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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    My wife and I have always been sexually open together until now. We've shared threesomes with males and females, but never before have I had any male contact myself, until early last month. My wife was sucking me off lay on my stomach as I was licking her clit. The man we'd invited round to join us, a man who we'd known for over a year put his large thick cock to my wifes pussy opening and pushed in. From my very close vantage point, I had a great view of him fucking my wife. After a couple of minutes his cock slipped out and totally naturally I opened my mouth as it flopped down. I took his cock straight into my mouth and began to suck on him and it felt awsome. The familiar taste of my wife pussy coating his cock and his own scent and taste, plus my wife still sucking hard on my dick, soon had me filling her mouth with my cum. I put his cock back into my wifes pussy and watched them fuck until she orgasmed all over my face. When he came he withdrew and added his cream to my juiced up face.
    I didn't say anything to my wife about sucking his dick or that I'd licked in some of his cum and swallowed it, and neither did our sexual friend. Later with my wife in bed, I sucked him off for real as he stood in our hallway. It was as if I was born to suck cock as he told me afterwards, with his cum sliding down my throat. As he was about to leave I arranged for myself to meet him at his apartment the next day. With my wife at work I spent the whole morning with him at his apartment, learning what it was to have sex with a man. Not only did he have me suck his long thick cock, but he also taught how to take it in my asshole. It's something we've been doing together every time I've had the chance to visit since.
    My problem is I'd love to involve my wife into my new found love for being fucked, but I honestly don't know how she'll react as she's always known me to be straight. I mean you don't just blurt it our right.

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    Next time you have that guy over for the 3-some get busy with him and let your wife see. She'll probably love it, my wife admitted to having a fantasy to seeing 2 guys go at it, so when we were having a 3-some I started to suck, and she loved it.
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    Ur wife already knows

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