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    Straight Female / 23

    I can 't help but fantasize while rubbing one off, getting fucked to death by a horse, standing under him and then lining up he's amazing penis until I feel it go into me, and experiencing the slight pleasure before coming to the sudden realization that it hurts and I want it out of me only to find its too late and then feeling my inside split and tear and pop as he drives hes cock right through my inferior sexual organs and into my chest cavity and having my final thoughts before drifting off into darkness, I also enjoy the same thing but with people I know or knew laughing at the fact that I'm a freak for wanting to have another species penis inside of me.

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    Yeah that's pretty messed up, but then again if its all fantasy then go crazy, whatever floats your boat girl.
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    yea, right. and your a female. when will this shot stop? guys posting stupid shit here. such ignorance of the female body.

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