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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife and I talk dirty about her fucking other well- endowed men. (Iâm average size). It has been going on for almost 3 years. The craziest part is how it has escalated and I'm a bit scared of where it is going!
    Some of the nastiest dirtiest things come out of both of our mouths that it truly makes me think it may happen one day!
    We usually talk about her taking a group of big black cocks while I watch or lick her pussy as they take her.
    A few months ago I printed out a Big Black Cock Slut Certificate contract I found on the internet for her to sign. I was so nervous pulling it out, thinking I was taking this too far and that she would see me as some kind of pervert. But instead she looked it up and down and got a huge smile on her face! It had a picture of a big black penis and a pregnant white girl on it. She said she would sign it if I made sure no one saw it. I took pictures of her holding the contract and her 10 inch dildo next to my smaller penis! She would later tell me as she took the bigger, longer dildo that the contract made her very hot and wet and that she wants to be a âBlack Cock Cumdumpsterâ!

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    Well, you better get to organizing it, like a diligent husband should. At least that way you can eat her pussy, like you want to, rather than her just doing it behind your back.
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    Tonight I will eat my wifes pussy while I jerk off. I will tell her to fuck big black cock and she will tell me to eat the cum out of her pussy. I asked my wife to give my cock a nickname, she said "Short Stop, because it stops short of where she needs it." My wife wants to fuck big black cock and I think I want her to.

    She tells me that she wants filled, that I can't pop her cum balloon because I can't reach. She confesses that she thinks all of my friends have bigger cocks than me and that they would fuck her better!

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