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    Straight Female / 22

    ive just cheated on my boyfriend recently with my boss,and i feel so guilty as ive a botfriend and hes happened a few days ago,when during a break at work he and another guy noticed my bag besides my desk and on top was a magazine offering sexy clothing etc.i work with three guys including my boss and i love where i work and the guys are really nice and fun.they looked through the mag and asked if i ever where anything for my boyfriend.i told them i had yes but my outfit was old and i was loking for something new,as my boyfriend like me dressing up.the guys looked through the mag and gave it back.the guys went back to work and just my boss was with me and he asked if i had seen anything i liked in the mag and could he see.i showed him a little dress which didnt cover much and he thought it was so sexy boss told me how he wished his wife would dress up and be more fun and that my boyfriend is very lucky.i laughed and said you never know she might surprise you.anyway we chatted more and we looked through the mag together more.he showed me some things he liked ,but to me was far to boss looked at the address on the mag and noticed it was only about a twenty minute drive to the store,and asked when i was going,so i said after boss is only in his late thirties and in good shape,and although being the boss he is easy to talk too,and he listens too.later in the afternoon my boss offered to give me a lift home as it saves me getting the bus,which he does sometimes if hes finishing earlier himself.i told him i was going into town to look at the store,and he offered to come along too.we finished work and drove into town,and made our way to the store.the store is fairly new and a lot bigger than i expected.we looked at lots of things,and i chose a couple of dressed i liked.we loked more and he picked a dress he liked which was seethrough and expensive.i found the changing area and the girl there let my boss wlak in to,and he stood outside my cubicle as i changed.i put a dress on and looked in the mirror.he asked what it was like and could he see.i opened the curtain and let him see me in the dress,although it didnt cover much it covered where needed.i then tried the second dress and showed him that too.he said hed like to see me in them without my bra,so i took it off and showed him the second dress most of my boobs could be seen and he certainly looked.i didnt care really as hes a friend and very nice and i felt ok with him looking,so when he asked me to take my pants off too,i wasnt shocked or anything so i slid them off knowing i was still covered.i closed the curtain and started to dress when he pulled the curtain a little and passed me the expensive dress he liked.i told him i couldnt affored it but would try it anyway.i put the dress on and it fitted lovely showing the bits it needed too and looked nice.the dress was see through and my breasts and pussy could be seen clearly.i pu my pants on and opened the curtain,he looked at me and said he loved my body but would i lose my pants.i went back inside and did so,looking at myself in the mirror i felt nervous as i could see me pussy clearly and if i opened the curtain so would he.anyway he made the decision for me as the curtain opened and he saw me looking in the mirror.he said i had a lovely bum and as i turned he looked at my breasts and then my pussy.he said i looked lovely and offered to pay for the dress.he sat on the little bench and asked me to stand infront of him so he could look properly,so i boss then pulled me closer and kissed me,and i didnt refuse.he lifted the dress up and over my head and i stood naked infront of him.he kissed my breasts and i opened my legs so he could feel me and i felt a finger slide inside.soon i was on my knees with his big cock in my mouth before he bent me over and fucked me,until he filled my wet pussy with cum.since then we have met a few times for sex and its lovely,but i feel guilty now as my boyfriend has no idea or does hiw wife.

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    But I know and it's a great turn on. I'd love to see with that see through dress on. Bet I'd end up licking your clit and tonguing and sucking your pussy and I'll bet you'd love it.
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    Never write again. Or go back to school before trying.

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