. She was four years older than I was and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted all day anyway so not much actual sitting was required. One morning I was sitting in my room and she walked in and asked me if she could try something out on me. I asked her what it was and when she first used the term BJ I had no idea what she was talking about. She said that it would not hurt just lay down on your bed, I went over to my bed and she started undoing my pants then gave up and told me to undo them and pull them down to my knees. I was slightly confused and asked again what a BJ was fearing that she was setting me up for some prank or something. Finally I had pulled my pants down while she explained that she just wanted to try something out and stop worrying so much. I watched as her hands grabbed my underwear and pulled down, then she got herself up on the bed and started massaging me with her hands. I was speechless watching her gripping my penis and running her fingers all over it. She then lowered her head down and slowly licked and sucked on it, she stopped after five or six strokes and asked me how it felt. I could not talk, my insides were so wadded up my stomach was aching and my penis felt like it was going to burst open from being so hard.
    She went back to sucking on me and suddenly I felt like something was starting to hurt but then turned to pleasure as I started to cum, my legs were straight out and she was holding it with both hands and sucking very hard. I was amazed that she was doing this and could not believe that something could feel this good. When I was finished she told me that I did not last very long but how did it feel. Great was all I could get out.
    So that is how my summer began, she was coming to me once a day for about a week and asking to give me a BJ to practice. I had always thought she was a little strange and now it was confirmed but I thoroughly enjoyed all of her practice sessions and received about forty blow jobs from her that summer.

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    wow, lucky fucker you are.
    She never asked for anything in return?
    how is she when you meet up?

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