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    Straight Female / 26

    I was bad at my bachelorette party. My friends ended up having a stripper come to our hotel room. I was already drunk when he got there and he focused most of his attention on me since I was the bride to be. He gave me a naked lap dance in which he posed me in all sorts of sexual positions and dangled his massive dick in my face. Then he had me rub lotion all over his chiseled chest, butt, and yes I even rubbed it on his dick to make him hard. He then took off my dress as I was just wearing a thong underneath and put whipped cream on my boobs and stomach and around my pussy. He licked it all off and even moved my underwear to the side to give my pussy a few licks. The worst of it all was yet to come when he put whipped cream all over his dick and I licked it off to the delight of my drunk friends. He then took me into the bathroom where we showered together to get the lotion and whipped cream off our bodies. Our hands were all over each other and I ended giving him a blowjob and then letting him fuck me doggystyle. When he was ready I let him cum in my mouth. My friends don't know about the bj and sex in the shower They just think we showered and cleaned up. I have no regrets since it was my last night of freedom. Most people will think I'm a slut and maybe I am but his big dick was worth it.

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    If I Were Your Fiance I Wouldnt Mind The Sex Part. It Sounds Like U Fucked Him Without Protection, And That Would Piss Me Off. He Is A Complete StrangeR. Still Very Hot Tho!
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    I know it was dumb to fuck him without protection, but I was horny and very drunk. I just needed his dick that night.
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    Damn, that story is so hot! Yes, you are a total slut, but it's fucking hot!!! The disappointing thing is that you didn't give enough details of the sucking and fucking part in the shower ;-)

    I'm guessing that this isn't the first time that you've cheated. Come on, tell us about the other secret BJs, and fucks that you've had ;-)
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    #3 you apparently know me too well. In college I once gave my boyfriend's roommate a blowjob while my bf was passed out drunk on the floor next to us. I also went on a cruise with my boyfriend and my family. We had to share a room with my brother and his best friend. Every morning my brother and bf would go to the gym to workout and I would stay back and ride his friend's dick for my workout.
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    Ooooh, you are so bad! Haha! I knew it. I know a bad girl when I see one (and everyone knows that bad girls are the BEST!). I bet that you're the kinda girl who'd give a hot, sloppy blow job to some guy, let him cum in your mouth, then give your bf/husband a nice, big wet kiss on the lips when he comes home without even washing your mouth out ;-)

    I'd love to know more about your naughty adventures. Without doubt, yours is one of the hottest stories on this site!
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    Haha! Thanks! I am very bad and will have to share some more later. My bad days are over since I am married, at least for now. Xoxo
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    "I am very bad..." - so hot to read those words!

    Any chance that I could convince you to email me? You have no idea how horny you've made me!!! ;-)

    I promise to keep all your stories secret. You don't even have to use your real name, haha. Just call yourself Hot Wife!
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    I'm not sure I want you to know all my secrets :)
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    Well, maybe not ALL your about SOME? ;-)

    What's the fun in being bad if you can't tell someone about it later? Haha! Come on, it's good to share ;-)

    Just in case you feel like turning me on even more than you already have, my email address is (and yes, I AM huge - probably even bigger than your stripper, haha).
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    Haha I guess you will have to wait and see :) That would be quite impressive considering the stripper was prob close to 8 inches.

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